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July Sipdown Prompt – a tea you will re-order

This wasn’t in my cupboard but should have been. Always welcome, especially as an afternoon treat with chocolates, cake, or cookies. I am enjoying this cup immensely and it fills the flavor profile I got from Fig Formosa but even better, I think.

Definitely one I want to have again.

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drank Cacao Tea by Micacao
3320 tasting notes


Made like hot cocoa to tide me over to a late lunch. Delicious!

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drank Moongold Oolong by Tin Roof Teas
3320 tasting notes

This tea was a gift from Youngest – many thanks!

I looked this up on the Tin Roof website. If you search for the tea, it says no results found. Tried more than once. If you just click the category for aroma oolong you will find it. And you should find it if these are flavors that appeal to you because it is really good.

Tin Roof recommends making it at 176F and steeping for three minutes, so that is what I did.

This is a floral green oolong and it pairs so beautifully with the apricot flavor. There are pieces of dried fruit in the blend as well as flavoring. There is a deep note that hints at baked apricot but not pastry. It is a lovely balance. The taste is green oolong up front and then the fruit flavor blooms and finishes strong. It is not an overpowering flavoring, though, and I find it to be clearly apricot and not peach, which can come offasting very similar.

This is a tea I would repurchase one day. I wonder how it is iced…..

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drank Cacao Tea by Micacao
3320 tasting notes

July Sipdown Prompt – World Chocolate Day

This tea was a gift from Nicole – many thanks!

I don’t have many chocolate teas. Ashman hates article chocolate flavor. He says many of them smell like mildew to him and after he said that, I completely get it. Sometimes chocolate flavored teas appeal to me, sometimes not. But he and I BOTH enjoy real cacao nibs, and that is all we have in this one!

The steeped liquor smells like a melted candy bar. Years ago I wouldn’t have enjoyed this because my brain would have expected the sugar and fats and such of candy or frostings, but now I like it.

This came out a deep golden yellow. The mouthfeel is a little coating, almost oily but not in a bad way. It is mostly just the feel of the body of the tea. I don’t know if milk and sugar would make it seem like hot cocoa for me or if it would ruin it, because I am enjoying it as is.

Next I want to try adding this to a plain tea that could use some dressing up, or to a chocolate tea that could use a boost.
Edited to add: I couldn’t resist. I had to see if it made a nice cup of hot chocolate without caffeine. Heated some milk, steeped for six minutes, added sugar. It is so delicious, Ashman and I both drank some and loved it. I put the normal amount of sugar I would put 8n a cup of hot chocolate and it was a little much, so this is a good way to get caffeine free and lower sugar hot chocolate this fall and winter. Definitely something I want ti look into ordering.

Delicious and satisfying. Thank you, Nicole!

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This is a sample that was sent in the box from Youngest – many thanks!

I didn’t add any of the Perennial Tea Room samples to my cupboard because they were large samples but still less than two ounces, so it felt like a cheat to call it a sipdown. This is a sample sipdown, however!

I do NOT like red rooibos, though I enjoy flavored green rooibos a lot. There was one from Lupicia that I liked called Caramel and Rum, I believe. I liked the plain one from Fortnum and Mason well enough, and ordered a tin of plain red from Harney which was a horrible mistake. Could not drink it. So I was a bit apprehensive and thought I might not like this at all.

But this one….right away the dry blend smelled like lovely caramel. After steeping, that is still the main thing going on. I do not get cappucino from this at all, but the caramel is so nice and the rooibos is very woody but does not reek of Robitussin like so much red rooibos does.

I enjoyed this very much and would be happy to have a cup with cookies or biscotti in the evening most anytime. We had lemon biscotti with it.

There were lots of flower petals in this, and I was surprised to find that although I detected no floral taste, there was a lovely floral aroma to the cup that I held close to my face just to enjoy sniffing that lovely aroma.

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This is a sample sipdown!

I regret that I didn’t save a teaspoon for gmathis because this is right up her alley. This is a tea that will boot you out of bed and out the door and quite possibly out of the county in the morning.

With food, it is simply a warm chestnut blend, but if you are not eating or if it is not actively washing breakfast down, it has some surprising heft. It isn’t as coppery as builder’s tea tends to be but it does have a lot of oomph.


Yum! Making a note of it, anyway.

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July Sipdown Prompt – a fruity tea


We have really blown through this one. It is really good iced and I have made the final pitcher of it today to get us through this long, incredibly hot weekend.

We enjoyed it a lot as a hot breakfast tea but the fruit flavors begged to be tasted as iced tea, too. It made an excellent iced tea. I didn’t cold steep it, I made it hot and chilled it. The tea base is the star and the fruit flavors are a great bonus, but they don’t take over and eclipse the tea itself.

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drank Black Iced Tea by Rare Tea Company
3320 tasting notes

July Sipdown Prompt – an iced tea

I bought this during the Happy Birthday (America) special, which was for the glass flask half price when you buy two of their special iced tea blends. I bought three or four different blends to try and I think this one was the cheapest one.

The flask has a two part filter. I was not sure why at first, but the first time I poured multiple little cups of tea out of the flask it was apparent that it is to keep the leaves from finding their way into your cup. Works beautifully. The lid with handle screws on easily and the handle makes it easy to remove the infuser basket if you want to use it in a mug or cup.

The flask is very attractive and the extraordinary clarity of the cold steep teas look beautiful in it. It is double wall borosilicate glass.

I have made this tea, which is a very fine cut black so that the flavors extract well, and Misty Green. I made two separate orders so that we would each have a flask.

Ashman and I tasted this one and Misty Green together. (Misty Green is not fine cut but is a regular green tea.) Ashman preferred Misty Green and I preferred this one. They were both great, though!

Ashman said this one tasted a bit tannic to him, but I find it flavorful and smooth. He has always preferred his black tea sweetened and is used to sweet iced tea and I think that the expectation of his tastebuds for black tea to be sweet when cold throws him off. He has never sweetened green, oolong, or white teas so the green one cold was more to his liking.

One nice thing about this black tea is that you can steep it overnight and it doesn’t get bitter even though it is very, very fine cut. It is so fine that I expected some powder to fall through the infuser but no “dust” fell out when I gave it an experimental shake. I will also say that this is the finest infuser I have ever seen, with the holes seeming to be even smaller than the ones in the Stump pot, which was up to now the finest strainer I owned.

I also bought one or two of their higher grade black teas cut especially for cold steeping. I am looking forward to trying those, and I really want to try this one hot for breakfast soon. It is a good, solid black tea.

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Good banana flavor, medium strength black tea base, nice for breakfast unless you need builder’s tea, and nicely spiced. Ashman and I drank this pretty much every day that he was home for breakfast and we were eating together so it disappeared rapidly.

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I lost almost all my energy and usefulness yesterday to a stomach virus and today my buttered English muffin did not sit well. It sat and sat and sat in my stomach feeling like a brick. I decided a pot of puerh for all day sipping was in order.

Since I am behind on cleaning I was busy vacuuming and dusting and polishing and forgot to check the tea, and this big flat cube had opened right up and I had a pot of almost inky black tea.

No worries, puerh almost always forgives, so I added some extra water. Then I was puzzled. There was puerh smell and…something else? Fruity? I decided the jasmine incense burning in another room may have infiltrated the kitchen. But this didn’t smell like jasmine, or like puerh. I poured a cup and sniffed.

It’s just the tea. If someone else made this tea I would swear it was a flavored puerh. Trying to wrack my brain for what the aroma was, I think blackcurrant describes it best. There is camphor as well. Minty tingle on the tongue while the tea is hot that fades as it cools. Overall, the broth is very creamy.

Second steep (these are big steeps) was very dark as soon as the water hit it, so it probably had a 30 second steep at most. Now the initial aroma was quite expected “horse-y” puerh aroma. As I poured it into a second pot, the horse barn was subdued and stronger camphor came forward but there is still a fruity note here, much weaker than the first steep and horse and camphor lead.

White2Tea says it has molasses notes, and I suppose I get molasses and maybe some molasses has this fruity taste which they do not mention at all. I think it is fabulous, and this would be a really great choice for introducing people to ripe puerh tea.

I will ice part of this and keep drinking it for the next day or two, as Ashman is now feeling a bit off in the gut and will also benefit from puerh’s tendency to calm the gut when food feels heavy.

Bottom line: I like it very much and would definitely order more of this.

Martin Bednář

Oh no, I hope you get better soon!


Ugh. Stomach things are so hard to bounce back from!


I do feel much, much better and have accomplished lots of work in the house and yard today! Thank you for the well wishes!


There is a good reason to have a fully stocked cupboard of tea – for medicinal purposes!


Michelle: I like the way you think!


I hope you’re feeling much better!

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I am a music teacher, tutor, and former homeschool mom (25 years!) who started drinking loose leaf tea about fourteen years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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