Birthday Cake

Tea type
Herbal Tea
Blue Cornflowers, Calendula Petals, Marshmallow Leaf, Organic Natural Flavors (Vegan), Safflower Petals
Butter, Creamy, Custard, Grass, Herbaceous, Marshmallow, Rice Pudding, Vanilla, Vegetal, Sweet, Cake, Frosting, Herbs, Spices, Cream, Powdered Sugar
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Loose Leaf
Caffeine Free
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205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 30 sec 10 oz / 291 ml

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  • “After Stacy shared earlier today that we can order more from her in larger quantities, I decided to break out the hoarded stash of this tonight. Just as delicious as before! Even more so, perhaps.” Read full tasting note
  • “So I can see where this blend is going, trying to be all mild and vanill-y and delicate, but it’s too delicate for me. At the end of the night I want something stronger before bed. I’m not too...” Read full tasting note
  • “So final verdict on this one? I don’t want it. Not, i don’t like it because i DO like the flavouring but to me this is really just creamy eggnog without the bits that make it creamy eggnog. IE....” Read full tasting note
  • “Om nom nom. Tea. And it’s my birthday, happy birthday to me. The other teas I had today were matcha macaron with white chocolate too-soft-ganache at breakfast, and a green tea latte at sbux. Yep....” Read full tasting note

From Butiki Teas

We paired our naturally lightly sweet Organic Marshmallow Leaf base with creamy cake and frosting flavors. With a little bit of sugar, this herbal transforms into a rich vanilla frosting and decadent cake flavor. Naturally caffeine-free, this herbal is smooth with a weighty mouth feel that is perfect for a late night treat. Please research all precautions before consuming any herbal tisane.

Ingredients: Organic Marshmallow Leaf, Safflower, Organic Cornflowers, Organic Calendula, Organic Natural Flavorings (vegan)

Recommended Brew Time: 5 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 1/2 teaspoons of Birthday Cake for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 212 F (boiling)

For more information, please visit

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119 Tasting Notes

1501 tasting notes

After Stacy shared earlier today that we can order more from her in larger quantities, I decided to break out the hoarded stash of this tonight. Just as delicious as before! Even more so, perhaps.

200 °F / 93 °C 8 min or more

Yay! You really should enjoy it so I am glad you made yourself a delicious cup :)


Woot! Do you know if she reblended this one?


Yay for breaking the hoarded stash!


Courtney: It came up in another person’s discussion, however Stacy has offered to reblend it if anyone is willing to buy a large sum of it at once. So there are three of us now in on that… I’m sure there will be more once Stacy is finished her holiday and we can discuss specifics.


Ooo, maybe I’ll have this one next. Especially if there’s going to be a reblend order. :)

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1598 tasting notes

So I can see where this blend is going, trying to be all mild and vanill-y and delicate, but it’s too delicate for me. At the end of the night I want something stronger before bed.

I’m not too upset though. There are plenty of Butiki teas that I adore and I cannot afford them all anyway!


oh jeez i was just at their website last night making lists /o\


…cantaloupe cream…


Mmmm. I want more of the new carrot cake or whatever that one is. It’s a black tea – limited run.


cavo…. do NOT order it without us doing a joint order woman!


:p No worries! I’m not ordering anything!

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15131 tasting notes

So final verdict on this one? I don’t want it. Not, i don’t like it because i DO like the flavouring but to me this is really just creamy eggnog without the bits that make it creamy eggnog. IE. it’s a delicious tea…but it’s not really birthday cake to me (except in how pretty it is). I love that it’s a herbal…love that it’s light and refreshing but it’s not cake. Do i think it’s an enjoyable cup that wouldn’t disappoint people? Sure! but i’d rather stock creamy eggnog in my cupboard than this one and save my “herbal” slots for teas like stacy’s peppermint patty and rootbeerfloat! :)

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2291 tasting notes

Om nom nom. Tea. And it’s my birthday, happy birthday to me.

The other teas I had today were matcha macaron with white chocolate too-soft-ganache at breakfast, and a green tea latte at sbux.


I am so stressed about this whole moving thing. So after I got a (ridiculous photo and) drivers license update, I came home and chilled before painting my nails and remembering about tea.

Nails are a dark navy shimmer with gold and black glitter on top. Yeah! Go me! I really like them but the polishes aren’t playing nice and it’s still not set. Hopefully it doesn’t get too messy while I sleep.

Tea is delicious as always. Very gentle, vanilla and sweet. Yum yum.


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday!!

Roswell Strange

Happy Birthday :D


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to you!


Yay! Happy Birthday, drink all the things with the sprinkles!


Happy Birthday!

Sami Kelsh

Happy birthday to you!!!

Butiki Teas!!!! Hope the nails come out, they sound cute!


Thanks, everyone!


Happy birthday! : )

Butiki Teas

Cute, very night sky-ish. :)


I really want to do galaxy nails. I just did this in about 10 min last night, though. Maybe next week I’ll take the time and get all fancy!

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6444 tasting notes

Tonight I met the amazing Sil and it was just for a moment but it is clear she is awesome. Plus, we were able to do what my family refers to as the most innocent drug deal they ever witnessed seeing as I handed her a couple of boxes of teas, she handed me a couple of bags, we hugged, and then parted ways. As a result of this exchange, I now have a giant bag of tea back in my cupboard which is so excited that I decided to forgo trying swap teas and instead making a big cup of this. Happily, it is as delicious as I remember. Creamy, light, and with the perfect amount of vanilla marshmallow sweetness. Yum!!! Thank you Sil for ordering!!


LOL. Sometimes I wonder what the local dollar store thinks of my sample baggie habit. Yay for meeting Sil!

Roswell Strange

I don’t have to worry about the Dollar store judging what I buy because I just sell it to myself, heh… But Tre always comments that when I’m packaging oolong or green tea it often looks like I’m packing dime bags of pot.


Haha many of my friends have told me I look like a drug dealer when I am packaging swaps. Drive by tea swaps have not helped this image :P


Heh heh there’s a great picture of Sil and I? Or… Indigobloom and I? swapping tea out of the back of my car on a Toronto street…. :D

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1442 tasting notes

Thank you for the lovely test samples, Stacy! It felt like it my birthday yesterday, after I received my individually wrapped sample parcel, and it seemed fitting to drink this one first.

The name of this herbal should’ve clued me in, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so sweet and honeyed. It tastes like sweet sponge cake- light and fluffy, with an alluded cream filling. Marshmallow flavour lingers as an aftertaste, and is veined with vanilla notes, a light vegetal tone, and a gentle saltiness. The now empty cup smells strongly of marshmallows.

Despite the lightness of the flavours, I find this cup to be rich and filling. This is enough cake for me to step into the role of “dessert”. That it’s herbal makes it a perfect substitute for a late night treat.

Also, add this onto the list of teas and tisanes that taste amazing once they’ve cooled down a bit. It’s up there with the Pistachio Ice Cream tea I polished off yesterday.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

I’m so excited to try this, I can’t even explain it. Butiki has the BEST flavors, and as you said the fact that this is an herbal is even better. I find once it’s nighttime, I want something sweet, and this just seems so perfect. Super excited for this to be on the website. :D


Lucky you! This sounds so delicious! I’m guessing it’s not available yet?


It doesn’t appear to be yet. I’m not sure what the plans are for this herbal but I hope to see it around soon; I don’t have enough fun tisanes for late evenings. :)


I need to buy a lot of this one once it’s available. A lot.


Kris, is this in our sample extras from our order? I’m drooling and want to try this now.


Yes it is! I’m waiting for it to go on the website, and then I’m going to make an order. ahem

Butiki Teas

OMGsrsly-Unfortunately, it probably won’t be up for 2 weeks. Right now, I’m focusing on preparing to shut the company down for 6 days since I’m going on vacation. Then when I get back there will be backlog when we open back up. We have already been selling the Birthday Cake. If you would like to purchase some in advance, just purchase something of equal value and email me to swap out that tea for Birthday Cake. Here are the prices:
10 grams (19 servings) $3.50
20 grams (38 servings) $6.50
40 grams (76 servings) $12.00
80 grams (152 servings) $19.75

*The price/cost is in the flavoring. Since the herbal is so fluffy, it takes a lot of flavoring to cover the herbal.

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612 tasting notes

Isn’t it funny how different perceptions between people can be? I vaguely remembered other Steepsters saying this wasn’t bad, but that it lacked flavor and had no cake element. It’s one of the reasons I put off trying it immediately when my big ol’ box of new Butiki came in. But I made a cup tonight and was totally bowled over by how accurate and powerful this smelled of really good fine crumbed white cake and delicious true-vanilla icing dry and steeping. Granted, it doesn’t taste as cake-y as it smells—but there’s no way any tea could, I think, as the aroma was just so overwhelmingly cakey and delicious, like better than smelling the real thing—but that vanilla crumb flavor is there, lightly, and seems to accumulate as I drink until by the end it really does feel like I’ve had the liquid equivalent of a piece of simple classic yummy vanilla cake. Beautiful stuff, and feels in line with how I don’t like garishly sweet supermarket bakery department cake but do like the kind of cake they often serve at weddings (the old fashioned kind, not the fondant stuff)—subtle in its way (regarding pointed sweetness mostly), but powerfully full of vanilla, heady but elegant feeling (it really is a lovely tea to look at, both the dry leaves and the liquor in the cup). I almost feel that coating on your teeth too after eating a piece of cake. The fact something this delicious and festive-occasion-tasting is herbal is just icing on the cake (har). After I finished my cup, I noticed the strong aroma of marshmallows and vanilla cake stayed in the empty cup for a long time—I kept dipping my nose back into it. Heavenly. I’m a huge sucker for sweet damp tight-crumbed white wedding cake though, so.

Yeah, I like this more than Creamy Eggnog, by far (don’t get me wrong, I like Creamy Eggnog but I think this has way more flavor). Again, I find it amusing (and wonderful) how different opinions can be!

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

Yay! So glad that you enjoyed this one. I love it when people have different reactions to teas.

Butiki Teas

Sorry to say that I don’t think this one will be around for much longer at all. The reviews haven’t been good. I feel like the flavoring combination is spot on, so I think the marshmallow leaf might be the issue and it might be taking away from the flavoring. We might be trying this on a white tea.


Ooh white tea might make it interesting


Oh no! I guess this means I have to place an order right away.

Butiki Teas

Sil-I think so. I really don’t think its the flavoring here. I would definitely like to have some of the people who didn’t like the herbal version try the new version.

Butiki Teas

ifjuly-We are very low at the moment and will not be making more but I can always make a small batch for you when I am making a larger batch of the new version.


if i place an order for the max amount right now, is it in stock?


(in a panic i did, hope that doesn’t cause too much inconvenience if stock is too low…)

Butiki Teas

ifjuly-I just checked our current stock against today’s orders and we have 20 grams left. Didn’t realize it was that low.


oops. i’m really sorry for causing a problem, i think i tried to order 80grams. (: if you want to take this to PM here or email or FB to sort it out…not sure what would be easiest for you, insta-refund or maybe when you make the new version sending that along? i guess there’s no way to know how different the cost would be for the new one though…hrm.


uh, that was supposed to be a :/ face, not a smiley.

Butiki Teas

No problem, I will contact you via email. :)


I am really going to have to cherish the amount left! (big compliment :)


Interesting! I think this might work nicely as a white tea. I enjoy it, but it does feel a bit too sublte, until I realized that a dash of sugar enhanced the flavouring.

But, I have a terrible sweet tooth too.

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2201 tasting notes

Well this is a sipdown but I somehow didn’t add this one to my cupboard, so my number remains at 142. I asked Stacy for a sample of this one with my last order because a marshmallow-leaf herbal sounded intriguing.

This was really tasty! Creamy, with a nice smooth texture, very dessert-y. I’ve never had Butiki’s Creamy Eggnog, so I can’t compare it to that, but I am happy with this one for sure. I don’t know that it screams ‘cake’ to me, but that’s fine really, it’s still tasty. Once it gets cold and I want to have an herbal tea every night in the evening I may have to pick some of this up… I’m always on the lookout for tasty herbals without rooibos (yuck) or hibiscus (only on occasion). This one certainly fit the bill.

I just had a thought… I wonder how the marshmallow leaf would do with cacao nibs for a kind of cocoa-marshmallow herbal? Mmm.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

LOL….I like rooibos, but sometimes I really don’t want it and love having herbals that don’t rooibos in it. I like hibiscus in alot of fruit teas, if they don’t add a bunch. Just enough to kick up the other flavors.


Yeah, I love hibiscus in certain circumstances, but not hot. I have come to realize that I can’t stand rooibos!

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615 tasting notes

This starts as a whipped buttery vanilla frosting, or a glaze flavor and feeling. As I work down the cup and the buttery-type flavor builds on my tongue, there’s more of a cakey crumb kind of flavor. The whole cup and mouthfeel, while very smooth feels really delicate and airy to me. It’s absolutely more angel food cake than birthday cake to me.

I see a lot of comparison with the Creamy Eggnog for this one, but I really only see it myself in that they are both very smooth on the tongue and have a lingering vanilla flavor.

If nothing else, this definitely makes me want a big bowl of strawberries.

Thanks Short Sorceress!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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1165 tasting notes

Finishing off the last of this that Sil sent me. I’m liking it better tonight than I have in the past. The dry leaf has a vanilla frosting scent, the brewed tea smells like cake batter, and the brew itself is much improved with the addition of some agave syrup. The sweetness helps bring out the vanilla frosting flavor (though I’m still not getting any cake). The syrup also gives this a smoother mouthfeel than the sugar did, so the frosting doesn’t taste quite so from-the-can. There’s still a weird frosting-flavored after-texture, like a film on the roof of my mouth. It’s not as coarse as it was before, though. Still not a huge fan, but bumping my rating a bit.

Aaaaand sipdown!

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