516 Tasting Notes

drank Pink Dragonfruit by Tealish
516 tasting notes

aisling I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!

Seriously. Thank you for this tea! I used the whole package and made two giant cups of iced pink goodness after a rousing game of Just Dance! I don’t care that it’s freezing outside, I’m sweaty and I want iced tea dagnabbit.

I didn’t remember there was no hibiscus so I put a giant squirt of agave. It does taste pink! This is easily one of my favourite fruit blends – I am ordering this next summer without fail.


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drank Cashew Turtle by 52teas
516 tasting notes

Hey, you guys? Guys? Guys! Guess what?

I’m opening my very last pouch of my FAVOURITE 52teas flavour for a very special reason… I got a seasonal position at LUSH!


Caramel & cashews and delicious creamy chocolate bliss – I couldn’t be happier today!






Congratulations!! Are you in Shopping Centre or Micmac? Either way, that is the best smelling and freshest sounding job! : )


Congratulations! that’s great news :)

Autistic Goblin


Daisy Chubb

Thanks friends :D

Daisy Chubb

I’m in the shopping centre! I applied to both, but I’m grateful for this one since I live in Clayton Park b^_^ woohoo!


Yay! Congrats!


Woo, congratulations! Love Lush.


Yay for you!!! I love LUSH. Their Fresh Farmacy soap is the only thing my daughter can use to wash her face (highly sensitive skin). Hope the Christmas craziness isn’t too much! :)

Daisy Chubb

Thanks again everyone! :D
Yeah Christmas will be crazy haha – but so far it’s helping to memorize the products by relating them to tea. For example, I remember the scents of the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb because it’s like a citrus earl grey with lemon and bergamot oil. And Charity Pot has rose with helps with the skin, just like Glow from davidsTea! yeeah I don’t know if it’s helping or confusing me but hey – I’m trying!


Sounds like a good plan to me. =)


YAY! (My cat Woody says yay too — he’s walking all over the keyboard typing YAY to you ;)


SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! You get to sniff ALL the smellies! :D


Yay for the new gig! Congrats!!

Daisy Chubb

Thank you! Yes I must smell them allll mwahah!

Aw Woody sure does know how to make a gal feel special ;)


How wonderful! Congratulations :)


I love LUSH! Awesome products. I’ll bet you get an awesome discount while you work there:)


that is so awesome!! congrats! and you get free bath products now to :P


Yay! Time to celebrate! Now you need a Ma Bar bubble bath with this tea to be in caramel heaven! :)

Daisy Chubb

man, when I die, I better go to caramel heaven. I’ve been working all my life to get there! Until then, this tea and a caramel bath will do :D


CARAMEL BATH!!! Is that at lush? It sounds AMAAAAAZING!

Daisy Chubb

It’s this one Ellyn, it’s good enough to eat!


OH MY GOSh that looks like a DELIGHT! I may have to go to the lush in the mall this weekend!


Congratulations! I know you really wanted to work there. :)


It is soooo good! Follow it with some Soft Couer…mmmmm!


Congrats! :)


I just visited their website because of this post (also I just remembered to do so too)…I’m going to go broke shopping there! Congrats again!!

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drank Razmintazz by Tealish
516 tasting notes

Yum! Thanks aisling of tea for sending this tea my way!
Tealish is in my top 5 tea shops, even though I’ve never graced it’s doorstep. One day though!
That’s why I appreciate getting to try before I buy!

I made this one iced (I can’t bring myself to try it hot, it’s just so iced tea sounding!) to be my workout drink while I try to burn my matcha energy by playing Just Dance 2!

It’s so refreshing! The mint is perfect – just enough to tingle the tongue, and the fruit is sweet and ohhh the smell is insanely yummy! There’s one thing I don’t like in this blend, and it’s the chamomile! It’s giving me a little tug at the wrong tastebud.. er that doesn’t make sense at all. But I bet when it’s brewed hot it’s a great aspect! I love chamomile, I just don’t dig it in this blend at the moment! It’s such a small aspect though, I really do like this tea a lot!

No worries, I will try it hot soon as well! It’s still delicious and I will probably buy some next time I order. What a great iced tea!

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Okay I seriously have a problem. I’m on my 3rd cup.

They weren’t lieing! There is no bitterness! NOT A HINT!
That means… dun dun dun – zero sugar in my matcha. I thought, from my years of matcha lattes, that sugar was a NEED in matcha.

No. Not all matcha.

Ohhhh it’s so good. I need to stop so #1. I can sleep tonight and #2. I don’t run out of this tin fast!

The taste! Oh the Umami is strong in this one my friends. It reminds me of a big dark salted pretzel! Not the flavour, but the same satisfaction after sipping.

(I’m gonna sprinkle some on my rice too! ee! Okay so the sprinkle ended up dumping like 2 tablespoons worth. Yeah talk about too excited! Don’t worry, I managed to salvage it – and make another drink in the process ;) )

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Oh. So THIS is what ceremonial grade matcha is like.

If I had the money, I would seriously buy a tin of this for each member of my family and force them to become matcha fanatics.

This is intense. Buttery! It reminds me of my aunt who is no longer my aunt (divorce stuff). She was a huge health nut with dreadlocks and a lifestyle I WISH I could emulate! I remember once of the most delicious dishes she made for me was plain white rice with what I think was dried broccoli bits on top. The broccoli was toasted or something and then the little nibs were what we sprinkled on the rice. I think? I have been craving this flavour since I had that dish – ohh I wish I could find out what it really was!

Well, until then, I have this matcha. The depth is amazing, the taste pure and not a bit astringent (I used 175 water). The froth was incredible! The colour bright green, like emerald jewels.

Unlike many of the flavoured matchas I’ve had (which I love as well!), this one does need to be sifted. The other ones you can get away with not sifting, but this one it is important. That’s just my experience so far! (Although once whisked, it remains whisked! Maybe I just drank it way too fast haha, but there was no matcha clumps at all at the bottom of my cup!)

The tin is amazing! I love the pop top technology when you first open it, but that it also has a screw on lid. That way you know it is going to be pure and FRESH.

Thank you KaiMatcha for this amazing experience! I WILL be back to purchase.


I really have to get some of this!

Daisy Chubb

it is better than I ever could have imagined!


Ugh. All these reviews are making me jealous. I hope they run another promotion soon.

Daisy Chubb

Well I think I will be purchasing a few tins of this – if I can find a way to swap it and have the flavour stay fresh, I will do it!


Ok. Keep me posted.

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drank Gyokuro by Pekko Teas
516 tasting notes

WOW! THANK YOU Pekko Teas for this sample! I hit the jackpot with this one, ohhh gyokuro – you are my lover.

So refreshing, so tasty.

brb in heaven. I’ll be back with a full review and rating!


Glad to hear! I got the same thing!


I still have my package waiting for me at home. I hope I hope I hope I get gyokuro.

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drank Rainbow Rooibos by Tealish
516 tasting notes

Um YUM! holy smokes! Thanks aisling of tea for this one, I looove it! Gosh Tealish I have such a tea crush on you.

At first I confused this with the rooibos I already have, Fairy Dust, but after smelling it and brewing a pot – it is far superior. One of the tastiest, fruitiest, sweetest rooibos’ I have ever had. I am definitely making another online order from Tealish around Christmas time like last year – they have such unique blends and I will need more of this one.



Rooibos is my favourite “tea” and I must try this. Thank you!

Daisy Chubb

Oh DO Nik! They did an awesome holiday sale last year – I got over 12 50g teas for 30 bucks


Sending out résumés…The sooner someone bites, the sooner I can buy more tea. :D

Daisy Chubb

Amen to that! Good luck with the job hunt my friend!


Thank you!

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Thanks to TeaEqualsBliss for sending some of this tea my way!

I have never had a jasmine with other flavours – I have to say that I NEED more of this combo in my life! Wow this tea is juicy and floral and calming, the green base is smooth but grassy, the blossoms are gorgeous. I love everything about this tea, thanks again for including this one!


Love jasmine-fruit tea blends. Ovation teas has a few really nice ones, including another jasmine passion fruit, and an jasmine-citrus that is very tasty as well.

Daisy Chubb

Jasmine-citrus – that sounds so good!


I belieeeve David’s has something called Citron Oolong which is really lemony and has jasmine flowers in it. I really enjoy jasmine fruit blends too. :) Also great in white chocolate truffles.

Daisy Chubb

Oh yeah Citron Oolong – I only had that once for the iced tea of the day – I should give it another go :)

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I was looking for a tea to make me happy this morning on my last day off for a while – lo and behold, I found the tin of this that I mixed with my last bit of pumpkin cheesecake last year. I really can’t believe it’s been a year… but it has.

Anyways! It was better than I remembered. A hint of maple, a bit of pumpkin, nicely balanced spices all tied together with a smooth black tea. I added brown sugar and milk, and it did indeed make for a happy morning.


oh lord. I missed so many yummy teas from 52Teas :(

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Ohhh wow.

I have never had a Tieguanyin that tastes so chocolatey! With each sip I take I make sure to breath in deep with my nose. Oh the senses! All my senses are touched and tingling (oh my!). And a touch of caramel! I’ve only just begun with this tea, but it was so good I had to come start writing it down. I never want to forget this experience.

ooo I just smelled the wet leaves. So roasty and smokey, hints of cigar in the smell but not the taste. I could smell this all day – the aroma is hitting the back of my throat and reminding me of my trip to Cuba. Sipping wine and puffing back the most sweet and delicious cigars I’ve ever tasted. I’m also getting some sort of citrus fruit in the smell, like a smokey lime almost. Something spunky.

The taste is all lush though, definitely some floral notes are playing with my buds but it’s like a creamy french dessert. I’m intoxicated! I’m in love.

EDIT: A few (maybe more) cups later and I’m with HyBr1d – I think this is the first tea that has given me a real sense of ChaQi. I’m going to have to try a little more leaf with my puerhs to see what other teas can make me feel this good. To be honest – my face is flushed, I’m feeling an overwhelming sense of calm, but heightened awareness as well. I don’t want to put it into words or over analyze too much, in case it goes away! I’m perfectly content to stay here forever.


AWESOME REVIEW!!!! :) Enjoy your bliss!


Yes, I definitely need to try this one again…


I’m glad you enjoyed the tea Daisy! It really is an amazing feeling getting “tea drunk” :) I think it has a great taste, and I saw you thought it does have some of the brr “flavor.” I hope you enjoy what you have left! Just so you know, the first time I brewed this, I used 5g of tea with 4oz of water, one rinse, and then short steeps. I love that even if you brew too long, it doesn’t get overly bitter, it seems to be a pretty forgiving tea!

Daisy Chubb

Sounds great! I’m doing the same right now, approx 5g in my little gaiwan – I’m combining 2 steeps at a time but keeping them relatively short. Definitely going to try a “western” brew with it too – but tonight I’m feeling like I have the energy to keep my gaiwan goin! :D


Sounds good :) Personally, I find myself normally doing western steepings with black teas, and the short steepings with oolongs :)


You found your party tea! I have my few too. Amazing when it happens it feels so good. My granddaughter Schey got her first buzz at the Tea Festival in Boulder and was all giggley, like she had too much wine or something walking around sipping samples at all the tea vendor tables. Really funny. Glad you’re having a good time!


I haven’t had tea buzz for ages! it’s an amazing sensation :P


So need to try my sample of this when i get home :)

Daisy Chubb

It really is amazing! Man tea is a life changer.

Charles Thomas Draper

This is what we look for in our Tea….

James R

How many seconds did you do each brew?

Daisy Chubb

I started at 2 seconds and added 2 seconds to each subsequent brew – until I got to about 10 seconds – then I did 10, 20, 30 second steeps and so on!


Hey Daisy, how’s it going? Last day of the season at work today, so ill finally have tons of time to spend on tea!!! I don’t know if you saw the new thing Verdant is doing, being able to vote on which blend they will make!!! Hopefully if it goes well, David will let us vote on straight teas, which I think would be really cool!

Btw, I’m stringing out my aged TGY, while I’d love to drink it every day, I think I may go through some serious withdrawal when I eventually run out :( Anyways, have a great day!

Daisy Chubb

Hey! I did see that – I definitely voted. I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

I’m baking a bunch of stuff for a friends Thanksgiving supper today – so I think I might join you and have a session with this tea to relax and re-energize. Well, now that you have me thinking about it, I think I need it! haha! You have a great day too :)


That is what I think is so nice about the tea, it is a very relaxing brew! I don’t know if ill have some tonight…depends on how many steeps of Laoshan Black I have at work today. Then tomorrow, I’m going to be brewing some white leaf Dancong, which was a private reserve sample that I can’t wait to try!

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My favourite tea companies are DavidsTea and Verdant Tea. They please my palette in different ways – and I love them both for it.

I’m back bb!

<3 Daisy


Ottawa, ON [Canada]



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