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I need to start writing tasting notes in the style of eBay feedback:
A+++++++++++ five stars, would buy again.

Seriously, this is amazing.

Flavors: Creamy, Floral, Honey, Smooth, Sweet


Great idea!!!!

Liquid Proust

kieblera5 This is not an authorized entry for a tea enthusiast. Your comment shall be reported to the Association of Fair Tea Evaluations for review in regards to your legitimacy for providing public feedback on products that fall under the online tea culture community. Such ideas are poison as you can see tea-junkie may end up deciding to follow bye example, in this case it would be a grave mistake as it could prohibit the ability to become a online celebrity among Steepster. This is only an online ‘citizens report’ as I am not an authorized user to remove content due to the stance we take against censorship, but we do believe in repercussions for one’s words

Question: Was the 11 +’s intentional or random?

I should go to bed, I shall go to bed. I will note that this tea had floral and honey notes with creamy listed as well; thus, I must try.

Liquid Proust

P.S. if you don’t find that comment semi-amusing, I apologize. If the comment is semi-amusing, please note I am exhausted and unable to sleep…


It is very amusing!


In my teadrunken stupor, I inadvertently believed that this was, in fact, eBay. The number of plus signs after an ‘A’ indicates the amount of positive vibes you get from an item. Typical feedback includes 8-13 plus signs as well as a mention of ‘five stars’ and a compliment on shipping/payment speed.

As a concerned tea drinker, I will be sure to post “tea friendly” postings as to not cross contaminate the online feedback platforms of various sites.

For any additional questions or concerns, please refer to this informative video: https://youtu.be/YKtlK7sn0JQ


I’ve been soooooo tempted to buy some samples from Crimson Lotus Teas lately because of reviews like this.


Basically, there’s no way to go wrong with tea from CLT. Super friendly too :)


I may have to check them out!

Crimson Lotus Tea

Planet Jingmai is all my wife wants to drink anymore. She’s drinking it now. She was drinking it yesterday. Thanks for the enthusiastic review. ___


Happy wife, happy life ;)

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drank 2015 Bosch by white2tea
199 tasting notes

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I did at least 11 steeps of this (I always lose count, but I used up 35oz of water).. I’m feeling jingmai. Not exactly jingmai, mind you, but it’s what my mind thinks of when tasting this. There’s a soft bitterness, not punchy, and plays well with the innate sweetness of the tea. A soft floral/fruit note, syrupy, and a full mouthfeel. Not a tea drunk tea for me, but overall, very enjoyable. This could be the one that I order another cake of.


Weird…I totally got tea drunk on this one! I guess we’re all different!


yeah I second, the 2late gets me fucked up.

Norbert Varga

Same here, I get rarely tea drunk these days but this one hit me pretty hard.

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drank 2015 Poundcake by white2tea
199 tasting notes

Finally got around to trying this last night.. I tried some from the gourd instead of the cake, so I might get different flavors when I try the cake at some point. The steeps are nice and sweet, creamy, and a little fruity.. I noticed at steep six that I got some familiar bulang-type bitterness (which I was told later was actually Manzhuan). This only lasted for the one steep though. Overall, I would use the word “milky” to describe the tea, though not in the way that a jin xuan is milky.

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drank 2005 Rocket Yiwu by white2tea
199 tasting notes

W2T July Teaclub

Very interesting and complex tea..
Rinse: 30s, light peach color.. a little smoke, smooth shou flavor.
Steeps 1&2: 5s, orange/yellow color.. smoky, campfire, wood, wet leaves
Steep 3: 5s, fire orange.. same flavors, but a soothing, warming feeling.. a touch of sweetness
Steep 4: 10s, bright orange.. same flavor.. not my favorite flavor in the world, but it’s alluring.. drawing me to have another sip, and another.. I’m feeling the qi building and also feeling slightly drunk.. off of a yiwu, which is new for me.
Steeps 5&6: 10s, bright orange.. the rough edges of the flavor are gone now, yielding a tea that is smooth, woody, and smooth.
Steep 7: 15s, orange.. Now here’s where I’m going to sound like a nutjob. Add the smallest pinch of salt (literally, a few granules). You won’t notice the salt, but it unlocks a cooling sensation and a sweetness for me that’s amazing. Or maybe I’m just teadrunk. Either way.
Steeps 8&9: 15s, light orange.. still some woodsy notes, but a sweetness is breaking through the noise.. honey-like..

This is as far as I can go right now.. Excuse me while I take a cold shower XD This tea makes me so warm inside. Let me know if I just lost all credibility with the salt thing ;)


Salt!!!! Ohh well why not! I know madman that combine shou and sheng! Was this a shou or a sheng ?


I have added salt and butter before, because in Tibet they drink it with yak butter and salt. Since I am severely in lack of a yak, I added a tiny bit of plain cow milk butter.


salt is ok by me.


I just felt like it needed something to kick it into high gear and that was the first thing I could think of, flavor wise.

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Beautifully sweet and nutty :)
Thanks Stephanie!


:D :D :D

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Learning more about tea every day.

Likes: Greens, whites, oolongs, blacks, and herbals! Just depends on the mood :)
Dislikes: Coconut, melon, chocolate, peach, cherry

I also collect antique teaware (Chinese and Japanese).

I’d love to try new types, varieties, etc. I’m still exploring pu-erh to make a complete decision whether to keep trying it or just count it as a loss.

I’d love to trade with anyone who likes something that I might have! I just have to get everything added to my cupboard first :)


Virginia, USA

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