82 Tasting Notes

drank French Vanilla by Lipton
82 tasting notes

Was cleaning out the cupboard and found a box of this. Decided to pull out two bags to take to work and give one to a coworker. Was not expecting anything great because it’s been in the cupboard FOREVER cuz I didn’t care for it.

I must have a palate problem because this was GOOD! I did add a touch of sugar too. Sad that when this box is gone I’ll probably replenish! UGH! I’m not a bagger….I’m not a bagger!!!!

Maddy Barone

Who cares who makes it or whether it comes in a bag as long as you enjoy it? So, enjoy it!

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Ok, something HAS to be wrong with me. Been drinking bagged tea because it’s easier at work and they’ve been tasting REALLY GOOD! Had Liptons French Vanilla and those bags have to be like 6 years old! LOL

Bought this one at Target last night…much to my hubby’s protests that I have too much tea. Of course I have too much tea! But, it comes in a really cute tin.

I was afraid after I got home and saw it has rooibos in it, but you can’t even tell. This smells so good when steeping. You can smell the creamy strawberriness. Not much in the way of champagne but figured that’s probably just to give it a cute name. Didn’t add sugar cuz I was needing to get back upstairs to finish work, but bet it would be even better with it….or some honey. Hubby and I spent about $75 in this local honey shop so I must try it in something!

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drank Strawberry Cream by Teavana
82 tasting notes

HOLY HIBISCUS! I don’t mind a bit of it, but this is the only thing that comes through in the cup. Next time I’m going to pull out some of the hibiscus bits. I can’t wait for this to be gone! They totally ruined it with all that hibiscus.


I tried this so many ways to get more than just a cup of really sour, red water and then gave up.

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Drank this one the past two nights. Unfortunately it just has too much tartness for me to enjoy without sugar. With sugar it tastes less tart but also then tastes like a smartie! Lol. I get a lot of fruit with a nice creamy base.

I do think it would be nice to try iced, maybe I wouldn’t need to sweeten it then. I would recommend it for those that like a fruity sweet tea but I don’t think I’ll purchase it again.

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
82 tasting notes

Sippin’ on some of the 500g I bought after Xmas last year. I’ll have this forever! Lol. It’s totally held up too.

First cup I made a bit bitter so I’ll watch the next cup.

I just love the creamy minty smoothness of this tea. …a nice black base too.

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drank Jasmine Oolong by Teavana
82 tasting notes

Sippin’ on this tea while watching The Little Couple.

Tastes a bit weak…maybe it’s an old batch, but it has been stored properly. I think I’ll use it up and add more leaf so I can get a new batch.

I really like my Jasmine teas and this is a wonderful oolong, but not really any jasmine comes from it. I’d recommend it for oolong lovers but not for those wanting a strong jasmine.

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Thanks Stacy for the extra sample!

I pulled this one out to share with my mom while we put up my Xmas tree. Doing a white/silver theme this year. Turned out pretty nice! I found this beautiful 3D silver dove as the topper and went from there.

I didn’t realize that this was a white tea. So, I thought it was a bit weak. For a white tea it made sense though. The flavors were subtle. I would’ve preferred them stronger, but overall it wasn’t a bad cup! Mom and I got about 6 cups total out of the sample too.

If Butiki wasn’t closing I’d maybe suggest this with a black base, but not sure if that would overpower the flavors….I’m not the tea master so I’m sure they did what was best!

I’d definitely recommend everyone to get a bit of this to try though.

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drank Cookie by Lupicia
82 tasting notes

Form: teabag

Been dying to see what everyone is raving about tasting Cookie. Had figured I would order it at some point, but yesterday discovered I had a sample from my Lupicia mailing.

I spent the better part of today, about 7 hours Christmas shopping! Had to make a return which turned into more of an exchange…lol…at Vera Bradley outlet. Found a shirt at the Loft for my friend, a necklace for hubby to give me ;) and hats for my son and nephew. A set of cutting mats for my brothers kitchen. These cool rifle lighters for my dad, FIL and brother. Then went to another mall where I shopped for my SIL and then cyber shopped in store for more hats (they didn’t have the right size in store but the nice worker showed me if I ordered online I saved 30%!!!). Picked up my free piece of chocolate at Godiva, course I had to buy the other two new truffle flavors. Oh! And the big surprise was at World Market, a new Downton tea!!! It isn’t even on ROTs website. Just in time for my swap with Ost, she’ll be surprised (unless she reads this ;) )

Finally got home about 8pm and heading towards my migraine, I need some tea! Gotta head back out tomorrow to do a bit more for the hubby too.

Back to the tea….This one smells amazing! I totally get a burnt smell, but in a good way.

Overall I thought this was a good cup. I personally would call it a creme brûlée as I didn’t get my cookie flavor as I did burnt sugar. I think the black base on this was a bit week so I would prefer a different base to round it out.

I’ll probably order some loose leaf next time I order from Lupicia….I might just have to add a little more black tea to it.

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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
82 tasting notes

Note: teabag form

Now I see why everyone on here has reviewed this tea. It’s really good! I think this is a perfect tea to share with newbie tea drinkers. I have some friends who aren’t in to loose leaf yet and don’t have an advanced palate so I’m always looking for teas I think they’ll like.

I received this teabag in an order I placed so I don’t have another to try it iced but I think it would be a great iced tea. I’d probably prefer loose leaf to do that though.

Overall I don’t get a ton of bergamot, which was fine with me. There is a nice malty black base with smooth vanilla and just a hint of bergamot.

Someday I’ll get some loose leaf of this and try cold brewing.

Dr Jim

One of my favorite iced teas. The decaf version is also very good.

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Received this teabag in one of my catalogs. Figured it was perfect for Turkey weekend. This is a nice sweet blend, not too tart on the cranberry. I really like the blood orange versus a regular orange in this blend. I recently ordered from them so I won’t order this now, but I’d surely add to a future order. I love cranberry teas around this time if year.

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VERDANT TEA lover!!!

David’s Tea FAN!

Love anything TEAVANA!

Still developing my palate


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