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Boy, I just can’t get enough of this stuff. It is so robust, but not in a bitter sort of way. Full of character. I wish I had the words to describe it. More importantly just try it. :)

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Deliciously smoky but not over the top. I enjoyed this during a Google+ Hangout dedicated to tea and this was the tea of the week. I picked this beauty out from Teavivre as I knew it just had to be delicious. So far what I have tasted from this company has been wonderful and I will continue to purchase from there.

Highly Recommend!!!

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drank Joy by Tazo
431 tasting notes

I was worried about this blend from the start since it is a combination of black, oolong, and green teas. Still I had to try it and so I did. It was very fruity. I have never been a huge fan of teas where the the strongest flavor is fruit. I don’t mind it being a part of a more complicated flavor profile but not so much the primary flavor. With that said it isn’t for me but I can see someone else liking it if they were a fan of fruity flavored teas. Oh and surprisingly this tea doesn’t actually have fruit in it, it’s the tea itself that has that characteristic.

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I LOVE this stuff! I can’t believe how amazing this is and it’s a CTC. It is unique, has character, and punches you in the face without even leaving any marks. Not your typical CTC. I encourage you to give it a try. I am currently addicted this one.

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One of my favorites and only a breakfast tea in this house. :)

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I am enjoying this one right now as I type this. It is most definitely still one I enjoy a great deal. I say still only because my palette changes periodically and I start craving one type of tea all the time or sometimes the unfortunate happens. An old favorite goes by the wayside only to be replaced by something else. Lucky for me I still enjoy this one a great deal. It held up against the test of time and countless cups of tea. There is an marzipan quality to this tea that is just so warming and so appropriate for this time of year. Delicious!

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It has been a while since I have had tea with almond; quite sometime. I may add this to my cupboard wish list. Thank you!

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I always keep this handy in between drinking hot tea. I enjoy the robust flavor. It tastes of fresh teas and doesn’t have that flavor some other RTD teas have. Highly recommended for those who like a stronger RTD.

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“Holy Pu-erh Batman!” The aroma was simply sublime. I started to salivate immediately after taking in such an intoxicating scent. It was what I would define as a “meaty” smell, broth-y, rich, and that was just how it smelled. As for the infusions. I didn’t find it as strong in the steep. Of course I am confident with a little tweaking in the leaf content and water temperature I can get this beauty to sing. As for now and my initial reaction I will say the mineral like flavor was strongest. The second steep however was far more exciting. I was far more flavorful and broth-y. Still I want more and expect I will get it once I get this one figured to my liking.

Added Notes (Hubby): Very earthy. The smell of the dry leaf was like that of freshly cleaned lawn that is getting ready for bailing. The first steep was very light. However, the second steep was much more on the flavor with an obvious earthiness.

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Strong mineral flavor on the first steep. I can’t really go into any further detail from there. The second steep was more earthy and slightly floral. However, the mineral flavor still lingered but not as strong as the first steep. Not my favorite but I think I will just need to work with this one a bit until I find its sweet spot.

Added Notes (Hubby): Earthy woody notes with a background mineral note. Mostly gets a strong hay flavor.


Humm I have never heard of this JAS eTea but those are my initials – I must try!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Check them out. So far I’m rather impressed.


I love JAS eTea – that’s where I got my easy Gaiwan. Love them.


Agree with your review completely. This particular tea does much better after it’s been broken up and aged for a couple of years in a yixing clay jar. It’s actually quite good after that!

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WOW!!!! OMG!!!! I LOVE this stuff! I have added this officially to my “Must Have” list. After having this beauty I finally see why people rave about white tea. Until now I have never had such a flavorful white tea in my life. Of course I am not counting those that have been blended but strictly those that are straight. I found this so aromatic and sweet. Be sure to coat the tip of your tongue with this one to get the full effect. It just gets so much creamier and gives it a slightly sweet flavor. Unfortunately, the second steep didn’t hold up as well so I think I’ll just stick to one steep and as good as it is I just don’t mind at all.

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I found this far lighter than expected especially this the aromas was so pungent and rich in floral tones. The first steep was heavier in floral tones but the body is light. The second steep was clearly a lot more complex with a number of unique flavor profiles combining to make the cup. Also, the floral aspect was dramatically less than the first steep. However, the overall cup was more full in body. A very interesting cup indeed. I enjoyed this so much based on the fact that it can change so much from one steep to the next. Very exciting when even a cup of tea can hold your interest.

Added Notes (Hubby): The aroma of fields in spring. First steep was very weak. Second steep was a lot more complex in flavor but still a little weak for his palate.

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