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This came in my B&B subscription package. The first ingredient listed is hibiscus. I truly dislike hibiscus, so I wasn’t really expecting to like this tea. However, although it may not ever be a favorite, I found it very drinkable. The hibiscus was definitely present, but not so overpowering that I couldn’t bear it. It was rather a pleasant zing to a slightly sweet cup. I remember I was dubious about Fruit Chai Pie at first too, but I finished all 20 grams of it very easily. This blend may be the same.

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Bird & Blend Tea Advent Calendar Day 11:

This one didn’t work for me. The first sip I could almost taste the chocolate, but it was edged with a bitter bite. The sip ended on an astringent note. I didn’t even finish the cup. So for me, this one is a pass.



Martin Bednář

I expected way more from this one as well.

Maddy Barone

It’s too bad. But there is bound to be a couple of teas in a collection that don’t work for someone.


I finished my OLD sample of this yesterday. It seems I enjoyed it more than you did.

Maddy Barone

It has some good reviews, so I know some people enjoyed it far more than I did. It certainly sounded like it would be delicious.

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Another from the Bird & Blend Tea Advent Calendar.

I wasn’t sure if I would like this one or not. Oolongs can be a little too grassy for me. This one brewed up green. I mean, emerald green shading on forest green. I don’t remember ever having such a green tea before.

When it was hot I didn’t enjoy it very much, But as it cooled, the mint came out and I found myself liking it quite a bit. I re-steeped and it was pretty good then too. I probably would never have tried this. The Moroccan Mint green teas are not favorites. But this one wqs good.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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I’ve had the stomach flu the last few days. It was thoroughly unpleasant, and even drinking tea was highly unappealing. So I am quite behind on my tea advent calendar from Bird & Blend. I can’t remember which day this was. It is a very pretty pink tea. I loved the sound of it. However, the hibiscus was a little much for me. It wasn’t a bad tea. Someone who enjoys the zing of hibiscus would very likely love this one.

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This was the Bird & Blend Advent Calendar tea for Day 5. I actually liked it. I usually like to have some David’s Tea Cold 911 on hand for when I’m under the weather, but this one was good too. It didn’t taste medicine-ish. I mean., it was definitely a minty/eucalyptus-y tea, but that wasn’t unpleasant. When I run out of Cold 911 I might need to get 50 grams or so of this one.

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Bird & Blend Advent calendar Day 4:

Pleasant. A bit more sour than I like from the hibiscus, but not nearly as sour as some others. Some teas taste best ;piping hot, Some teas taste best cold or iced. This one was best for me when it was warm. Still not one I would like to have a lot of, but if a friend served this I could drink it.

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Bird and Blend Advent Calendar Day 3:

I find chocolate teas to be hit or miss for me, and too frequently a miss. But not this one. When I read the ingredients (chocolate, fenugreek, and liquorice????) I was doubtful. But it works beautifully here. The black tea base is mild and doesn’t overwhelm the other flavors. The fenugreek and liquorice are present but don’t over shadow the chocolate. This tea is a definite hit.

I have a Happy Planner and for each day in December I am noting which tea I had from the advent calendar and whether I would ever want to order a bit more of it. This one I may want to re-order some time. I really enjoyed it.

Flavors: Chocolate, Licorice

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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Bird & Blend Tea Advent calendar Day 2:

Nice. I’m a fan of caffeine free teas for evening. I’m not a fan of floral teas. The lavender is quite strong. But the lemon in this one adds a bright note. Not one I’d order, but I’m super glad to get to try it. That is one of the great things about these advent calendars. You get to try 25 different teas, many of which I would never have purchased. Some I will probably not like, others I will love, and I bet there will be a few that I wouldn’t never have tried, but absolutely adore.

So if you enjoy relaxing floral teas with a bright zing of lemon, I think you would really like this one.

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Bird & Blend Tea Advent Calendar Day 1:

Yay!! Tea Advent Calendar season has begun!!! In the past I’ve gotten the David’s Tea calendar and the Dammann Freres tea advent calendar, and this year I decided to try this one. It is such a fun thing to do: open the door and find out which tea is for today. I’m like a kid that way.

I was such a good girl. I got this over a month ago and very carefully kept it tucked away in the closet until yesterday. I peeled back the door this afternoon to find this tea. I already have this tea , but since I really like it, I went ahead and brewed the sachet up. It was just as good as the loose leaf. Mild, not cloyingly sweet, and smooth. A delicious treat.

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I love cats. I love alone time. I love sitting indoors on a cold winter night with a book or my knitting while drinking tea. I don’t have a sense of smell, so many of the more subtle flavors of tea escape me. Two of the things I CAN taste are bitter and sour, so any tea that has even a slightly bitter taste is nasty for me. And what others might perceive as pleasant tartness may be horribly sour for me.

I’m also a writer. I love writing, and a mug of hot tea helps me get through the hours sitting in front of the computer. Although I’m a comparatively new tea drinker, I’m jumping in feet first. Feel free to recommend any teas you think I might enjoy.

100-91 – Wowza! I want to keep this tea in the cupboard all the time.
75-90 – Very nice. It would be good to have this tea on hand from time to time.
60-74 – OK. Wouldn’t keep it in the cupboard, but I would drink it again.
45-59 – If a friend served this I would drink it to be polite, but it’s not really my cuppa.
Lower than 45 – Blech. It was too sour or bitter for my taste. Would not drink it again.


Fargo, ND



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