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This tea is super tasty! The dry scent is very blueberry and the steeped scent is more blackcurrant. Either way, it’s delicious! The flavour is less potent than the smell, but a beautiful tea nonetheless.

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I placed a Dammann order about a month ago and have loved the teas! I made a pot of this one this evening to enjoy with roasted chestnuts and it’s a perfect pairing.

I love how figgy, with just a hint of floral this one is. The scent of fig jam is stronger than the taste for sure, but the taste is perfection. Re-order for sure!

I may have also just placed another order from Dammann after being so impressed with the first batch of teas!


Oh wow, this one sounds amazing…


I wonder if they have a Black Friday sale…


I’m not sure, but I did place an order 2 days ago and saw nothing of the sort sadly. Perhaps they have one coming up! I’ve been impressed with all the teas I’ve ordered from them!

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Really tasty tea. It’s a sipdown, after really making the most of these leaves with five steeps. Consistently tasty with each steep. I’d definitely re-order this one.

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Another great one from TTC! I ultimately prefer their heritage Assam over this one, but you really can’t go wrong with TTC. Only one cup left after this. So many sipdowns!

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I so rarely feel in the mood for oolong. I really wasn’t in the mood, but couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I made this one anyway.

Nice and oolong-y, with that freshness but with a slight muskiness typical of oolong. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, that of course, I love yet another tea from TTC. I’m glad I ordered this one since I generally steer more towards dark oolongs. This was a nice treat this evening.

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Such a sad sipdown. Polishing off teas at a rapid pace to move cross country!

This tea is so awesome. Light and delicate with the perfect cantaloupe and cream flavouring. I’ll never get over how amazing Butiki was. My Butiki teas are so few now. :(

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This is a pretty old one in my cupboard – thank heavens things take an age to go stale in AB. :P

This one is always delicious, with a hint of maple that isn’t abrasive at all. Really tasty – thanks Steam!


You’re in Alberta too, eh? You do make a good point. Many of the teas I have been hoarding have been lasting an impressively long time.


We’re here, but only for a few more days! Haha, yes I have been lucky to hoard Butiki teas here, but I’ll need to sip them down much quicker now.

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Sipdown for one bag of this, but I have another brand new bag, not yet opened haha! This one is absolutely delicious and I’ve been enjoying it each morning. This morning I switched over to my Canadian Maple tea, but tomorrow I may just break open my other bag of this.

A hint of natural sweetness with a great depth of flavour here. This is one of my all-time favourites from TTC. :)


gah you make me want to place an order again…i miss ttc teas.


So good! I may place another order soon – I just can’t live without them haha.

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I had just one wee teabag of this, sent in a larger order, so technically a sipdown! Delicious and light, the pomegranate very subtle in the background. A great last cuppa before bed a few nights ago.

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Sipdown! And one less tea to bring on the road! This tea is delicious. I love the depth, but without any heaviness. Just awesome for an Assam. TTC is consistently just amazing. Soon enough we’ll have a new address to place tea orders to!

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Lover of tea, animals, the ocean (http://eastcoastbest.tumblr.com/), science, yoga, travel, and all things summer.

That’s my mug!

I love black teas. I pretty well always drink my tea straight. I’m also fond of herbals, but they rarely make my permanent collection. I prefer my tea hot, but occasionally I’ll cold brew.

Oolongs I enjoy, but I’m not generally in the mood for them. I only truly enjoy subtly flavoured greens. Whites have to be pretty amazing (see Butiki’s White Rhino).

Pu’erhs, rooibos (specifically red, I’m more open to green), honeybush, and matés are not my favourite. I tend to avoid them altogether unless others find them so amazing it would be a travesty to not at least try.

Creaminess, toffee, cacao (true dark chocolate flavour), coconut (true dark coconut flavour), and rhubarb. I’m open to flavoured teas but they can’t be cloying or fake/candy like.

Any smokiness, bergamot, flowers (rose and jasmine), hibiscus is hit and miss.

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