Peach Tranquility

Tea type
Fruit Herbal Blend
Apple Pieces, Artificial Flavouring, Candied Pinapple, Chamomile, Lemon Verbena, Peach, Rose Hips
Fruity, Citrusy, Peach, Sweet, Tart, Citrus, Floral, Sour, Apple, Hibiscus, Pineapple, Stonefruit, Vanilla, Creamy, Nectar, Pastries, Smooth, Tropical, Apricot, Chamomile, Artificial, Candied Apple, Sugar, Honey, Berries, Fruit Tree Flowers, Orchids
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Loose Leaf
Caffeine Free
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195 °F / 90 °C 6 min, 0 sec 46 oz / 1368 ml

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From Teavana

A peaceful medley of soft peach and sweetpineapple gently falls across your palate, while calming Roman chamomile and lemon verbena shower over you, creating a tranquil treat.

Sweet peach infusion with light citrus and floral undertones

Use 1.5-2 tsp of tea per 8oz of water. Heat water to just at boiling (208 degrees/98 degrees Celsius) and steep for 5-6 minutes. For stronger flavor use more tea leaves. 2oz of tea equals 25-30 teaspoons.

Ingredients: Apple pieces, candied pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar, citric acid), rosehip peels, peach pieces (with rice flour), artificial flavoring, chamomile flowers, lemon verbena

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109 Tasting Notes

3294 tasting notes

Still my favorite blend from Teavana, & I enjoyed a cup tonight, unsweetened. I really am trying to start winding down a little earlier each night, although in all honesty, I haven’t been all the successful so far.

The aroma of this tea is the best part, it smells so yummy & fruity. I also do enjoy the taste, sweet & a little tart, really almost more like apricot than peach on that regard. There are little pieces of dried fruit that I like to eat, especially the little pieces of pineapple!


i like this one……


This one smelled like fuzzy peaches to me and I was so excited to try it but could never get it to work for me. Hot it seemed too sweet, cold not sweet enough so I gave up trying and gave the rest to a friend who really loves this blend.

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15147 tasting notes

i had a cold brew of this one and i’m thinking my tastebuds may be having issues with this one so i’ll hold off on rating it. The aroma is undeniably peachy but the taste comes across as overly floral. I’m thinking it’s just the sick factor so i’ll try this again once i’m better :) thanks terri!

Iced 8 min or more
Terri HarpLady

I prefer this one hot & lightly sweetened.

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464 tasting notes

“Another Traveling Tea Box?!?!”

The dryleaf smell evokes images of peach syrup, peach gummy candy, canned peaches, and peach pie filling. Every yummy good peach dessert. I could ever want is in that aroma.

The taste is yummy too! Sweet peaches that are kept from being overly sweet by the herbal qualities of the tea.

This is the first tea from the box that I’ve though “OMG! Need to swap this out!” So gooooooood! :-)


I really like this one too. I like it straight, but I also blend it in with other less desirable fruity teas and it usually makes things drinkable.


Good to know!

Short Sorceress

I use this to blend with as well. I think that on its own it is too sweet, but it works great for blending with black teas that I don’t find flavorful enough to drink on their own.

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470 tasting notes

I somehow went from owning absolutely no teas from Teavana to having a ton in the span of about a week. First there was the Heavenly Sale, and then I got some as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend’s mom! I was definitely not expecting that, since I know without all the sales Teavana can be quite pricey. I got the nice box set that has what are apparently their 4 bestselling teas—Earl Grey, the Acai Blueberry one, Sevenberry Sangria, and this. I haven’t tried any of them before!

This smells so strongly of ripe, fresh peaches in the bag, it’s very soft and lovely. I noticed that there’s no hibiscus in the ingredients list, which is an automatic plus in my book. Even though it’s the middle of winter I cold brewed this one because really, how am I supposed to drink hot peach tea? With ginger, sure, but just peach (especially an herbal) needs to be cold for me.

My first thought was “ugh, why does Teavana always have to put something sour in their blends?!” No hibiscus here, but there are rosehips for no discernible reason. Peaches are not tart, they’re sweet, so why are they here? The peach taste is spot on, and I would probably rank this in the high 80’s if not for the sour note that comes at the end of the sip. It’s not overwhelming or anything and this is certainly a nice drinkable tea, but I find myself really confused by the sour element that just doesn’t belong at all. Especially after getting a bunch of peach teas from Lupicia, which are, y’know, not laden down by random extra ingredients.

I think I might experiment with blending the rest of this, perhaps with a ginger or lemon tea so the sour note doesn’t seem so out of place. Like most Teavana teas, it definitely has a lot of blending potential!


That blend also has lemon verbena and pinapple in it, I believe, that might be the sour note?

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6107 tasting notes

So my lovely boyfriend bought me tea for Valentine’s Day! I take that as proof that he is really not concerned about my tea addiction, and instead supports it. Haha. He got me 5 bags of tea from Teavana, 50g each (I think), and I’m super pleased – not only had I not tried most (any?) of the teas, I ended up enjoying them all! He knows me :D Apparently they tried wafting all the teas for him, but he had no idea what to sniff for. Amusing.

Anyhow, this is the only tea I think I’ve tried previously. I don’t recall caring for it a great deal (if it was this tea), but I quite enjoyed it this time – it tastes like peach juice! I’m guessing it would be great during the summer, so I may hang onto the rest of it for the hotter months. I think I may have previously been under the impression that there was actual tea in this blend, which there is not; I think I prefer it this way.

ETA: Second infusion got at least half an hour…. and it’s pretty good. I’m almost detecting a bit of chemically flavour, but it’s bearable. And fruity. And sweet. Hehe.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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230 tasting notes

Another tea I purchased with the 25% off friends and family…and another Teavana tea that I just do not enjoy. Unfortunately, everything I buy from them seems to be on my “ugh” list.

It smells great. I smelled it in store, as they wafted it across the desk at me with the giant lid of their tea-wall containers. Juicy pear, sweetness, a ting of floral were all things I detected in the scent. (At Teavana they LOVE to WAFT the scent at you with such force its amazing!)

As the tea steeped it smelled great as did the dry leaves.

Sadly, the flavor does not meet the expectations. I taste candied peaches with such a fuzzy mouthfeel that it just makes me purse my lips.

I know other tasters have liked this one. I will be making a swap list for the discussion board later this week and this will be in it…anyone want it?


That’s really too bad. For me, it’s kind of once bitten twice shy with Teavana. The two teas of theirs that I tried were a major disappointment. I hope you will find a loving home for your tea!

Josie Jade

I’m right there with you, I always want so badly to like Teavana’s teas, but there’s just not many that I love.


I had to add sweetener to mine, it tastes a lot better. I also did a tasting note mixing this one with the strawberry rose champagne, it makes the strawberry rose slightly ore drinkable.


I don’t love many of their teas, but one I do love is Spiced Mandarin Oolong.


I also loved spice mandarin oolong.


I bought four teas from them and they seem to be lacking. I read online that their teas contain pesticides (even though they say they don’t). Ick!

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6768 tasting notes

Meghann M was nice enough to send me this one (among others) – I’m so grateful for TEA FREAKS with the same obsession for tea, aren’t you!?

Anyhow…this one smells lovely! I’m a little afraid since it’s a fruity herbal…but I’m game!!!!

This is listed on steepster as an herbal but it looks and ALMOST tastes like a flavored white. The more I smell it the more it reminds me of a peach wine I had last fall in Finger Lakes Region.

YUM. Yes, I said YUM. Are you shocked!? I “think” I am. Then again, I am not sure if I am shocked or not…I DO like peach. BUT…it’s the herbal and the Teavana terms that threw me…lately I have found LOTS of Teavana herbals and even non-herbals to be VERY tarty-fruity most of the time over the top! But this is nice! I’m drinking it HOT but am certain it will be just as good if not better ICED.


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1220 tasting notes

I think I singlehandedly drink the most of this at work. For the past week I feel like I’ve had some every morning I’m there. And if people can’t pick a tea I am like oh then you need to have this one.

And the worst part is today I realized I don’t even own it, so of course I buy half a pound. Now maybe I will drink it at a time that makes more sense, I feel there’s something silly about drinking chamomile at 6am when I need to really perk the heck up and not take a chill pill.

btw I like to also mix it with Youthberry, you should stick to doing this at Starbucks or w/your own tea though because it’s good but not $5 a cup good. I don’t know what it is about this tea, but it’s just like the right level of floral and fruit for me. Doesn’t need to be sweetened, and sometimes I just want to eat the pineapple before I even steep it. Shh.

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813 tasting notes

Shadowfall! i recieved your swap box!

and i’m so excited to try them all, so many of them smell amazing!
but since it is late in the day my sister and i made a pot of the herbal tea :)

we just had to have this tea. it’s scent was a big peachy bomb the minute i opened the bag. perhaps it’s the fact that it’s a gift from a fellow steepster or that i’m sharing a pot with my sister, but it was not too tart and not too sweet and really warmly peachy. i thought i didn’t like the fruit teas too much, but now i finally realized it’s the fruits they choose. i’m all for something more subtle like peaches as opposed to something like the usual pineapple and cranberry heavy blends. if i happen to be near a teavana, i MIGHT even consider buying this.

i approve!

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892 tasting notes

Thanks Alphakitty! I thought this would be a good one before bed. I have had too much sugar and caffeine today. The aroma of this herbal is pretty peachy and juicy. At first the flavor is ok. There is that peachy, juiciness I was smelling… but then it just turns to a bad sugary aftertaste like cheap peach candy. Maybe it’s all of the candied fruit? For some reason I don’t really do well with heavy fruit herbals :\ Even the really well done ones. Maybe next time I’ll go with trying it iced.
Thanks again!


Sorry it didn’t work for you. :( It’s much better iced, but yeah, it’s pretty sweet. If you cold brew, though, it’s much much less sugary.


That’s what I was thinking :] I’ll have to give it another go before I completely give up on it.

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