1496 Tasting Notes

drank Apple & Pear Green Tea by Twinings
1496 tasting notes

This be some weird ass tea. Hay and burnt apples, that’s what I get from it. Pear? Hm…. pushing it. I’ve cleaned the kettle of all limescale/hard water deposits, so I know it’s the tea. I might? save some for Sil & co to send back, but I’ll likely just leave it here for the family to try out, since tea isn’t terribly easy or cheap to get in Switzerland.

Flavors: Apple, Burnt Food, Hay

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

so sad, they can’t easily get tea there!?

No one around here wants to try that weird ass tea anyway ;)


You can get tea here, just limited kinds, and event is crazy expensive. Dinner at the restaurant down the street, the cheapest item on the menu is 30 Swiss francs, which is about $40 CDN right now. It’s a nice place, but not that nice.

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drank Chai by T2
1496 tasting notes

The Australian family that I’m housesitting for loves this chai so much, they had their eldest daughter bring back a few boxes with her, to Switzerland. So, I had to try it.

It smells divine, although it has really large bits and pieces, which I never really find appealing other than to smell – it’s hard to brew a whole cardamom pod or anise star with a tea and not have it overtake the entire cup. I found it… okay. Underwhelming. Didn’t really get much chai anything out of it, and wondered if perhaps I should have brewed it longer? Also though, and this is notable, there’s a ton of limescale here in the water, and I’m sure it’s affecting the taste.

Glad I tried it, doubt I’ll ever go out of my way to again though.

Flavors: Clove, Paper, Spices

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

Oh dear. Yeah, the water can make a huge difference to the tea.


Agreed. Sadly, it’s the norm here in Europe more than anything. I’ve bought a bottle of vinegar now in every place I’ve housesat.


Yes, boil the kettle, temporarily stink up the house. :) I wonder if there’s a portable water filter (like those filtering water bottles?) that would work on your water…

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drank Kashmir Tchai by Kusmi Tea
1496 tasting notes

I do love this… I do…. just not brewed with water in kettles swimming with hard limescale deposits.


Yikes. :/

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drank Yunnan (Doux/Mild) by Twinings
1496 tasting notes

There’s another Twinings Yunnan in the database already, but, the description, bag and flavors differ greatly, including the packaging, so I’m creating another.

I want to say it’s a standard, solid black tea, yet I’m getting dog flavor again… Have to wonder if it’s the limescale buildup or the fact that I’m housesitting another dog (this time in Switzerland). Otherwise tasty though, nothing terribly exciting.


My vote is hard water. Same thing happened to me using unfiltered water and a friend’s kettle in town – dog flavour. Makes me gag (I actually can’t drink Guelph’s tap water warm if it’s unfiltered – it’s very hard).


Yep, definitely hard water. I hate it, it’s unavoidable here.

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drank mystery puerh by Unknown
1496 tasting notes

No idea what this is, as it’s all in Chinese characters except “Yunnan Tuocha Thé”. I’d expected a bunch of mini tuocha’s (which is what I’ve only come across so far) but instead it’s one mondo tuocha, and hard as a rock. Fellow lovely Steepsterites suggested cutting off a chunk with a dull knife, so this is what I did. Well, more like sawed it off, as it was ridiculously dry and hard.

I knew just before I took the first sip that I should have rinsed it first, because it was FISHY. Oh my goodness, like drinking straight fish sauce fishy. FISHY. I can still smell it hours later. Once it mellowed a bit though and cooled down, this was a really elegant, full-bodied, rich puer that I savoured. Nothing WOW about it, but really nice way to spend my afternoon, nursing this one and re-steeping it.

1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

Sounds like an adventure!

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drank Kérala by Terre d'Arome
1496 tasting notes

Thick like coffee (well, chicory in this case) I get mostly chicory and ginger, with the feel of cinnamon (as if you took a bunch dry in your mouth?) and that’s about it, although there is cardamom in here I’m sure… it reminds me of the coffee my son’s grandparents make, where they grind cardamom with their coffee before brewing it. Hearty. The darkest brown of any tea I’ve encountered so far (including that mondo tucha I cut up earlier today).

Flavors: Cardamon, Cinnamon, Coffee, Ginger, Thick

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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Trying to remember this tasting review that somehow got lost. Needed sweetener to get anything to pop, and then the mango came shining through. Almost, not quite cloyingly sweet, and okay… nothing to write home about. I’ll have to try this again.

Flavors: Mango

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drank Gingen 100% Instant Ginger by Gingen
1496 tasting notes

This is one of those messed up (yet always wonderful) purchases that I made in a Brussels-based Asian grocery store called Tinie’s (tiny’s). I wanted an instant ginger tea/drink but without all the extra crud, and found this. Only ingredient? Ginger. Yes! Tricky to discover though, I had to really scour the packaging (it’s all in Thai) and then the ONLY native part of the packaging in English, other htan “Ginger Extract 100%” and a blurb I’ll share on the tea page, was the URL gingen.com. Excellent!

Anyway, to the tea/drink. It’s spicy, it comes in those cute little individual packages, it’s solid, it’s dependable. Is it amazing? No… but it’s instant ginger granules, and I always want some of those on hand in cold weather.

Flavors: Ginger, Spicy

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

I am definitely a fan of ginger. I love the taste (although I usually go for Ginger Lemon tea), and it usually really helps if I’m I’m feeling sick to my stomach. I don’t think I’ve seen instant ginger tea, though. Sounds kind of strange.


In my experience, instant ginger tea is only (usually) found in Asian grocery stores. It’s basically powdered ginger with some added something or other so that it doesn’t clump into a gooey mess. There’s a ginger lemon version of this (with extra sugar added) and a ginger matcha latte version (which I tried the other day, amazing)… usually really cheap and great to add to things where you want some extra ginger kick, even in your cooking.


Interesting. I use a lot of Ginger in cooking (I love Gingerbread and Stir Fry with Ginger), and drink a fair amount of Ginger tea (Jammin’ Lemon Ginger is my current fave), so I’ll have to keep an eye out for this.


I was buying ginger and lemongrass at the grocery store when the cashier told me someone had told to make a tea out of the two. She said it helped her get over her cold really quick. I did try it and it wasn’t bad but I only did an infusion like regular tea. I think it’s meant to be boiled and simmered for an hour on the stove. If you google it there’s many different ideas on how to prepare it.


I have a sweet ginger granule from my local Asian place – makes a wicked good hot drink for colds, especially with lemon juice.


I like the ginger-and-honey ones. :) Perfect for camping and hiking.

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drank Heartwarming by Yogi Tea
1496 tasting notes

This tea reads like a litany of my favorite herbs and flavors: basil, turmeric, lime, spearmint, chili, ginger, lemon, cardamom. I read it initially (in French) and was all… Huh? Did I read that correctly? Okay, I’m trying it.

So glad I did! It’s a hard one to describe, other than it’s spicy (but not hot at all), granular from all the spices (and because I let it steep forever), smooth, full, almost chai-like, but then there’s all that citrus-y mint stuff going on, and the basil… I could drink this all day, every day.

Flavors: Cardamon, Citrus, Ginger, Mint

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML
Maddy Barone

Sounds good. Wonder what it would be like iced on a hot summer day?


Wow. Very interesting!


I’m a bit scared to try it iced… although it would be a challenge to do so in -2 Belgian weather in an AirBnB at the moment. A challenge for me, that is. I’m also scared because I’d want it like a chai with some milk, and all that citrus (there’s orange in here too, I discovered) would make things curdle. If I can keep enough of this on hand for when I return to Canada, I may try it iced? I dunno, I’d hate to waste the leaf, it’s just so darn interesting and tasty.

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Uh, so…. this packs a whallop of caffeine. Like, more than any matcha I’ve had (and I used to drink it constantly, it helped me to focus). It’s like the junk food of matcha – comes pre-packaged, has a ton of ingredients that shouldn’t be in there including glucose (twice) and hydrogenated oils, you name it. Yet the ginger zing really, really came out in this – almost like a ginger latte more than a ginger matcha latte. Guilty pleasure, just maybe not so late (2pm) in the day, because it’s 9pm now, and I feel very weird. Not good. Definitely the matcha.

Flavors: Ginger, Sugar, Sweet


I love Gold Kili’s Ginger Latte and Ginger Drink but I’ve never seen any of their products with matcha in them for sale near me. It sounds really tasty.

I could probably just make my own, with a packet of ginger drink (which has very few ingredients) a spoon of matcha and some cream.


I would say that would be a healthier option? Lol. Found this in an Asian grocery store in ixelles, Belgium.


It sounds like the ‘instant ramen’ version of ramen! (Which means, I’d be totally down with it, in an ’I’m just going to inhale this food and not pay attention to the ingredient label, because, gosh darn it, I want this right now!’, sort of way. lol )


Oh man I bet this would be divine with a splash of honey! Unless it’s already almost too sweet


That’s exactly it DeleriumsFrogs! Indigobloom, would you believe it has honey in it already? It’s very, very sweet. Still tasty!

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A few years ago, the obsession with tea started. The cupboard got bigger and bigger, more swaps occurred, group buys, secret rendezvous with local teapassionistas… and that’s how you end up with 500+ different kinds of tea in your home. At one time.

Almost all of the tea was given away, sold, or otherwise shared. A few relics still remain. I now travel full time with only two carryon bags to my name. One quarter of those bags are tea.

It’s still a challenge to avoid the chipmunk-like hoarding of The Teas, yet, the lightness of being from having so little compels me more.

If I have enough, I’m happy to share. If I’m in your area, I’d love to swap, meet for tea, and explore together.

As for the day-to-day stuff, I’m focused almost entirely on Love, (yes, with a capital L), Spirit/Self, transformation, travel and my writing and speaking work.

What kinds of teas do I normally like?

YES: flavored teas, fruity, dessert, chai, and spicy (REALLY spicy).

A FONDNESS FOR: all white teas, malty black teas, any herbal or medicinal teas, strange/weird teas you can only get in one place.

ALLERGIC TO: strawberries, lavender

DISLIKES: any added sugars, grains, lapsang souchong, and overly floral teas – I might enjoy a Jasmine Green every once in a while, but unless it’s a creamy floral tea (think roses in a chai, or the smoothness of a floral note in a French tea), I’ll likely pass. Earl Greys are a hit or miss with me; heavy on the cream or fruit notes and I might like it, heavy on the blergamot and I definitely won’t.





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