2350 Tasting Notes

I positively ache tonight. I took a nap this afternoon but still feel so tired. It is hot hot HOT here and I have been walking with my neighbor several mornings a week, but the past two times my legs felt heavy. Hubby is sick, came down with fever and chills yesterday, and I am hoping that isn’t what is happening to me!

I should have gone to bed but I needed a little space for my head to clear. I decided to use a gaiwan tonight to really force myself to focus on the tea. I am also hoping it will blast all the pathogens to smithereens.

The dry leaves had that strong chocolate scent that blows my mind. How does green tea smell so much like chocolate? The first steep – no rinse – is chocolatey, floral, and grassy.

Steep two – I fumbled and burned my fingers. In the hoopla, this got a little oversteeped,but I didn’t want to pour it out. It literally tastes like grass and burned toast, but the most amazing super sweet aftertaste followed every swallow. I am so glad I didn’t miss out on this aspect.

Steep three – shorter, grassy and floral with a mineral taste. A little earthy. A little roasty.

Steep four – keeping this steep short and feeling like an athlete in training as I watch my hand while pouring the tea. I thought I was pouring to the middle, between the spots where I grasp the gaiwan, but I see that somehow my wrist angles the flow toward my fingers. I must concentrate on aiming more for my thumb, which will put the flow right where it needs to be. I am beginning to feel the position that I see when I watch a video of a tea master pouring. There is a lingering burnt wood taste in my mouth. I’m lovin’ it. Or… toasted walnuts! Yes! After I swallow the last sip, I feel like I am tasting confectioner’s sugar in my throat, like I have just eaten a Sweet Sixteen doughnut. (Or “donut”, as Susie Dent claims we Americans spell it.)

Steep five – Shortest steep and sweetest flavor yet. Don’t know if I am exhausted or getting a little bit tea drunk. Though sweet, the woody and grassy notes are still there with the roasted toasty flavor. Aftertaste is a little grassier.

Steep six – dogs barking. Checked outside. Oversteeped again. Toasted walnuts!

Steep seven – short again, and floral up front with grassy following. Toasted walnuts present but subtle. Aftertaste still lingering very nicely, more floral now with mineral notes.

I read the note by K S before drinking this, and miss him being on here terribly. Rest in peace, friend. Enjoy the celestial star gazing.

Then I read GMathis long ago note about the storms coming through, and here we are in the midst of terrible storms in the mid-west tonight, and I knew that not long after that note GMathis would lose her home to an F5 tornado. She and her family were safe, thank God. ETA: I had my timeline wrong. It was not long before she wrote her note on this tea that the Joplin tornado occured.

We’ve been through a lot together here on steepster. I hope we can keep meeting here.

And now we can look forward to tales of the new babies (Hi, Sil and Kittena!) and students
taking exams (thinking of you, Martin, and saying a prayer for those finals!) and all of life revolving and churning, while we sip our tea all over the world…together.

Probably tea drunk. Crying in my cup. Love you guys.

Martin Bednář

I was reading this tasting note in a bed on my mobile. I liked the description of tea. But then you hit me with thinking all the people here.
I don´t feel very often that somebody cares about me. But so many people do. Thank you for this note.


I hope everyone sticks around as well. K S , I miss him too. Didn’t know about GMathis but I will add them on the list. As well as you and your hubby. Hope you both get well soon.


Mrmopar: I was wrong. The Joplin F5 tornado was actually not long (about a year?) before she wrote her note on this tea. I was referring to an old event because I was reading the older tasting notes on this tea. Prayers still appreciated! Stormy weather is still nerve wracking for those who went through the big ones, and hubby has a ways to go in his recovery from the bug!

Martin: Yes, you ARE cared for! Praying that today especially, you feel it and see it.


Your sensitivity to the people around you amazes me. Much respect to you, ashmanra, and I give my love for all those mentioned in your note.


Our pastor reminded us on Sunday that we shouldn’t fight painful things because of what they take away; we should take them on because of the strength they ultimately provide. (James chapter 1 should you care to check it out scripturally.)

We had another white-knuckle night last night with some quality time in the garage storm shelter. Sirens; rotation about a mile north of us. All is well this morning other than some sleep deprivation. As if the storm adrenalin didn’t have me on overdrive to begin with, an XL spider climbed up my leg!

Martin, ashmanra always beats me to the encouraging word. But you are among kind and caring strangers here. May you trip over a little joy today!


Gmathis: I have discovered that a lot of my anxiety and stress issues have been coming from trying to control everything to prevent pain coming into my life. CS Lewis said that grief is the price of love. I think I have that right. I agree with your pastor. Fighting pain doesn’t work. Acknowledging the pain and finding out what it means and how we go on, that’s the thing! We get stronger. Then we can help other people. Martin quoted, “Love will always win.” Indeed, love never fails.


Derk: thank you! You amaze me, you awesome person, you!


Lovely tasting note! Precisely why Steepster needs its strength back!


Beautiful post, Ashmanra. We need more of this in the world, but I’m glad we have it here in Steepster. <3


Tea-sipper and Kawaii433: We do have a beautiful community here. I appreciate you all so much. I hope the site continues!


Yep, appreciation all around. :D


This is the reason I want this site to keep going. We pray and have encouraging words for those who need the strength.

Martin I just put you on the list as well. I hope your days become better.

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drank Snow Dragon by Harney & Sons
2350 tasting notes


This is a sipdown, but I see I had already taken it out of my cupboard. I am shocked to see that I bought this seven years ago. I would be ashamed of myself for not having finished it long ago, but for one thing.

This tea has aged magnificently.

The leaves are still a light, silvery green and covered in downy hairs. There is a bit of nutty flavor, but the fruity note has gone up two notches at least, and I am on the third steep.

I am trying to drink up my oldest teas and there are some I think I will just oackage up and send away, because they have hung around long enough that I know I don’t really want them. (I’m looking at YOU, grocery store impulse buys!)

This was so good, that instead of enjoying having a little extra space on my tea shelf, I looked to see if they still this so I could re-order. They don’t. That’s probably for the best.


I think Yunnan Sourcing has a Snow Dragon tea, though I don’t know if it’s similar.


I will take a look! Thanks!

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I have been watching Teahouse Ghost videos and then boring my dear husband to tears with lots of tea talk. He mentioned that he couldn’t remember what sheng pu’er tastes like, and I told him that was probably because I never made him any. I didn’t think he would like it much. He was mildly affronted, or pretended to be, so I set up the tea tray for a gong fu session tonight.

After warming the gaiwan, I put in the leaves to rest and release their aroma. Peaches with ginger, heavy on the ginger!

My husband says his reviews are usually, “It was hot and had tea-like qualities.” This time he got creative, saying it smelled like wet hair – probably a good assessment since I use organic herbal shampoo bars. Then he said maybe what he really meant was earthy. Also not a bad descriptor for this tea, as there is a hint of distant smoke. He said it “had a wang”. When I told him that I tasted camphor, he said he definitely agreed and that was what he was calling the wang, but I think the astringency contributed to the wang. Ha! So sheng pu is what drew him out of his shell to attempt a real description of a tea!

Now for mine….I found this to have a lot of peach/apricot aroma with ginger, a little more ginger than I care for in the early steeps. We did many. The camphor I already mentioned, and the briskness reminded me of darjeeling.

The liquor grew smoother and sweeter as we steeped. I used 200F rather than boiling. The color was light gold, fading with later steeps.

I am left with a warm glow and feel very sleepy and so peaceful, which I really needed tonight. I may check back in on this in a year, but I don’t know. I own very little sheng and I want to start getting to know sheng better.

Perhaps I will hit up mrmopar for some recommendations since he first recommended this one to me.

I am very excited that I used my gaiwan and didn’t burn myself! Ha ha! I have hardly ever used it, and have not felt very successful with it, but it is coming a little more naturally to me now and I really enjoyed it. I see more gaiwans in my future…


Glad to help if you need it.


Thank you!


Your hubby and my hubby evidently share the same refined tea palate and flavor vocabulary.


This was the first sheng I tried. It made such a big impression in taste and feels that I branched out from there. Talking about it that way and knowing how your husband described it makes me feel filthy. So cool you can share tea with him <3


Ha ha! Derk, this guy literally graduated from eating nothing but fries, potato chips, and Easy Cheese when we met to being a veggie monster and enjoying tea – even though he says he can’t detect the notes and nuances. He tends to love the expensive stuff even without ever knowing the price. (We don’t discuss the cost of tea but one dragonwell led him to venture, “I like this. It’s expensive, isn’t it?” Of course, it was. Of course, I ordered some.

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I am trying to sip down a lot of my older tea, and I found a bag of green tea samples from Teavivre buried in the tea chest. We had this tonight with pound cake, fresh strawberries, mini chocolate chips, and whipped cream.

First, it is 18 months past its “best by” date. I know it has faded but it was still good. What astounds me is that after a few cups I was so hot I felt like I was having a hot flash, and I knew it must be the tea but I hadn’t read the reviews that talk about the warming sensation. I have the air conditioning on and still I was sweating. I decided to sit back and enjoy it like a nice evening in the sauna.

Our dessert was so sweet that I really enjoyed the earthy flavor amd light bitterness of this tea. It was a perfect foil for our cake. It really cut through the sweetness, and we had enough to make one fair cup for drinking after the cake was gone.

The leaves are adorable. They look like tiny pea pods! I believe we made four steeps in all.

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I cleaned out my online cupboard a bit today as I have sipped down a few teas recently. I am also shocked at how many teas I have not added to my cupboard and I just don’t feel like doing it right now, but this is one that I need to finish soon but had not been added, so here we go.

My husband and I had one of our gongfu cha sessions on the floor tonight with this. I used one teaspoon for my little pot, which holds about seven ounces fully topped up with no leaves in it, but about five ounces with big oolong leaves taking up space. We used boiling water.

The first steeps were very floral, had a wonderful aroma, and a mild taste. This is bery green with none of the charcoal baked flavor of strong mineral notes of some. As the steeps progress, the taste becomes even lighter and fades to notes of hay with soft greens.

I think next time I will use more leaf and see if it can make the floral notes grow and last longer.

I used to have mixed emotions about gongfu cha, but tea is changing me in a lot of ways. Instead of viewing the preparations and clean up as a chore – is it really worth it? Ugh! – it has become a peaceful part of the process and I enjoy the process from beginning to end as much as the actual tea making/drinking part. Filling the kettle, carrying the tray to the spot we have chosen, setting out the teaware, and choosing the tea, all are an integral part and bring me quiet contentment in my task. Washing the tea things, drying them, and taking my time carrying each piece back to its resting place instead of rushing to finish the job, is a pleasure. I am trying to carry that mindset over to other things that I must do, as well.


The Process. It’s nice.

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drank Palm Court by Harney & Sons
2350 tasting notes

A few days ago I glanced through some of the oldest bits of my tea log and noticed this blend. It had been so long since I’ve had it that I couldn’t remember it well. I knew I liked it and that I enjoyed mixing it with Rose Scented by Harney. I thought I might order it again sometime, and then…there it was on shelf at The Fresh Market today!

Our Fresh Market is a bit small and the tea selection not quite like the bigger ones in bigger, more affluent cities. But they have new tea! They even had Tower of London in loose leaf and they had four Kusmi teas in sachets! I should have waited and purchased it with a discount through Harney directly, but I was too excited.

I made it to go with Easter lunch and set out a cup for hubby to try it thinking he would take a sip and pass. He usually doesn’t like black tea except with milk and sugar, but he drank a whole cup plain and said he liked it.

Later we had chocolate cake and made a second pot and he drank several cups of it again. Plain! Yet he adds milk and sugar to Queen Catherine! I don’t understand. Ha ha!

I like it best with food. To be 100% honest, this is on the verge of being too harsh for me, which is why I was shocked that my husband liked it. The Keemun is A-Okay, of course…you know I love Keemun! And the Ceylon is great, as is the Formosa oolong. But the Assam…it is pretty prominent here and I just have trouble with how strong Assam is sometimes. It really is a milk and sugar tea to me, and I try not to add anything to my tea.

I think I will be softening it sometimes with Rose Scented as I drink it, and definitely serving it with food. It was really good with the chocolate cake I made for Easter and cut through the sweetness of the chocolate buttercream frosting.

For breakfast tea lovers, I think this would be nearly perfect, and I really truly mainly bought this because I am going to a women’s Bible study now and the teacher is super nice and loves strong tea, so I wanted some teas to share with her and to serve when she comes over, because she is really nice and I want to show my appreciation for all she does.

I will review this again after she drinks it, and let you know what an Assam lover thinks of it!

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Chilling at home with the dog keeping an eye on all the tornado warnings. So far, none for my county but quite a few around us and several where my kids are. Hubby has to work through the storm, possibly all night if trees come down or we have more flooding, so here I am drinking tea, lighting candles and picking a good book to download.

Tea of the moment is Azalina’s Malaysian Black, paired with Peanut M&M’s cuz I am a grown woman and I can eat what I want. They are the pastel Easter ines which makes them even more delicious because they are cute.

First thought when steeping was, “Whoa! Pumpkin spice!” Then I decided it was much more of a Christmas blend aroma. I really assocaite clove and orange with Christmas. But the hint of lavender is really nice. It is just the barest hint and I could easily mistake it for rosemary.

I steeped it for just three and a half minutes because the leaves are so broken, and I am happy with the strength. It is not bitter or astringent, at least not with food, it might be a different story if I put the candy away.

No milk no sugar, as usual, and I find it very enjoyable. Thank you, derk, for the generous sample!

ETA: well, now WE have a warning! Currently in hall bathroom with dog.

ETA again! All is well!


Always a happy thing to see you nd your reviews! <3


Stay safe! <3


Hope you are okay!


Thank you, we are! Hope all our fellow Steepsterires are well, too!


I don’t miss those green-grey skies of the east, having grown up near a city that got hit twice. Glad to hear your region is safe and you enjoyed the tea. I wouldn’t have thought to compare this to a Christmas tea since I haven’t had many. The combination of clove and star anise made me think of Thai/Viet/Chinese food. Add in the vanilla and I though Thai tea. The lavender was quite strong to my senses.


Eep. Hope it’s just a warning based on rotation, and no actual tornado touching down! Tornadoes scare me…

Roswell Strange

When I was really young, I watched a movie about tornados with my parents. It may have been Twister; but I’m not sure since I was too young to remember clearly. Anyway, it scared the SHIT out of me because my dumb, tiny baby brain couldn’t comprehend that tornadoes were a weather phenomenon that only occured in extreme winds/storms. So, for a long time I was just constantly afraid that I could be just minding my own business doing kid shit like eating boogers, having supper indoors, or out a the beach on a sunny day and a tornado would just swoop in and kill me and my family. It didn’t help that I lived in the heart of the prairies (landlocked) and people would say ALL THE TIME “The only thing you have to worry about here is Tornados!” (in reference to other natural disasters like tsunamis).


Thank you for your well wishes! All is well and there was little damage – a few roofs blew off an hour or two away, some trees fell but really nothing major and I am grateful.

Roswell – I wish I could go back in time and give you a big hug and tell you not to be afraid! I went through a stage of being terrified in every thunder storm, watching the skies for a funnel cloud through the window constantly. I had nightmares about tornadoes. But one day I said to myself that I would pray about it and then what happens, happens. Somehow it made me not obsess about tornadoes appearing any more, although I still respect the warnings and take them seriously. But oh, poor child, being afraid like that! I am sorry you went through that.

Kittenna – I think it must have been mostly based on rotation. There were warnings all over the state, power went out here and there, but overall it was not nearly as bad as we were concerned it might be.

Evol Ving Ness

Glad you all are safe. Scary stuff.

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This is another tea I received in a swap with derk. Many thanks!

Last night was our writers’ group meeting and I try to serve tea and a little something to eat or snack. Yesterday I ground some hard red whear, which has a nicem nutty flavor, and made chocolate chip pecan Tollhouse cookies. I usually serve a mild green tea or a jasmine tea to the group as they are not necessarily into tea like I am, but I really thought this would be a much better choice.

Even though there were only four of us last night, we finished off two large tetsubins of this. I think it is safe to say that it was a hit! It has a nice nutty flavor, and I would call it a medium roast. We were steeping western style of course.

Since we were reading, eating, and listening, I didn’t give it all the attention it really deserved, but I can say that it was delicious and I would definitely order this, and would also try it gong fu to see how it changes.

Excellent tea. Thank you, derk!

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I am a music teacher, tutor, and former homeschool mom (25 years!) who started drinking loose leaf tea about ten years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

I am also reviewing for Sororitea Sisters now!

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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