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Glossy leaves. Dark brown, needle shape. Leaves and some stems.
Liquor color is clear, light amber. With a squash aroma and slight bitter cocoa.
Very smooth. Different squash notes with a bit of sweetness. Almost like a hint of brown sugar.
Slight coffee notes.


Your post made me curious, so I hopped over to the company’s website. So many delicious-looking options!

Cameron B.

Highly recommend them for Japanese teas! I have a ton if you ever want a sampling heh heh. :P


They are an awesome company.

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Very pretty dry leaf: mix of dark and light green tea with a few stems. This is the bottom of the bag so mostly broken but also some long needle like leaves. One unidentified object. Not a bug. And of course beautiful pink dried Sakura. Flavor is nice. Vegetal, asparagus and green beans. The floral are not strong like in other teas but Sakura to me tastes as a an osmanthus does which is different then other floral. Thus tea is not something I would buy but I do know others who quite enjoy it.
Part of the Global Japanese Tea Association master class.

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First night in the ryokan,Colours, here in Kyoto. I don’t really feel like going back out so I am sitting here with this cup left from a Taiwanese person who stayed here last week. Generally I’ll shy away from the tea bags but I’ve never seen this one before and who knows if I’ll get a chance again. Surprisingly it is quite nice. The dry aroma doesn’t contain and of the usual weird tea bag aroma and the wet aroma is full of nicely roasted notes. The liquor is a smooth amber color and the taste is decent. Plenty of roasted notes to satisfy but still just not as satisfying as a loose would be.

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Mix of glossy dark brown and muted lighter brown leaves. Mix of leaves and kuki actually. This seems to be a darker roast. It leaves quite a charcoal note in one’s mouth. As it does also on the nose. The mouth feel is a bit astringent but more on the charcoal side. Perhaps this batch was just too strong for me

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Tasting this as part of our master course here in Kyoto at the Global Japanese Tea Association headquarters. The leaf is flat and slightly glossy. Flat, some are thin but also a few are a good size. Flavor is Cucumber, steamed veggies. A bit of grass. I find the brewed leaf is quite fresh. Reminds me of the smell of leaf when it is processing.


How exciting! This sounds like such a good one.

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I’m being too lazy to create another page. I am drinking this same one but it is through a hotel here in Japan. The dry leaf is very nice. Warm umami notes along with slight touches of veggies and grass. But the wet leaf is even more delectable to my nose. Slight warn umami with hints of cream, sweet grass, and asparagus. If anyone is watching me sniff this tea bag they probably have a real amusing look on their face. The liquor full of umami and hints of veggies and grass. The mouth feel is silky.

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drank Sencha Instant by Ito En
1247 tasting notes

Couldn’t find this one on the Ito En website so I can’t help but wonder if it’s only for Japanese commercial use or something to that effect. The powder is more like sugar crystals. The appereance is not desirable for a green tea. Especially after seeing the beautiful color of the matcha that Alba performed during the Omotesenke ceremony yesterday. There is a bit of astringency but not as harsh as expected. Same with the bitterness; it doesn’t start bitter but comes on slowly. The taste is decent. A mix of hay, slight overcooked veggies, and burnt end veggies. There is a bit of grass notes as well. Overall something to drink if nothing else is available but luckily they provided us with a kyusu and tea. Yatta! I’m going to bring it down to breakfast with me.

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Hello from Japan. I have barely tea up in my room but this was free and I felt like doing a review since I haven’t done one in awhile. This is decent hot but I feel like it would benefit more as a cold brew. At first the berries hit hard but the slug off behind the hibiscus like pretty much all other brews containing hibiscus. The elderberries add a nice touch that I feel helps to mellow and round out the rest of the berries. A brew to try when it’s available but I don’t think I will go back to. It is almost too sweet.



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Currently in the process of not buying any tea, whatsoever, until I sip down a good portion of my collection. The outside says 2020. Hopefully, it is not awful. We are doing a good twenty-second rinse to begin. Oh my ^^;… The rinse smells like dusty dust and straight-up dry dirt. Tastes like dry dirt too. Needs to be broken. I broke it apart with my fingers. Hot tea cake. A faint hint of usual oolong notes. Each steeping has revealed more notes. But I had to dump the first too. There’s only so much dirt I can handle. Apparently, I fulfilled that need as a child. I’ve lost count of my session. The dirt notes are now charcoal notes. The mineral notes of wet rocks and granite are also slowly making an appearance with each subsequent steeping.

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drank Ancient Haze by Mei Leaf
1247 tasting notes

March 2023 Picking.

The dry leaf is quite beautiful. A small amount of golden buds scattered throughout make for a beautiful mixture of colors amidst the majority of the dark chocolate tightly twisted leaves and the less prevalent slightly reddish brown and slightly open leaf. The aroma is quite nice. Actually, it’s more than nice it’s perplexing because it assaults your nose with so many different kinds of aromas when the bag is opened. Plums, deep woods…

It’s creamy, woody, oaty, plumy, longon, a bit of Palo Santo wood, When you taste a good tea it’s like the sparkles that appear on Dance Dance Danseur when a person who really puts their all into their ballet performance.

Wet Leaf: I’d say it’s pretty typical aroma for a Yunnan black but by saying that I am not at all saying it’s bad or even average. It is woody and bready and fruity in all the best ways (with some of them just reminding me of other teas)

It says seven infusions but I am on the 3rd now and honestly, I don’t think going past this will reveal much else. IF steeped long enough it does revel some things but I don’t think seven is the lucky number this time.

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Allergies: Almonds and Dairy.

I’m a purist but I will try a flavored as long as it doesn’t have artificial flavors.

I will drink any type and love to taste whatever I can get my hands on.

(Purple is not a type of tea it is a cultivar known as TRFK 306/1)



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