Milk oolong. The story and myths around this tea are as thick and interesting as its liquor. Anyone who grows oolong could try the techniques the Taiwanese and Chinese use in order to bring out the specific notes, however, the terroir will still play a role in determining different flavors. But one thing should be noted if you ever see that tea has natural or artificial flavors added in order to make it milky it is just a flavored tea and not a true Milk oolong. While they say a true Milk Oolong should be of the Jin Xuan variety, (also Jin Shuan) I have also seen delicious pure Milk Oolong from China.

The flavor is quite incredible. Buttery, milky, a bit creamy, and mineral. The steeping leaves have a slight buttered popcorn note. More like homemade than a movie theatre.
A longer steep time reveals some bitterness and a bit of astringency but also some unique charcoal notes and a bit of dark (80%?) chocolate.

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Cupboard updated: 7/27/2023

Tea Profile:
Allergies: Almonds and Dairy.

I’m a purist but I will try a flavored as long as it doesn’t have artificial flavors.

I will drink any type and love to taste whatever I can get my hands on.

(Purple is not a type of tea it is a cultivar known as TRFK 306/1)



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