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drank Sweet & Spicy by Good Earth
610 tasting notes

I’ve had this for the past two nights. AFter a spell of lovely warm weather we had over 5 inches of snow and the temps dipped to 5 F last night. Good tea drinking weather. It’s sunny and warm-ish this afternoon (28F) but I may have another cup tonight.

I like this one. It is exactly what it says: sweet and spicy. Warming. a comfort when you are stuck inside not only because of the pandemic stay at home order, but also because of the weather.


Snow! Oh,dear! I hope you like snow! The warm sunshine is about all that is getting me through this stay at home order without becoming an insufferable hag! I hope you are well, and may sinshine brighten your days!


I think this one tastes exactly like cinnamon red hots. Hope the thaw comes quickly!

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Today I finally made the switch from morning coffee to morning tea. At first I was going to brew a cup of North Winds, which is one of my favorite straight black teas, but I decided to try one of the straight blacks from my recent Tea Runners box. It is a Sri Lankan tea

I liked this one. A lot. It is very smooth. I didn’t get that faint bitter after taste that I sometimes get. I added 1 teaspoon of leaf to 10 ounces of 205 degree water and steeped for 4 minutes. along with one small lump of rock sugar (about the size of a pea) I can imagine this one iced. Pretty tasty.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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EVERYONE in the office is now working from home. They got 1997 employees out the door with their equipment withing 2 days. Impressive, right? Most of them are back online and working. But now the questions have tripled. First, this is the first week we are using our new computer system. Second, not everyone can connect to the drive where we store our work. So, until they have the necessary drives installed, we all have to pick up the slack.

My stomach is in knots. I’m not so worried about COVID-19. I am a telecommuter introvert who stays in except for church, my writing group, my knitting groiup and my SCCA stuff. But ALL of that has been cancelled too, so the only place I now go is to the grocery store and the pharmacy. So I think I’m good. What is killing me is the overtime. This week was a surprisingly light week, only 52 hours.

I always start my day with coffee. But my tummy isn’t so happy with coffee. I am going to have to start drinking tea with caffeine. I have severla to choose from. Does tea ever bother your stomach?


Stay safe. I wish grocery stores would all get those hand sanitizer stands that hospitals have because everyone has to go to the grocery store at some point. :/


Some tea bothers my stomach, especially tea from India. I can’t drink hardly any tea on an empty stomach. I need to have had food at least within the hour or two preceding the tea. Sometimes I go through spells where there is already irritation and it is worse. But usually I can stick with Chinese tea and do okay.


Tea never bothers my stomach, neither does coffee. The store I work at shut down on Thursday but I didn’t go in all week. Wasn’t taking any chances. I have a 24 hour grocery store here which I’ve only had to go to once so far but I went at midnight so there was only 1 cashier, 1 stockboy and one other customer in the store. I’m an introvert too so I’m used to practicing social distancing!

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I have more of this one. I thought it was about gone, but there is enough for maybe 5 more cups. That’s nice, because this is a nice choice for a chilly evening. The weather has been amazingly spring-like for the last week, but last night was windy, so my aparmtent was cooler than usual. Perfect for a cup of tea. I drank about half the cup when my brother called. WE ended up tlaking for nearly an hour and I when I came back to this is was cold. I finished it, and realized that this would be a nice cold brew.

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The second tea I tried from my tearunners subscription box. To me, this one had no flavor. I carefully prepared it according to instructions. As it cooled a faint bitter note emerged. I don’t know if the flavorless bit is just me and my stupid anosmic nose. It might be. This one certainly sounded good. I’m a bit disappointed in the two teas I’ve tried so far. And I don’t want to be! I will try this one again another time. I generally do not add sweetner to my tea, but maybe I will try that next time. I still have two straight black teas to try so I’m not giving up on TeaRunners. Since I paid in advance for 6 months I can’t give up yet ;) But I think I’ll try an old favorite later tonight.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Cranberry Pear by DAVIDsTEA
610 tasting notes

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drank black rose by Tearunners
610 tasting notes

The Tearunners subscription package came this week. I am not a fan of floral teas, so please bear in mind that this tasting note reflects my own bias.

First, there was a LOT of rose petals in the leaf. It was very pretty. The base was Yunnan black tea. Rose petals and Vanilla bean were the other two ingredients. I brewed 1 teaspoon in about 8 or 8.5 ounces of water for the recommended 4 minutes.

I did not taste the vanilla bean. I didn’t really taste the rose either. That could well be my faulty nose. I could taste a bitter note which became more bitter as it cooled. I drank about half the cup. Someone who enjoys floral teas might very well like this one a lot more than I did. Maybe I over steeped. Maybe 3 minutes would have been better. I don;’t think I will try this one again though. If you are someone who enjoys floral teas and would like to take this off my hands, feel free to email me at maddy barone at gmail dot com.

Flavors: Bitter

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Later this afternoon I decided to have another cup of tea, one that I know I like. This one swam up to the top of the tea drawer, so I brewed a cup. Num. I do like this one. More flavor than the last one I had. The blizzard is about done. It was mostly a ground blizzard and the interstates are closed, but in town it didn’t seem bad. I considered going to church tonight but I think it is best to stay home and rest. I have a book to read, a knitting project, and my subscription package from Bird & Blend came today. Might try one of the rooibos teas from it.


Books, yarn, tea … friend, in weather like you get, I’d stay in till April!

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It’s cold. It’s blizzarding. I’m tired. I have been back to work since Monday but this pneumonia is kicking my butt. I was extremely tired on Monday but yesterday I did pretty well. Today not so much. I thought this tea would be warming and comforting. I used almost twice the leaf as last tine but it still was a bit weak. And a tad bitter at the end of the sip. Such a shame because it sounds lovely. I might go back to an old tried and true tea this afternoon. If I can stay awake. 4 more hours left of work. Not sure I’ll make it.

Martin Bednář

Happy to hear you are feeling better. But you should stay at home instead of work. But I understand it’s not so easy there.


Bless your heart, hugs, and sympathy all around.

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
610 tasting notes

I might actually finish this off. But not today :)

I have been seriously ill. Went to the clinic on Monday and had some tests and chest Xrays, and long story short, I have Influenza A that went immediately to my lungs and turned to pneumonia. My oxygen was 88, which I guess is pretty low. I was given two different antibiotics to take, plus a steroid and some cough meds. I am finally beginning to feel slightly better. Very slightly. I changed my sheets and that tired me out so much that my wheezing sounded like I was gargling pudding and every little cough felt like I was being stabbed in the back. Funny thing is, I had both the flu and pneumonia vaccines in October. Maybe it would have been worse without them?

Back to bed now. But I am deeply grateful for tea.


I hope you feel better quickly

Martin Bednář

Oh, that sounds horrible! I hope you will fit again soon. I think that some herbals would be perfecet for you. But any hot tea maybe.

Stay in bed, keep drinking and it will be gone soon. Hopefully! Fingers crossed and prayers for you.


Oh, darlin’! Take care of yourself. This one sounds hard to boot out the door!


OMG, I hope you feel better soon. That is terrifying that it morphed into pneumonia. I hope you have been able to get a good rest!


My son-in-law,mhusband of SuperAnna on here, has flu A as well. The painful cough has one of the hardest parts for him. He even got the flu shot! I guess a different strain is going around.


I hope you feel better quickly, and can rest rest REST!

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I love cats. I love alone time. I love sitting indoors on a cold winter night with a book or my knitting while drinking tea. I don’t have a sense of smell, so many of the more subtle flavors of tea escape me. Two of the things I CAN taste are bitter and sour, so any tea that has even a slightly bitter taste is nasty for me. And what others might perceive as pleasant tartness may be horribly sour for me.

I’m also a writer. I love writing, and a mug of hot tea helps me get through the hours sitting in front of the computer. Although I’m a comparatively new tea drinker, I’m jumping in feet first. Feel free to recommend any teas you think I might enjoy.

100-91 – Wowza! I want to keep this tea in the cupboard all the time.
75-90 – Very nice. It would be good to have this tea on hand from time to time.
60-74 – OK. Wouldn’t keep it in the cupboard, but I would drink it again.
45-59 – If a friend served this I would drink it to be polite, but it’s not really my cuppa.
Lower than 45 – Blech. It was too sour or bitter for my taste. Would not drink it again.


Fargo, ND



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