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I think this is the same tea I’ve had from TeBella. I remember liking it before, but this is the tiniest sample, so I’ll try not to underleaf. The flavor is good! I get some sour cherry and pleasant red fruitiness. It’s light and not too tart. This is one I’d buy again (from TeBella or elsewhere). Resteep is fruity and lovely as well.

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drank Kava Kava Root by Buddha Teas
986 tasting notes

Single tea bag from the last tea box. I hadn’t heard of kava kava root before, and I’m hoping it’s not weird. Hmm this tastes like almost nothing except maybe some bitter raw potato/dirt taste. I guess people don’t drink this for its flavor. The small amount of flavor that it has isn’t tasty.


I read the most hilarious book many years ago which is how I learned about kava kava root — this sounds about right!

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drank Jingle Bells by Lupicia
986 tasting notes

Thanks to Cameron B for sending this teabag with the group order! The grape flavor smells and tastes really pleasant! This is a fun blend – I haven’t had something similar before! I’m not really sure how the name fits with the tea, but the grape flavor is authentic, and the black tea matches and mixes with it well. I wouldn’t buy it myself, but it was very nice to try.

Cameron B.

Love Lupicia’s grape teas! I wish the US website still offered the oolong…

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drank Cherry Cola Honeybush by 52teas
986 tasting notes

This is better cool. Then the fizzy flavor really pops. I probably haven’t had soda since I was a kid, but this is quite similar to how I remember it, except here it has a bit of a nutty honeybush base. I prefer the other soda tea I’ve had from 52teas, crisp cranberry soda green rooibos because I think green rooibos is a more supportive base for this flavor profile. But I still really enjoyed this and appreciated how accurate the flavor was. I definitely got both the cherry and cola flavors. Soda flavored teas are a new favorite of mine.

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drank Irish Breakfast by TeaSource
986 tasting notes

Grabbed a small sample from the latest tea box. The flavor is pretty classic. Strong and slightly bitter, works well with milk and sugar. It’s a pretty good example of its category. Not special, but solid.

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I’m not sure what about this says holiday, but it’s definitely a berry green tea. The green tea can be a little harsh for me, and the berry flavor is pretty artificial. I’m glad I only had the sample of this, but it wasn’t bad to drink.

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I couldn’t remember if I preferred this tea or green rooibos key west, so I ordered three ounces of this one. I guessed incorrectly, but oh well. To be honest, this one is a little bland unless you overleaf it. I enjoy the softness of the green rooibos, but there’s not much to the flavoring, just some light peachiness. I’ve been using it up by making big pitchers for the fridge. I’ve been loving the green rooibos marshmallow root combination found in several Cuppa Geek teas, so now I find myself wanting that marshmallow root flavor whenever I have green rooibos. Perhaps I should buy some to add to teas. I’ve been enjoying this tea more as I work my way through the 3 oz, but I don’t think I’ll buy it again.

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I wanted to see how accurate this tea tasted, so I made some figgy pudding to have with it (always looking for excuses to make desserts). The flavor of the tea isn’t what I expected at all. The spices are quite strong, but it lacks the baked and fruity elements I’d expect to find. It’s better with milk. Then, it tastes pleasantly spiced and nice – I think clove and rooibos are the primary flavors I get. I do like it, but I don’t think it matches its name.


Real figgy pudding! I will have to try this with milk…


The figgy pudding was so good! I can’t wait to make another.

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drank Eggnog by T2
986 tasting notes

Last tea from the Christmas sampler. Eh it tastes somewhat like coconut that’s on the edge, though I’m not sure if there is coconut in there. It also has some added flavors that evoke eggnog, or at least something creamy. It’s better with milk. It’s quite fake tasting, but I don’t mind it too much. I ended up having a decent time with this one, but wouldn’t really recommend.

I don’t order from T2 anymore, but I also want to complain about the magnetic “erasable” labels I bought from them. I used dry erase markers, but they won’t rub off the labels no matter what I use. I thought they’d be better than the sticky notes I usually use to label my tins, but it’s back to sticky notes for me!

Mastress Alita

I hate T2’s packaging even more than their tea. Other than sampler sets, pretty much everything is a bulk 100g and then it’s in a plain plastic bag that once cut open, will always be exposed to air, and that is put in a flimsy cardboard “cube”. You have to buy a ridiculous amount (like 8oz?!) to get a resealable foil bag like every other respectable tea shop uses. Their horrible packaging just feels like a way to try to force customers into buying additional storage tins on top of their tea order.


Maybe that’s their business plan!!

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The scent for this one is strongly fruity – maybe passion fruit? It lingered in my kitchen for days actually. The flavor is mostly chamomile, and it’s a nice chamomile. I actually prefer it a little above room temperature. I found the flavor thinly fruity when I had it cold. It’s interesting how a few degrees made such a difference. Warmish, it’s a tasty chamomile with a fruity background. I enjoy this, but I don’t think I’d buy it again. Also, in some sips, it tastes like celery, which I’m not a fan of.


Double D! Nice.

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I’m an event planner who always has multiple mugs of tea beside me. Hobbies other than tea include board games, video games, cooking international dishes, science fiction, hiking, jigsaw puzzles, tap dancing, reading, listening to podcasts, and playing with my troublesome kitties.

Favorite flavors: dessert flavors, nutty, melon, mint, strawberry, anything rooibos-related.

Don’t prefer: Smoky, rosemary, savory flavors, floral (other than lavender), plain tea.

I always drink flavored tea, and preferably caffeine-free or black. I’ll try just about anything though! Let me know if you’re interested in a swap!

My ratings are kind of meaningless, but basically
90-100 pretty perfect
80-89 really good
70-79 good, but not the best
60-69 okay, but probably not for me
1-59 varying degrees of dislike



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