Toasted Marshmallow (Discontinued)

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Allspice, Black Tea, Brittle, Cinnamon, Kukicha, Marshmallow, Natural Flavours
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  • “Second attempt at this one. Still tastes to me like a creamy, chai-ish tea. A little less spicy today and a bit more marshmallow-creamy, but toasted marshmallow it is not. I would really love to...” Read full tasting note
  • “So, I was supposed to go with my friend on a DT date. I was waiting for that to go and get the fall teas. But, with all the reviews up on here, I couldn’t wait any longer. I finally got my fall...” Read full tasting note
  • “I can see that there are marshmallows in this, but the taste just doesn’t say marshmallows to me. I suspect the medium-light cinnamon spice taste overpowers the marshmallows a tad too much for me...” Read full tasting note
  • “I’m going to rip right into this one, just like how the allspice rips right into the mingling sweetness of the dry leaf. It’s allspice, all the way. The cinnamon is a little shy here. Not surprised...” Read full tasting note


Toast master
Everyone loves a camping trip in the fall. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, hungry bears – ah, the great outdoors. Well, okay, we’ll admit it. We’re only in it for the marshmallows. Nothing beats a freshly toasted marshmallow straight from the campfire. But what if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without going camping? Try this tea. It’s a sweet, toasty black tea blend with cinnamon, brittle and…you guessed it! Mini marshmallows. Now you can enjoy your favourite outdoorsy treat without a hungry bear in sight.

Ingredients: Black tea, marshmallows, brittle pieces, cinnamon, allspice, kukicha green tea.

About DAVIDsTEA View company

DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

112 Tasting Notes

6106 tasting notes

Second attempt at this one. Still tastes to me like a creamy, chai-ish tea. A little less spicy today and a bit more marshmallow-creamy, but toasted marshmallow it is not. I would really love to see smoky teas used in blends to create awesome flavours instead of just spicing; toasted marshmallow would work so much better IMO with a light black tea base, pinch of lapsang souchong, marshmallows for creaminess, and possibly caramel pieces like in Salted Caramel, to give that burnt sugar flavour that toasted marshmallows have. Mmmmmm.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Oooh that sounds good. :O


(Your suggestion; not the Toasted Marshmallow)


It was a weak tea to me, sadly. I much preferred Teaopia’s Fireside S’mores Tea.


I agree, this tea does not taste like a toasted marshmallow to me either – too cinnamony

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1184 tasting notes

So, I was supposed to go with my friend on a DT date. I was waiting for that to go and get the fall teas. But, with all the reviews up on here, I couldn’t wait any longer. I finally got my fall teas yesterday! Fall teas are probably my favourite flavours and it is my fav season as well. I am rambling….

This is what I have been waiting for!! Sweet and a little spicy. Cute little marshmallows that dissolve quickly. They do make the brew a little bit cloudy though.

As for “toasted marshmallow,” I would agree with DaisyChubb that it is probably closer to eggnog. Either way, it is delicious.

Oh, and did someone say latte?…….this would be amazing as one… right back!

I had 1/4 of my cup left, but then I warmed up 1/4 cup of milk in the microwave and poured my remaining tea into it……….WHAT? Who put that eggnog in my cup? This is honestly delicious! What a sinful treat (but not as sinful as eggnog….lol).

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

They posted a recipe for using this to make s’mores cocoa. I didn’t want this until I saw that and now I won’t be able to resist.


Oh man, I didn’t see that before but now I will HAVE to make it!


I totally wanted to try that recipe. Let us know if you do


Ooooh I can’t wait until mine arrives! You’ve inspired me to make a latte with it asap!


I just bought this tea (along with a few others…well…does 14 qualify as “a few”? hahaha!) I put this one at the back of my cupboard because I wasn’t as excited about trying it as some others but after reading your tasting note, I will have to move it further to the front of the line.

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357 tasting notes

I can see that there are marshmallows in this, but the taste just doesn’t say marshmallows to me. I suspect the medium-light cinnamon spice taste overpowers the marshmallows a tad too much for me to experience the marshmallowiness. It’s still delicious though, and the taste reminds me of a warm home on a cold day

I finished this one today. I’m gonna miss it, but I see that Davids has introduced a new collection- so that should ease the pain. If this one comes back next Fall I’ll be sure to buy another little pouch, but for now I’m looking forward to what’s new.


The new collection looks pretty good – I wonder what EXACTLY the Cookie Dough one will taste like. (Seems to good to be true)


The cookie dough one is the exact one that I’m most excited about. I have my fingers crossed that it is amazing as it sounds.


I bought 25 grams of this the other day… still gotta try it out . IM excited and scared to try it out :p. i am dying to try the winter collection, so many of the flavours look exciting.


Calla Toasted Marshmallow was one that had to grow on me a little, I think I was a little disappointed in it when I first tried it, because it doesn’t taste like marshmallows to me. I felt that if I didn’t fixate on the name, and just thought of it as a Fall tea, I enjoyed it so much more. Hope you like it

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1792 tasting notes

I’m going to rip right into this one, just like how the allspice rips right into the mingling sweetness of the dry leaf. It’s allspice, all the way. The cinnamon is a little shy here. Not surprised since my pouch is filled with whole berries. This actually makes me think of my grandma’s pumpkin pie even more so than Pumpkin Chai. And as a runner-up, it reminds me of a chai latte that is heavy on the nutmeg.

The steeped tea smells like that too, but loses its sugary sweetness. Taste-wise, we’re looking at more allspice. Creamy sweet allspice. The spices in this are not at all fiery. I absolutely love how there is kukicha in this. In a toasted marshmallow tea? Genius! It really mellows out the overall flavour profile.

Although the flavour doesn’t directly resemble the taste of marshmallows, it has a similar fluffy, comforting quality. Also, this is sweet enough on its own, in my opinion. It even gets sweeter the closer you get to the bottom of the mug. Maybe I’m getting some brittle sediment.

This would be fantabulous as a latte.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I really want to try this one! It sounds so amazing.


So glad to see a review for this; can’t wait to get my hands on a bag!


Your review inspired me to get 100g of it… x.x


Oh no, well now the pressure is on! I’m going to feel terrible if any of you end up hating this tea.


Haha.. well lets be honest here – it’s a lovely black tea with brittle, marshmallows and allspice. I love all of the above so I don’t know how it could really go wrong =)

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408 tasting notes

This is my second David’s tea and I had it thanks to Darby.

The dry leaves have a scent of rum… or am I crazy ?
I see very few tea in this tea…many marshmallows and chocolate chips but really few tea leaves …I am suspicious and a little worried.

I steeped it 5 mn and the scent of the liquor is really spicy (cinnamon is the leader)
I don’t get the marshmallow taste, just sugar.

Had the impress to drink a hot water with cinnamon and sugar – weird

As mentioned this is only my second DT and I have the same problem : I don’t really taste the tea base. I get the flavours (not all) but not the tea base.
Really odd,I’ll continue with testing DT, I’m sure I didn’t taste the 2 main teas of their collection.

Awaiting to taste their masterpiece …which is ? to your opinion ?

190 °F / 87 °C 5 min, 0 sec

Their special ones don’t seem to have alot of tea. I even tried to get more tea in the sample too. I think these would be even better with more tea added for depth.


You noticed the same thing I did! :D That’s the company that turns their ‘tea’ into candy… some of us ‘grownups’ are looking for TEA in our tea :)


Well I’ll continue with DT as you kindly sent me a lot of DT samples Darby.I’m pretty sure I’ll find one with a more pronounced tea base.
Fleurdelily, I have the habit of the European teas (French and English brands) and the tea base is maybe stronger than in North American brands ? I’ll taste H&S teas soon and I’ll have a better idea on this. I’ll always remember the day I had a coffee in NYC…for a French or an Italian, a NYC coffee is just …incredibly not a coffee, our coffees are so much stronger it just seems to be a totally different beverage.
Wonder so if North American tastes in terms of tea are the same. Maybe the majority prefers mild blends ?


I think one of their stars is Read My Lips, but again, it’s mostly mint and not too many actual tea leaves. I personally love it, though.

To me, this one is mostly allspice.


I personally don’t like DT all that much. I much prefer many of the other places I’ve found through steepster. I like read my lips. But that’s about teh only tea I’ve really enjoyed from DT and even that one is just kinda of ok.


I tried Read My Lips and it was nice, but I do not think the base is too strong. Must brew more of it. And I got Oh Canada (which i recommend just because MAPLE SYRUP rooibos. I mean it´s genius) had a definitely wimpish rooibos base – it was green rooibos and honeybush, can not really judge those, but the flavouring concept was so brilliant I wish it had a stronger body somehow.

I think there is an american style of tea certainly. They have more teas recreating certain desert dishes than Europeans usually are ( I got a german tea called wiener apfelstrudel though). But they take it further: carrot cake tea, or caramel cheesecake tea or pumpkin pie tea. Also I think american tea sellers make it clearer, more of a point when a tea is low on caffeine or without caffeine.


I can taste the tea just fine in H&S blends…you have to try for yourself, we all have different taste buds. Personally I enjoy DavidsTea’s tisanes rather than ones with tea, but you usually need a lot of the tea to get a decent flavor. Then of course it is a heavy blend, so it becomes expensive for each cup.

I only smelled this one and it did not smell like marshmallow one bit.


Harney has beautiful little tins, but their blends are too much flavoring. More than once I’ve bought a tin I liked and just threw the tea away.


@ momo yes absolutely agree and as I saw so few tea leaves, I put at least 3 spoons of blend …and it was still so weak :(

@ fleurdelily you erased your previous message but no worries with me, as typically French I do adore freedom of expression and strong opinions :)


The only teas I have liked from DT enough to buy more of them are Glitter & Gold and Santa’s Secret. They tend to be too sweet and often too murky for my tastes. I have had some H&S teas that are very light but I’ve also had some that are pretty bold, in my opinion. I’m anxious to see what you think of them, Ysaurella!


HA! What Nicole said about DT! same here.


come to think of it, I’ll say it again. Americans have a wicked sweet tooth and don’t take tea seriously. That’s why we have little boutique tea blenders that are very good, but the main large tea companies make inane lame over-flavoured crap. There. That is my opinion. No one needs to like it, but I am here to say “told you so” when you eventually realize I’m right! ROFLAMO (trying hard to say that with an authorative air and a straigt face) :p


Unfortunately, what you are noticing so far is true…It’s a tendency that is occurring more and more in the last year or so with DT I would say, I find most of their new blends unappealing for that reason, more and more «stuff» including artificials, less and less tea…
Nothing new in this mercantile world… too often the bigger you get, the poorer the quality gets… I liked DT better when they were at a smaler scale…
So except for a few new blends, I much prefer some of the older blends where artificial flavouring were almost never being used. I remember praising them for that reaon alone… Things have changed unfortunately… I still try some of their new teas, but instead of buying 50gr online right off the bat, I now buy small samples in store…
Ysaurella, quand nous ferons notre swap, je vais m’assurer d’inclure des mélanges qui sont moins artficiels et qui ont fait le succès de DT :-)

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I stay away from anything with any flavoring (natural or artificial) added. Some people love stuff like that, and yes, we all taste different things, which I find to be really neat. I have also noticed that the larger the company gets – the lower the quality and the more the flavoring. I went through 30 samples from a tea company that mainly deals with distributers and every one was fake tasting and horrible. It’s sad, and it’s not just tea companies either, happens in all industries :/

My business promise is to never incorporate flavorings into anything and retain the same hand-blending styles and quality no matter how large I get. Make sure to never buy from me if that changes. :)

Ohhhh I just love tea! :D What a fantastic world of tea lovers here on Steepster! :)


@whisperingPTC: I like your company’s philosophy! I will definitely check you out :-)
And you are so right about Steepster’s fantastic world of tea lovers!

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1473 tasting notes

This is so good. I had to try it after my first sniff! I have to say, I’m not getting much toasted marshmallow from the flavor, but that’s okay because I’m in love anyway! Because while the name might be toasted marshmallow, this is the eggnog tea I’ve been searching for! It’s creamy and spicy and utterly beautiful. Definitely getting a tin and putting it next to the Santa’s Secret for the holidays.


Canot wait to get me order of this!!


ooh, this sounds so good. I’m a little iffy about gelatin, but I might have to get some…

Tina S.

Hmm, yeah I can see the eggnog factor. I agree it isn’t marshmallow, which made me sad.

Daisy Chubb

oo eggnog – I can see that with the allspice. Although I haven’t tasted it yet so I should probably just shut my mouf until I do :D


ooh. eggnog. going tomorrow. no question!

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289 tasting notes

Dry Leaf Nose: Sweet with marshmallow notes.

Liquor: Rich brown liquor.

Flavour: Cinnamon and marshmallow surface as the main flavour components with the tea lingering in the aftertaste and brining a liveliness to the liquor – reminiscent of s’mores or toasted marshmallows.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 30 sec

The Marshmallows you use…do they have gelatin in them or are they VEGAN????

Oolong Owl

DROOOOL! Must get my hands on this tea and drink it all!!


The marshmallows in this blend do contain gelatin.


Thanks for letting us know


Thanks for asking! Definitely a question that will come up again.


Sounds awesome – when will this be available? Me want! Me want! ;)


August 29th!


Yum. Want.

Cara Lyall

This would be so delightful minus the gelatin


It does sound yummy. And I don’t mind the gelatin. I like marshmallow blends with actual marshmallows in them. :)




I wish it didn’t have brittle..or cinnamon. Seems to be a lot of blends with cinnamon lately from DT. I would have hoped for a smoky black base with a true marshmallow flavour.

Daisy Chubb

Looking forward to having this one as a latte… :D

Cassie Eng

Looking forward to coming into the store next week to try this one and the other delicious offerings in the Fall Collection. It sounds lovely.


Will this be caffeine free?


Oh jeez. I think they sold out already online… It wont let me add 100g or 50g to my shopping cart x.x


@JFinn1984: Toasted Marshmallow is a caffeinated black tea.

@Lynne-tea: Should back online now!

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1271 tasting notes

Do not have this tea while eating fresh pineapple!

I found it out the hard way, during lunch eeeeeeggg! They just do not go together at all and it’s quite awful.



Fresh pineapple actually temporarily disables your taste buds do best not to eat when you want to taste other things.


Eeeekk. I only eat Pineapple as a standalone snack or as a dessert. Unless it is combined with other foods (Like a fruit salad.)


Hahaha, I have discovered multiple foods that do not go together, but this isn’t one I’d encountered yet! Notable are mint preceding orange juice (but everyone knows that one), and smelly cheese preceding juices of most sorts. How people can drink even wine paired with such cheeses is beyond me.


thanks for the friendly advice :) But on the same token, I feel bad you had to find it out the hard way. I love this tea so much but cannot buy it becuase it was part of the fall collection :( I really need to get a credit card so I can buy on line.

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516 tasting notes

Got this as a latte today!
SOOO yummy, I can’t wait to pick some up!

I definitely prefer when I get a latte because they use the Steeper instead of a Tsac – I just feel like they add a bit more leaf so it’s super tasty!

But on to the flavour. The kukicha added a nice roasty base and the allspice definitely made it taste like eggnog. In a latte form, it was pure indulgence! The mini marshmallows were AWESOME! They melted and made this amazing texture that added to the eggnog feel, but also added the marshmallow presence that gave it it’s name. I’m quite happy with this addition to the fall collection, it’ll be a nice change from Pumpkin Chai :)


I tried this the other day and wasn’t impressed – I wonder if I would have liked it more as a latte/made with the steeper. Hmm…

Daisy Chubb

Come to think of it, I might not have liked it if it wasn’t a latte haha

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6444 tasting notes

Sipdown!! (115)

I have been combining this with Della Terra’s S’mores because I did that once out of necessity and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, all cups since then have been very disappointing. Today, I noticed there really was not much of this left and decided that I might as well bite the bullet and drink it alone so I could get rid of it once and for all.

That was a bad plan because as disappointing as the combined cups have been, this alone is just downright disgusting. This cup got dumped. On the plus side though, that made it an easy enough sipdown :P

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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