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Thanks to tea-sipper for letting me sample this one! I have to say that I don’t prefer it to other candy cane or minty teas I’ve had. The flavor is a little minty, but also a bit murky – honestly this is probably my fault for waiting too long to try it! So this one is all right, but I prefer a cleaner flavor. I guess my preference is also for herbal minty teas, or sometimes green. Maybe for me, the black tea just doesn’t jive super well with the rest of the flavors.

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drank Chocolate Orange by Teapigs
771 tasting notes

The chocolate isn’t too deep. It brews up bright orangey pink actually. But the candy orange is clear, and really, it all goes together pretty well. So it’s a light, though nice chocolate, with a tangy orange finish. Not bad. I don’t want the Teapigs advent calendar again, but I’m tempted to pick up some more of their fun seasonal flavors this year because those have been a success.

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drank Megganog by Brutaliteas
771 tasting notes

Thanks to amandastory516 for this tea. I usually like rooibos/black tea mixes, so I was looking forward to this one. I have to say that it’s not too spectacular. The main flavor is the rooibos, which isn’t a particularly great rooibos. I really got no sense of anything at all eggnog. No spices or anything. Just a not that great rooibos flavor. It was a little better with milk.

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This came as a free sample in my most recent order. Unfortunately, it’s under a teaspoon, and since I only own giant mugs, I’m afraid I might have misjudged the amount of water necessary. I thought it tasted pretty decent, but I put it in the fridge overnight, and unfortunately, it was kind of weird tasting by morning. My first impression was that the flavoring was nice and rather accurate, but I wish I’d had more than a sip or two to go by!

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This one is pretty well balanced. It’s a cider type tea with warm fruits and spices, but it works. I never go out of my way to buy these kinds of teas, but B&B’s versions are definitely better than most.

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Got this one from a mystery bag. The first time I had it, I mostly tasted the green tea, which was a bit harsher and grassier than I prefer, but kind of tasty in its own way. I could also taste some light pleasant fruitiness. In some sips, there was a bit of spice, but it’s not very obvious. The second time I tried this tea, I paid more attention to my steeping parameters, and found it to be rather gentle and creamy. I’m glad I gave it another chance and didn’t just pass it along. It really is like apricots and cream. This one is super well executed.

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drank Red Velvet by T2
771 tasting notes

Blehhhhhhh. I was so excited to try a rooibos matcha. But do you know what the second ingredient in this is? Beetroot. And it tastes like straight up beets. When I added sugar, then it was just sugary beets. Extra milk didn’t help either. I like beets, but not so much in tea/desserts. Yeah I’m getting rid of this one. Let me know if you want a beet tea. 0% red velvet, 100% beets.

Mastress Alita

T2’s Berry Ripple matcha was likewise horrible. It also had beet powder in it, though I didn’t taste it, cause that one was so full of this chalky, horrible tasting artificial berry vitamin flavoring.

Cameron B.

@Mastress Alita – Ewwww not the vitamins! I often have issues with berry flavoring, especially in sparkling water. It always tastes chalky to me… :(


Ooo I’ll make sure to avoid that one then!

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drank Apple Crumble by Pudtea
771 tasting notes

The spices definitely dominate the flavor here. Cinnamon and maybe clove. Nothing at all crumbly. Not really even apple, just that dominating spice. It’s not like it tastes bad (except sometimes it’s randomly bitter) but it’s not really true to its name, which is a shame. Pretty one dimensional, but I won’t mind finishing my bag.

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drank Blackberry Dumpling by 52teas
771 tasting notes

The first time I tried this tea, I found it a bit thin and boring, even bitter. Next time, I made sure to overleaf and steep it properly. I’m not a huge fan without adding milk, but with milk, it can be nice. It’s a sort of berries and cream flavor. I don’t get any pastry notes. I accidentally spilled the rest of the bag on the floor, so unfortunately, I won’t be having more of this one. But I did like the black base and found the whole combination to be rather pleasing.


oh no! poor tea. I hope it was only sample size.


Yeah, there was only one serving left, so it wasn’t the worst of losses! But I should really only open bags when I’m standing over the counter – lesson learned!

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This tea is the perfect combination of juicy apricot and fresh lavender. I love how many blends from Plum Deluxe include lavender! This one is so good! So refreshing and lovely warm or cold. My ounce of this only made a few cups, and if their prices were more reasonable, I would certainly order more.

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Steepster is glitching for me, so I can only access it using my laptop, which I don’t use very often, so I unfortunately will not be as active on here as I prefer to be.

I’m an event planner who always has two mugs of tea beside me. Hobbies other than tea include board games, video games, cooking international dishes, science fiction, hiking, jigsaw puzzles, tap dancing, reading, and listening to podcasts.

Favorite flavors: Almond, strawberry, nutty, dessert flavors, melon, mint, anything rooibos-related.

Don’t prefer: Smoky, rosemary, savory flavors, floral (other than lavender), plain tea.

I always drink flavored tea, and preferably caffeine-free. I’ll try just about anything though! Let me know if you’re interested in a swap!

My ratings are kind of meaningless, but basically
90-100 pretty perfect
80-89 really good
70-79 good, but not the best
60-69 okay, but probably not for me
1-59 varying degrees of dislike



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