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So This was from this morning and I don’t remember much about it. So this will be a super short tasting note. This was a sample that I got last October during a website promotion (get a caramel matcha sample for 99 cents.) I’ve really wanted to try the flavored matcha from here. I prepared this as instructed hot with milk. It was definitely flavorful. Although the caramel flavor reminded me of coffee creamer. I think I’d enjoy the other flavors more than the caramel. So I either need to swap with someone to try some of the others or order some. I just briefly looked at my wishlist and it’s almost at 1000 teas.

Flavors: Caramel, Creamy

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This was the pot of tea I ended up choosing and shared with my grandmother. It was really good. I ended up feeling very full after one cup of it as it was VERY rich. So I suggested we swap and she agreed. It worked out very well as we ended up each having a cup of our own tea and each others. She commented that the smell of this tea was making her hungry. She’s diabetic so she can’t eat much rice so she especially liked this one. We ended up going out to Sushi for lunch afterwards.

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I went to Jasmine Pearl with a family member today and she ordered a pot of this. I ended up drinking a cup of this since we ended up sharing our pots. It was delicious! I don’t really have much to add as I drank it fairly quickly. I’ve found that Jasmine Pearl really excels at their green teas and of course green tea is my favorite! Sadly I was so indecisive on picking a green tea (I wanted to buy them all) that I didn’t end up purchasing one. I opted for a pu-erh and a chai instead. Between the two of us we ended up taking four teas home to try.

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drank Kali Cha by The Tao of Tea
331 tasting notes

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Not a tasting note…:
So I pulled the paper bag of this out of my tea cupboard since I haven’t had this in a while. I measured the leaf out into the strainer and while the water was boiling. I noticed a worm inside the bag and some webbing stuff. This seriously grossed me out of course and I dumped the tea and stuff out. I’m just thankful I noticed it before I finished making the cup and drank it. Ugh I’m pretty sure all my other tea is worm free as everything else is in airtight containers. I’m going to check everything just to be safe though tomorrow.

When I cash my next check I’m definitely going to start looking for some containers to store my small amounts of tea in. So this doesn’t happen again EVER!. Hopefully I didn’t gross anyone out too bad. I mean I noticed it before even adding water to the cup. If anyone has any small storage container recommendations for little amounts of tea please let me know!

Mastress Alita

I buy tons of these off Amazon, since they are cheaper than tins and pretty similar already to what lots of tea companies ship their tea in. I find I have to repackage the tea I get from tea companies into these immediately if they come in paper bags, plastic bags, or a bag that doesn’t have a resealable top, just so storage will last longer. They are food-safe aluminum with zip tops. The smallest size is great for about an ounce of tea or less (also awesome for sampler tea swaps), while the next size up is what I use when I have around 1-2.5 ounces of tea (though because white tea is so light and fluffy, even 2 ounces of that I typically have to put into two of the 4.7×7 bags). I always keep a package of each on hand and reorder when I get low.



Yep, I do much the same as Mastress Alita. If I don’t like the packaging of a tea, it immediately gets put into pouches similar to those. I’m always worried about things getting into tea, which I don’t think I’ve ever found from how I store tea. But sometimes the occasional spider on the wall will make me hope they at least avoid the tea! With that sort of packaging though, I don’t really have to worry about it.

Mastress Alita

I have found spiders crawling around my tea shelves and cupboards… but then… spiders can get on anything, evil things! I’ve never found them inside any of my tea, though!

Lexie Aleah

Thanks Guys! and Spiders? never seen any in my tea cupboard or near it thank goodness for that!

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This is a very stale tea bag from my Grandparent’s house. I think it’s actually the last one that they have of this tea. (The packaging design has been redone since this was bought.)

Stash tea= Childhood Tea so I decided to see how stale this is.

It actually turned out quite nice with some milk and honey. It really reminds me of when I would drink sleepy teas as a child. I always added milk and honey back then and drank chamomile + spearmint blends. This is quite similar to CS Sleepytime tea the original version. Although I remember this tea tasting different when it wasn’t stale it had more of a lemony flavor from the lotus perhaps. Which is why I probably didn’t care for it back then. The smell of the tea bag is also off-putting it smells sort of like lemon floor cleaner or something artifical.

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Got this box for $2.50 on sale and couldn’t resist as It’s a new flavor as far as I know. I’m not a fan of the texture of honeydew but love it as a bubble tea flavor. Stash is a local tea company where I live but it’s also really well known across the US.

I tend to add some sweetener to fruity green teas for some reason. Even though I don’t add any to plain. So I added a lil bit of agave. It definitely helped bring out the melon notes. I made this hot but I bet it would be excellent iced as well. I don’t taste any of the Guava that is mentioned but my only reference for Guava is juice. The flavor here has a slight floral quality to it as well.

Flavors: Honeydew, Melon

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 30 sec 8 OZ / 236 ML
Cameron B.

I would definitely recommend Golden Honeydew (green rooibos) and Melon Oolong from Lupicia if you’re a honeydew fan! ❤

Lexie Aleah

Thanks! I think I have those two on my wishlist. (:


Ooh, I want to try this…

Lexie Aleah

If you’d like I’d be happy to send you a couple bags of it.


Oh, sure! Is there anything in my cupboard you’d like to try in return?

Lexie Aleah

Sure! I’m open to anything without lemongrass in it and that’s not too hibiscus heavy. (:

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This tea was a birthday gift from my mom. She purchased it from an Etsy shop called Gaias Cauldron Shop. The shop has been renamed recently though to Tabatha’s Cauldron. I have the other tea entered under the old name so I entered it under the old name to keep it consistent. This tea is a seasonal offering from her shop and so I don’t have an image or the ingredient list.
I can make out pretty much everything: It’s a black tea with rose petals, dried strawberry bits, and jasmine blossoms.
I’ve had several cups of this since I got it but this is my first review of it. I tried to coax more strawberry flavor out of it by adding a tiny bit of agave and non-dairy milk. I honestly don’t care for this tea much. The base is weak and the flavor is lacking. The agave was not a great idea it just added sweetness to the already weak base. I had thought that I had remembered this being a stronger bitter black tea when I was preparing it. The best way to describe it is this cup ended up tasting like a very low quality weak black tea(which it is) with coffee creamer or milk and sugar added to it. (because of the dollop of agave and hint of milk I added) Bleh. Honestly I should have dumped the cup but because it was a Bday gift I felt obligated to finish the cup. Now I have that taste stuck in my mouth still.

Boiling 3 min, 45 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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I added a little bit of a chocolate soy milk protein shake to sweeten it/enhance the flavor. I think the soymilk works really well it adds a lot of creaminess, some sweetness, and enhances the spices. The previous brews of this were very unpleasant. I get hints of cola from the spices in this cup. This cup was pretty yum.

Flavors: Spices

Boiling 3 min, 45 sec 2 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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I’ll try any tea at least once.

Favorite Flavors:
- Eucalyptus

I drink tea for many reasons: For pleasure, health benefits, mindfulness, to help with anxiety, hydration because I have always struggled with drinking plain water.

Love: All Green teas,Sweetness, Chamomile,Eucalyptus,
Medicinal teas,Floral,Bergamot,Creaminess, Roasted, Stevia, Grassy, Vegetal, Matcha,Seaweed notes, Green Rooibos, Licorice Root, Jasmine.

Picky about:hibiscus,peppermint.

Can’t Stand:Lemongrass(I’ve tolerated it on a few occasions mainly in black teas.) I’m really sensitive to it. I don’t drink teas with figs in them either.

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