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drank Assam GFOP by Kusmi Tea
16 tasting notes

Great tea. Dark, strong, malty. Just what I am looking for in a straight black tea. It is not strong the same way as bagged Lipton tea – it is not bitter – but it is a dark brew, full of flavor and goes excellently with milk. I can imagine that a lot of the flavor in this tea comes from the golden tips. It has a fair amount of them and it makes the tea really beautiful to look at.
Its taste is also slightly reminiscent of ‘øllebrød’ – a traditional Danish dish made from primarily rye and beer.
Thumbs up to Kusmi for “making” this tea.

Flavors: Floral, Malt, Raisins, Rye, Tannic

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 45 sec

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drank Samovar by Kusmi Tea
16 tasting notes

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Great, plain black tea without big finesses.

It’s a blend of teas from China, India and Ceylon, and most leaves in it are about an inch long, very fascinating.
Dry leaves: Classic black tea smell (all tea enthusiasts know what I’m talking about), smoke, wet forest ground (!) and a hint of yellow fruits (mango and peach).
The fruity notes that were noticeable in the dry leaves are totally gone in the smell of the brewed tea, but the smoke, the wet forest ground and the classic black tea smell is there still. It would have been rather fucked up, if the black tea smell had disappeared…

It doesn’t taste bitter and/or anstringent, and it has a very characteristic taste. I could taste which tea, that were Russian Morning #24, if you placed 100 plain, black teas in front of me, I bet.
Plain, strong black teas do often reveal a malty taste when brewed, which also is present in this tea. It’s one of Kusmi’s strongest teas with a body between medium and full, but Grand Yunnan #21 is way stronger, in fact it’s the strongest tea I have ever tasted.
I suggest experienced tea lovers to check Russian Morning #24 out. If you don’t like that classic black tea taste, you definitely wouldn’t appreciate this tea, ’nuff said.

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I got this tea because I bought a tin of Anastasia, figure that one out!

I bought a 250g tin of Anastasia tea, or I thought I did, but I actually got this tea instead, and the reason I know that is:
1. I have bought many Anastasia tins, and a single teabag, and they all tasted nothing like this tea.
2. I have smelled the Earl Grey Polish blend, in an actual Earl Grey Polish blend tin, and it smelled like the “Anastasia tea” I have, so it’s actually an Earl Grey Polish blend tea I have.

This tea smells VERY lime-y and VERY lemony, but has less bergamot in it than the other citrus fruits I think.
The taste is bitter compared to other great quality teas (still not as bitter as Lipton).
The aroma of the steeped tea is very soapy and smells very much like some cleaning agent. Not my favorite scent, but it is very Polish, that is for sure.
I was not planning to buy a tin of this, but unfortunately I did it anyway…
By the way, I wouldn’t buy it again. Definitely not my favorite cup.

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drank St. Petersburg by Kusmi Tea
16 tasting notes

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drank Imperial Label by Kusmi Tea
16 tasting notes

Yay, now I am going the review my all-time favorite tea, Imperial Label. It’s so good, everyone who hasn’t tried it, please try it. It’s a damn, fucking unbelieveable tea.
The dry leaf smells of orange (fresh and zesty orange), cinnamon (hot and spicy), and has an ever so lightly vanilla scent to it. In one word: GOD-LIKE!
The steeped tea’s smell is lighter on the orange, and slightly heavier on the cinnamon/vanilla. The color is light green, with no yellow glow at all, but is SLIGHTLY unclear…
The steeped tea’s taste is orangey, cinnamon-y and vanilla-y. Strongest on the orange and lightest on the vanilla. It’s just a hint of vanilla, not overpowering and sweet. The aftertaste is quite liquorice-like, as you would expect, and for a Scandinavian like me, it’s a pure delight, when things contain liquorice (we in Denmark eats a hell of an amount of liquorice, the salty one the most). Combine the liquorice aftertaste with the warmth of cinnamon, and the freshness of orange peel, and you have something truly amazing. The sencha tea itself is aromatic, rich, unbitter and unanstringent. This tea is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.
Wouldn’t change a thing at all.


Appearance: Dark green sencha needles, pieces of liquorice root and dried sea buckthorn berries. A very few cardamom seeds.
Dry tea-smell: Fresh and zesty orange, spicy cinnamon and sweet vanilla.
Color: Slightly unclear light green color.
Brewed tea-smell: Cinnamon, orange and vanilla.
Taste: Exciting sencha tea, the freshness of orange, the warmth of cinnamon and the sweetness of vanilla. Slighty tart due to the sea buckthorn berries.

Undoubtly the best tea I have tasted in my life!!!

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This tea is a bit of an unusual tea from Kusmi, it has an overpowering sweet strawberry scent, that almost smells of cotton candy or something. I don’t think it’s flavored with natural essences at all, but on their website there’s written: “We use natural flavorings in all of our teas”, or something like that, maybe it’s a naural flavoring that is used in this tea, but it doesn’t seems to be. Sniffing to a box of strawberries in the early summer is a natural experience, and this tea is far from that, sorry Kusmi.
It brews to a beautiful, very clear, yellowey green color, which is like almost all senchas look like.
The brewed tea has translated to something than reminds me more of vanilla/caramel than actual strawberry, but it smells delicious.
It’s not the most delicate sencha I have tasted either, it’s very bland, watery and slightly anstringent, but the anstringency is only noticeable on the back/sides of your tongue, and only when steeped for a very long time. Their sencha base used in Imperial Label is much more delicious, I really wished that they used that one instead, cause this one is just not that tasty, but it is okay. The sencha in this tea is the same as the sencha in Detox and Boost, but there are a so small amount of it in them, that the anstringent notes seem nonexistent. The strawberry taste in the brewed product is more natural, and is quite like eating a strawberry, a very sweet one.
Not the best Kusmi, and not the worst either.
Their worst tea is the Ginger-lemon green tea, uff it gives me goosebumps!

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This is one of the tea bags I got after ordering at kusmitea.com, and as you know, every time you order at that site, you get 3 tea samples for free!
The other two teas I got was Strawberry green tea and Ginger-lemon green tea.
The only thing I can say about Ginger-lemon green tea is… bahh!
I would give it about 15 points, if I had to rate it.
This tea is much better than the other 2 teas I got, in fact it’s one of my favorites by Kusmi.
It’s lemon-y and lemongrass-y in it’s loose leaves, and has a subtle note of something slightly hay-y and tobacco-like. It brews to a lovely clear light green color with a touch of yellow, and it is very, very lemony with a heavy hay-y and honey-like taste at the end of the sip. It’s nice and light, and I remember that I once brewed it over night, to see if got bitter or unpleasant, but no, it really never gets. It’s an absolute great tea, but it is very light, so don’t serve this tea for people who says that tea tastes like nothing (there are some people that do where I live). One I know always says that tea tastes like fox’s piss, I do of course disagree with him…

I like Kusmi’s tea bags, their pretty, and they contain more than a tablespoon of tea, believe it or not. You are in fact able to make 3 cups out of 1 bag, nice!

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drank Euphoria by Kusmi Tea
16 tasting notes

Wow, this tea is candy-like, it smells of some orange and cream candy you can buy in Denmark, very nice, I have to say.

As mentioned, the leaves smells nice and sweet; like milk chocolate combined with sweet orange aroma, the roasted maté is not noticeable though.

The liquid tea is quite dark orangish-brown in color, and smelled so sweet, that I really feel of the chair… oh wait I’m just kidding, but it really is SWEET.

It has a chocolate flavor, I really don’t remember from other Kusmi-teas, it’s milk chocolate and very sweet. The orange is in fact the dominating part, when you drink it, and it really is all over your mouth, not only in the beginning of the sip, or in the end, it is all over your mouth. The chocolate is only there at the end of the sip, and when you just swallow, a melody of roastyness and coffeeness is revealed.

The orange aroma in this tea is not that fresh orange flavor, it’s that candy-like orange flavor. No other chocolate tea from Kusmi has a sweeter chocolate taste than this, it’s very sugary, and totally feels like sniffing to a block of milk chocolate, but do you know what? I like it!
Totally enjoyable, if you aren’t scared of sweet things!
Since I really can’t see what’s bad about it, I’m going to give this a high rating.
It does not overtake their Imperial Label, their Samovar and their St Petersburg though, but it belongs in top 5, definitely.

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First of all thanks to Angrboda for sending this oolong tea to me, it’s the second time I taste an oolong. The other oolong I’ve tasted was called Dragon Eye Oolong, and that one was more a “black” oolong than a “green” oolong, and I have read that oolong teas varies from 8% fermentation to 85%, so that oolong was probably fermented by 60% – 85% I think.
This oolong is by the way much more green than the other oolong I’ve tasted, but it still got some black tea taste.
The dry leaf smells of course of raspberry, but it isn’t that sweet raspberry smell, it smells quite natural and unsweet. There are pieces of blackcurrant in this tea, which really surprises me since it’s just called Raspberry Oolong. The liquid tea smells natural too, and doesn’t has an overpowering sweet “nose”.
The liquid tea has an ever so lightly tartness to it, and is very silky in texture.
It didn’t get tannic or bitter, even though I steeped it for around 6 minutes. This is a really great tea, and I love that it both has a green tea taste and a black one, very nice.
I like this tea WAY better than their White Temple Tea.
Oolong is one of my favourite teas now.


Appearance: Furled green/black leaves and pieces of raspberry and blackcurrant.
Dry tea-smell: Natural raspberry. Not overpowering sweet.
Color: Right between a green tea and a black tea, which means brownish-green.
Brewed tea-smell: “Tart” raspberry.
Taste: Very silky oolong, green tea taste and black tea taste, raspberry and a lightly tart aftertaste.


HA! Det glæder mig at min første konklusion om at det måske ikke var noget for dig var forkert. :D Velbekomme.

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I’m from Denmark, and I have been drinking high quality teas since 2009. My favorite tea-brand is Kusmi Tea. Absolutely. So far I have tasted about 40 percent of Kusmi’s teas, which means about 35 teas. My favorite tea is Kusmi Tea’s Imperial Label. Everyone who hasn’t tried it yet, try it. Their Samovar OR their St Petersburg comes second. I do primary drink black teas, but also green ones. Especially Genmaicha.

I like green teas flavored, and black teas are to me flavorful, whether they’re flavored or not. I prefer plain, hearty black teas the old-fashioned British way; with a splash of milk. I would say, that the best plain black tea I have tasted is Darjeeling #37 or Russian Morning #24.
I like spicy teas too, and my all-time favorite teas are Kusmi’s russian teas. RUSSIAN POWER!!!!

I do not drink tea because it’s healthy, I drink it because it’s delicious!


Jutland, Denmark

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