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  • “I thought I’d try this with some vanilla agave and half-and-half today. Hot, of course. It’s actually quite nice this way. I find the vanilla agave to be really finicky, especially with regular...” Read full tasting note
  • “I got this one special for my boyfriend as a surprise. Last time he got to pick out a matcha, we ended up with Cola, so this time I thought an alcoholic drink matcha was in order. More...” Read full tasting note
  • “Note to self: try this with a black base, and robust flavoring. Right now, at delicate flavoring and the green base, I’m just missing out on anything Irish Cream-ish. It’s still yummy and creamy,...” Read full tasting note
  • “So this is one of the matchas I forgot in Florida in January but I remembered to bring it back with me when I returned from my most recent trip. Being St. Patrick’s Day, I found it a fitting time...” Read full tasting note

From Red Leaf Tea

Irish Cream with its intoxicating mix of ingredients gets more exciting when combined with the oriental touch of Matcha. Irish cream Matcha is a perfect treat for adults who are looking for a sophisticated snack made up of adventurous ingredients. This unforgettable treat is perfect for after hours, over the weekend or for those special occasions when adults have gathered to bond and have fun. It’s interesting color and arresting taste makes Irish cream Matcha a firm favorite for many adults who want to expand their repertoire of personal entertainment.

This very sumptuous treat carries a combination of sweet and tart flavors that work wonders on the palate leaving its many takers wonderfully sated and very pleased. With the presence of Matcha, this wonderful treat is made well rounded and very balanced thus enhancing its appeal across many adults audiences. It is the perfect get together treat to bring interesting people together with adventurous palates willing to go the extra mile and treat themselves to life’s simple pleasures. Irish cream Matcha is excellent as a stand alone treat or combined with a variety of delectable snacks for any occasion. It creamy depths delight its audience and lingers long after.

Pure Matcha powder from green leaves, Irish Cream Natural Flavor

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26 Tasting Notes

1792 tasting notes

I thought I’d try this with some vanilla agave and half-and-half today. Hot, of course.

It’s actually quite nice this way. I find the vanilla agave to be really finicky, especially with regular teas, but it seems to pair well with matcha.

Unrelated, but has anyone suffered from sciatica? I think all the sitting I’ve been doing at my desk has led to it. It’s driving me CRAZY. It’s so hard to sleep at night when one of my legs is simultaneously numb and in pain, and cold. Hope it isn’t permanent.


Yes, to sciatica. :( There are some simple stretches that can help (Yoga: Pigeon Pose, modified for sure), but I highly recommend massage/chiro/physio.


Yes, and all of the above and anything that stretches the hamstrings really well truly helps. It is miserable. I hope you feel better soon,

Terri HarpLady

ughghgh, I had problems with that, mainly during my 4th pregnancy, the one who just turned 21. He weighed over 10 lbs at birth ;p
gentle yoga, taichi.
BTW, the only times I have problems with it now is if I eat something with gluten in it! I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true!


Thank you so much for the feedback! If anyone doesn’t mind answering, how long have you had it, and/or does it seem permanent for you? I read that it can go away in around six weeks.

Terri, that is so bizarre! Perhaps you’ve developed a sensitivity to gluten which causes inflammation.

I’ll definitely look into massage, chiro, physio, or maybe even acupuncture, since my health plan covers all of that. I’ve heard sketchy things about chiropractors though. :/


If you just leave it and don’t do anything, then no it won’t go away. The trick is finding someone who’s really good for treatment. My mom has a really good chiropractor that doesn’t do the snap-crackle-pop thing, and her sciatica is a lot better now. He does a lot of muscle work, acupressure, and adjusts silently. I personally haven’t had good luck with physio, but again, you just need to find someone good.


Ah, I’m glad your mom has a good one. Thank you for the advice! And I hope it’s been getting steadily better for you. Mine progressed to burning pain last night so I think I ought to do something about it. :)

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516 tasting notes

I got this one special for my boyfriend as a surprise. Last time he got to pick out a matcha, we ended up with Cola, so this time I thought an alcoholic drink matcha was in order. More sophisticated? Well – more adult anyways ;)

He is loving the flavoured matcha as much (if not more!) than I do! This one smelled sweet from the get go – creamy and .. tangy? Smoky? Not smoky! I’m trying to describe what irish cream smells like – it doesn’t have the smokiness of whisky – but it definitely is sweet and creamy! I knew it was going to be a real treat – just like the real thing!

Here’s where you can get it:

What a neat flavour experience! I prepared the matcha straight and thick for the first bowl. In this state I tasted mostly matcha with an aftertaste of sweet cream that lingered after finishing the bowl. It was very creamy and pleasant.

Next I tried it over ice with 18% cream and sugar. I thought my eyes were going to roll into the back of my head and be lost forever! This was mine and Mike’s favourite way to enjoy it. It’s sweet, but because you have control over the amount of sugar, it’s not crazy sweet and cloying. You could probably enjoy cup after cup with the only buzz coming from the energy of all that matcha you’re drinking!

This one is so so good mixed with the Madagascar Vanilla matcha – it just adds a bit of something that takes the creamy flavour over the top. Come St. Patricks day, it would be an awesome drink to mix with mint matcha (Mint is on the way in the mail as we speak!) and hey – it’s already green! No need to add any food colouring for your Paddy experience ;)

Next in line is creating all sorts of bar drinks with matcha. I’m trying to think of drinks to make with Baileys and I’m having a heck of a time. I know I love to put Baileys and Peppermint shnapps in my hot chocolate so, Belgium Chocolate Matcha + Mint Matcha + Irish Cream? There’s no “Coffee” matcha that I know of yet, but I think maybe an espresso is coming soon? (EDIT: Both Coffee AND espresso are here!) That would mix wonderfully, or you could just go ahead and mix it with the Mocha Matcha! Gah I’m pretty much drooling already.

Can you think of any other drinks? I would love to do some more experimenting!

Now – if a Guinness Matcha ever comes out – I know the perfect one to mix it with ;)


That sounds absolutely splendid! If you figure out a good “alcohol” mix for this, I’d love to hear it – I don’t drink, but it’d be cool to go around on St. Patrick’s day with “alcoholic” matcha ahha!

Daisy Chubb

Ah what a perfect idea! haha St. Patricks day should be a matcha-thon I think, it’s too perfect. Will do b^_^

Will Work For Tea

WOW! Now this one is going on my shopping list too! :)

Daisy Chubb

I was surprised that I was the first to review it actually! It’s a great fall/winter flavour too :3


It is so cool that your boyfriend is enjoying the tea too. My hubby doesn’t drink tea. sigh oh well… that makes more for me! LOL I had to say though, he has been REALLY good about not complaining about me having so much tea that it is EVERYWHERE.


Matchaslide: Irish cream matcha, Bailey’s, kahlua, bit of vodka, cream.

Daisy Chubb

Aw Anne, Mike says he doesn’t drink tea but I try to make him. So far matcha is the only one he actually loves! Does your hubby drink coffee instead? It’s always a plus that they don’t complain at least! :D

Daisy Chubb

Ohhh Nik, you are amazing! I must do this!

Matcha Outlet

Coffee and espresso flavors are already here. Vote next week to add them to the store and to put them on Sale :-)


@DaisyChubb: he drinks coffee only on occasion, and then he prefers the Via instant coffee from Starbucks. We buy that at costco about once a year and that’s enough for him for the entire year. He doesn’t drink coffee very often … his drink of choice is soda, which I don’t drink very often at all… usually when I drink soda, it’s some gourmet, really expensive, top-of-the-line soda that is only available at Whole Foods or something. LOL And because it’s usually so far out of our price range, I would say that I drink soda maybe only once a month, except when we go out to eat and the tea offerings at the restaurant are dismal.

But as you said, at least he isn’t complaining… not yet anyway. LOL!


MatchaTHON for St. Pattys! WOOT!


Good Luck !!!!!!!!!!!I’m sure you’ll get it!!!!!!
I’m going to apply at the one that is opening a block from my house so wish me luck too!
Let me know what the process is like!

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1501 tasting notes

Note to self: try this with a black base, and robust flavoring. Right now, at delicate flavoring and the green base, I’m just missing out on anything Irish Cream-ish. It’s still yummy and creamy, however I want some of the ole Irish in me. ;)

In unrelated news, my son got another notice home saying there’s a lice infestation at his school. Sigh. For whatever reason, the four times this has happened in the past two years, I’m the only one that gets it. For those (like me) trying to avoid the harshest of chemicals in those lice treatments – use Listerine. Dump half a bottle over your head (I use a lot, because I have very long, thick hair), leave it in for an hour, and then wash your hair normally. It works like a charm, although frankly I do feel slightly ill after — I’m told because the alcohol in the Listerine gets absorbed by your skin. Also, this is a much cheaper option… $2 vs $37.

Now on to our regularly scheduled programming…

Heaping 1.4 tsp in 1/4 cup of heavy cream.

Flavors: Cream

Iced 0 tsp 2 OZ / 59 ML

Good luck!

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6444 tasting notes

So this is one of the matchas I forgot in Florida in January but I remembered to bring it back with me when I returned from my most recent trip. Being St. Patrick’s Day, I found it a fitting time to have another cup of this. Unfortunately, all the sweet, creamy, milkiness is being covered up by a really strong vegetal taste from the base. I am confused though as this has never been grassy/vegetal before and it was prepared the same way it usually is. Bad news? This cup is getting dumped because it is just not good. Good news? I can now try a different matcha milk :)


Attagirl! blast through all the matcha!


Woot for other matcha milks, though an unfortunate end for this one.

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1598 tasting notes

And that’s another matcha gone! (81) :O I try to drink one cup a day (a big one with 2 scoops!) and only keep 4 flavours open at a time to help out with the freshness.

What did I think? I like this – it’s creamy and sweet and enjoyable for times I don’t want to be overwhelmed by flavour (i.e., pumpkin matcha, or bubblegum). Would I get it again? Maybe. There are so many other options out there, but, I would’ve say no to more.


mmm i’m trying to do the same thing. I just haven’t been in the mood for matcha lately..and i’ve got a zillion different packages still. haha


I was doing really good with my one cup of matcha a day, then I just stopped lol, need to get back on that and finish up my older ones, I haven’t even tried out my new matcha bowl yet! Lol


My matcha is my biggest weakness in my collection, in that I’ve had them forever but I have gotten bad about drinking them. I need to start a 1-a-day program, maybe after Black Friday.


I just wish I went through my matcha faster so I could try new flavors!

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15131 tasting notes

oy..i have some catching up to do and very little desire to do it since i’m tired and just want to go to bed. I had this in the morning, since i’m still trying to get around to having some match every day…or close to it. :) I enjoyed this one, though i’m still thinking about tiramisu. This has a smooth, delicious irish creamy taste to it. My sample is distinctive, but i think it would probably be best as a Robust flavouring. As usual, i had this as a latte. It was the perfect start to my morning. no sweetener necessary for this one, though with a pinch of sugar the taste popped just a little :)

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4843 tasting notes


Yum! Sweet, creamy, and I can taste hints of coffee with the whiskey notes. I don’t notice a whole lot of the artificial note that I sometimes taste with Red Leaf Tea’s flavored Matchas and I think that might have something to do with the type of flavoring used here … the alcohol-esque note seems to minimize the “chemical” note that comes from the flavor crystals or whatever is used to flavor the matcha. It just tastes like … Matcha that’s been spiked with Irish Cream!

Here’s my full-length review:

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1473 tasting notes

Irish cream teas tend to make me sad. What I’ve found is that they tend to taste like regular tea with a hint of Irish cream in the background, like you had poured a drop or two into your tea. Which is all well and good, but I drank Irish cream straight up when I was in college, and I want something that tastes like the drink itself. At this point, you’re probably wondering if I did anything but drink in college. The answer is….no, not really. Ha! I want an Irish cream tea that I can splash into other teas to make them taste like Irish cream.

So I cheated a little with this one. Just a little, I promise! I mixed my spoon of matcha with a few drops of my Irish cream agave before adding the water. I was blown away. It was so, so, so good. It got me through an incredibly long day at work and it kept a smile on my face long after it was gone. It smelled and tasted so strongly of Irish cream that my boss side eyed me a few times until I showed him it was just matcha. And then he was jealous.

I love this tea (found here: With the milk allergy issues, Irish cream was one of the things I had to give up and it was with a heavy heart that I did so. This is one of those teas I’ve been searching and searching for and once again, Red Leaf Tea did it right. I am constantly impressed by them…you’d think by now, I’d just expect their matcha to be amazing. But no, every time I get a new package, I’m floored by the tastiness.


Ooh, I’ll have to snag some of that.

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299 tasting notes

OK, I enjoy matcha – but I can’t really rate it. I also can’t really taste it?? They all taste like yummy hot milk drink to me, for real. ARE MY TASTEBUDS DEAD OR WHAT AM I DOING WRONGGGG


What is the flavouring at? How much are you putting in per cup?


I think you’re supposed to use small cups – like 250 ml per scoop of matcha? I’ve started dumping more scoops into mine when I pour big cups of milk. I find it sorta subtle too…

The pumpkin and the belgian chocolate I can taste fine, but the irish cream and the cheesecake? Not so much.


OK, that’s good to know, thx. I am already using double scoops >_>


I use 1.5-2 tsp per cup of milk…and that goes up depending on the flavouring


Is that 250 ml of miilk, or a cup as in 10 oz?
I think my matcha scoop is probably 1 tsp? I should measure it sometime, but I use 1.5 scoops so that’s probably close to you.


Ohhhhh I might be underscooping, then! :-O Thanks guys!


a cup as in 250ml heh i don’t use no stinking imperial system in my house! :)

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2291 tasting notes

Sipdown! Thanks, Incendiare.

Drinking this as an iced latte, as usual. I’m really just too lazy to heat my milk most mornings, so it’s a good thing these flavoured matchas are good cold.

Possibly not one I’d buy, but the flavour feels pretty authentic. Definitely an interesting choice for in the morning, before work!


Hahah. I feel the same way, although warm lattes will probably be preferable soon.


Too. Lazy. :) Although, I do have a microwave, so I could potentially heat my almond milk in there.

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