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drank Golden Honey Dew by Lupicia
10654 tasting notes

Still tea drinking, though at this rate I’m going to have no tea left in a heartbeat. Even my puerh is coming out to be drunk as I only have 3 teas that aren’t puerh. On the upside, kiddo and I have been out every day for a walk or bike ride since feb 28. On the downside, while we’ve been self isolating, my husband had to go in to work and then had to help my parents move crap this weekend…..and in retrospect we should have just said no no no….since now we have been exposed to everything they have. Here’s hoping that we’re all good…but I’m doing one last round of deliveries for things and then we’ll likely try self lockdown except for a ride/walk daily to help prevent the spread since people out there are still being ultra stupid and going for coffee and meeting with friends etc… ugh. Just glad I’m not in hte US (sorry friends who are there).

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drank Antwerp’s placebo by Mandala Tea
10654 tasting notes

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Sipdown. Sad now as I’ve got 3? Teas left. I really need to find time to go place an order or two or pick up and drop off teas with variaTEA. That being said, even if I order it’ll take a while for things to get here. I’m sad to see this one go as it was quite nice, especially when steeped at a lower temperature. I’ll likely pick it up again the next time I order from YS.

Outside of tea…anyone else just stressed about the craziness that Covid-19 is causing? I’m much less worried about running out of toilet paper than I am about food. Grocery stores here have line ups to get in, low to no stock on shelves. I worry for the more senior folks in our area who won’t have access to basic things they might need to self quarantine. I hope this brings out the best in people as it continues. I know our mom group is already trying to make sure everyone has what they need to get through at least the next week or two.

Stay safe and helpful people.

Martin Bednář

See my Flapjacks from W2T tasting note. Indeed it is causing craziness. My father is in risk group, so I am in kind of quarantine as well. No university lectures. All is on self-study.

Luckily so far it seems everything is still available, but facemasks, disinfectants and respirators. Those will be delivered only by Ministry of Health.

Shanie O Maniac

I’m also most concerned about having enough food. Nobody local that I know seems to care one bit about what’s going on and they all refuse to try and plan ahead. My parents at least have a deep freezer, but my other friend rarely ever stocks any supply of food at all. He’s at the grocery store every dang day. When the virus inevitably hits here, I fear for all of us as we’re all in risk groups. I’m diabetic, my parent’s are seniors, and my friend is chronically ill. I want to plan ahead but I can’t convince my mother (who controls my finances) to give me any extra money to go buy supplies. I fear that we’re all boned and it will be their fault.


i hope you have support from friends that can help if you need it shanie.

@martin – i’m all for quaratines/social distancing but people need to stop hoarding and start helping one another. :)

Martin Bednář

Tell me about that. Again, shop here: Let’s take all the pasta, cans, rice, chinese noodles, what if…
They are hoarding. Government sucks. I have no other words for that. I am starting to be afraid. Not because of family members, but even for myself.


Things will hopefully calm down as long as people aren’t hoarding four years worth of toilet paper, etc. sigh.

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling as well!

Most of that is on hold these days though, including tea drinking like I used to as I have a new little one who eats up all my spare time.


Toronto, ON

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