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  • “Azzrian was awesome and sent me some of this! I’m so excited as I have been drooling over the RLT Matcha’s everyone has been posting for weeks now! Thanks again, girl! This IS Amaretto – SPOT...” Read full tasting note
  • “I looooove amaretto! It’s the only alcohol I actually enjoy. Well, that and muscato and the occasional sweet Riesling. But amaretto! It’s the only hard liquor I enjoy! Um…and Bailey’s and...” Read full tasting note
  • “Amaretto Matcha Find it here: My matcha is composed as follows: Options: Size : Small Matcha Quality: White Matcha Flavor: Robust Storage :...” Read full tasting note
  • “There are so many intriguing matcha flavors, but this flavor appealed to me because it’s a flavor I like, but is much harder to get. Back in the day I used to drink amaretto sours, but those can be...” Read full tasting note

From Red Leaf Tea

Amaretto, with its distinct taste can be made truly special by adding a spalsh of exotic oriental Matcha. The resulting Amaretto Matcha has a new fresh flavor that is more heightened and very pleasurable for the adventurous palate. When wanting to make many snacks or desserts to stand out in an assortment of their equals, adding a touch of this exceptional Matcha treat can both surprise and delight it many takers with its sweet sharp taste. With Amaretto Matcha, any culinary delight can be a special experience in new tastes and adventures for the palate.

Although Amaretto Matcha can be restricted to mainly adults, it is very adaptable depending on the quantity and where it is being used. Its hint of almonds and apricots can make it acquire a large following of delighted fans. In any social setting this delectable treat can quickly become the party favorite because of its deeply satisfying taste and flavor. Its mellowing effect makes it the perfect early evening treat when a person just wants to unwind and rewind the successes of their busy day. Amaretto Matcha can be considered the silver lining in any day where a healthy boost of tastiness is required to turn it around.

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20 Tasting Notes

6768 tasting notes

Azzrian was awesome and sent me some of this! I’m so excited as I have been drooling over the RLT Matcha’s everyone has been posting for weeks now! Thanks again, girl!

This IS Amaretto – SPOT ON!!!!

Creamy Almond and Pleasant Peach based flavoring with white matcha! Nice!

I must say back in the day one of my favorite Adult Beverages was an Amaretto Sour…this took me back to my clubbin’ days! Ahhhhh…yeah!

Yum! For the first time in a LONG time I am going to dinner tonight with DH and another couple…we usually don’t have friends we do dinner with so I am VERY excited! I just might have to see if they do Amaretto Sour’s! Woot!


Haha that tells me you and I are about the same age. Amaretto Sours were all the rage “back then” :) I loved them too !


teehee…ahhhh…those were FUN days :)


Indeed! LOL I would not go back though … I did some embarrassing and crazy things! :)

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525 tasting notes
I looooove amaretto! It’s the only alcohol I actually enjoy. Well, that and muscato and the occasional sweet Riesling. But amaretto! It’s the only hard liquor I enjoy! Um…and Bailey’s and Amarula… Okay, but amaretto is my favorite! There! Now I’m right. :) My husband also loves anything almond. Loves. I bought this for him but I plan to enjoy it too. :)

So after dinner, I had to rummage through my collection of jars to find something to put this matcha into. I know I’m not making any preserves in a while because those jars are all filled with matcha. It’s for a good cause. :D So I find a jar that’s way too big but it will have to do. I rip open the bag and the most intoxicating aroma just comes spilling out. Mmmmm heaven! Husband is watching the big debate so he’s totally engrossed. I wave the open under his nose and he literally does a double take. Hilarious! At this point, he’s only disappointed that we have to share just half a cup because we are totally out of milk. I kept having to tell him to wait while I whisked it up. So impatient. heh

Finally, I presented the cup to him and he practically drank the whole thing. I had to wrestle the mug from him to get a taste for myself. This matcha is amazing. There’s a slight grassy vegetal flavor from the matcha, but it’s really mostly amaretto without the alcohol burn and without all the sugar. Absolutely fabulous. If you like amaretto, you’ve got to try this:

For those of you who have tried amaretto and almond, how would you compare the two? I’m wondering if it’s worth investing in both flavors.


Aw, man! I want this one, too! I just ordered two flavors and had a hard time picking, so I guess this one will be next!


It’s so hard to narrow it down! Every time I go in there I have a mile long list of flavors I want. Then I spend the half 15 minutes deciding which ones to axe. :( Last time I got some flavors based on what I think others would like most so it was a bit easier. Still tough though!


I meant “next 15 minutes.” errr


There are so many flavors I had to use a spreadsheet to determine what flavors I want! I assigned them a priority to figure out what to put in my next order. I also usually factor in the Steepster review. Yeah, I’m a nerd.


No, Rachel, that is genius. Must. Try.


I like to try and solve all of my life’s problems with spreadsheets ;)

Rachel Sincere

Rachel, can you come to Wisconsin and fix my life? LOL


I was just about to ask how the amaretto and the almond compare. Curious to see if anyone has tried both.

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807 tasting notes

Amaretto Matcha

Find it here:

My matcha is composed as follows:

Size : Small
Matcha Quality: White Matcha
Flavor: Robust
Storage : Add Small Metal Tin Container (Holds up to 45g) I always get the tin and pay the extra 3.00 for it since the tea comes in a non re-sealable package.

I opted for the white matcha powder in this blend as I got it as much for my daughter as myself. My daughter LOVES amaretto flavor and does not care for green tea in general and green matcha is too vegetal for her. I am glad that I got white matcha for this although in the future I want to try it with green matcha powder as well. This is so delicious! Truly a taste sensation. I could enjoy this any time of day but for me I believe this will be my evening “night cap” since it made with the white matcha I think I can get away with this! YUMMY! It truly feels like I am having a cocktail but I don’t drink alcohol so this is a lovely substitute!

I would love to be able to tell you some flavoring notes I pick up but its quite simple – its AMARETTO! lol I don’t know how else to describe this. While I appreciate teas that give off a complex nature, many ways to describe the flavors within, this one is what it says it is no questions asked. A straight forward in your face AMARETTO and you can’t ask for anything better than that unless of course you don’t like amaretto! Now Red Leaf does us natural flavorings so I am not sure if this means that if you have a nut allergy that you can’t have it and I would hate to think anyone would be deprived of this flavor so you may want to check with Red Leaf before ordering if you have a nut allergy. Amaretto is made from almonds which I will talk more about in the next paragraph.

When you first smell this powder you will be hit in the face with the overwhelming aroma of amaretto, which is actually made from almond and apricot – I had no idea about the apricot until I did a quick google search to be sure I was correct about the almond! It makes sense though because there is distinctly more to this than simply almond which unto itself does not have this distinct of an aroma! The powder form can be overwhelming honestly but bear in mind I got the Robust flavor. Don’t let that worry you however because I always try my matcha straight before adding it to my latte mixture and let me just say of all the matcha I have reviewed thus far this is my favorite in the straight form and I am thinking probably also the latte form. I will have to have a few more cups of all of them first to be sure and also it depends on my mood. I mean orange is pretty dang good as well and I have yet to do a full review on that one but they are at totally opposite ends of the flavor spectrum here. One is bright and eye opening and fresh, this is decedent and sweet, a dessert drink. Still I have to say that in the straight form, which is important if that is how you prefer your matcha, its really quite lovely! I do think however, for a straight matcha I would prefer it in green rather than white tea matcha base. I am dying to order some in green base because I have a feeling the mix of the flavoring with green matcha would be even more amazing!

I am also glad I went with robust flavoring on this. Not because I feel the distinctive flavoring would not be enough but more so because I really love the quality of this flavoring! Some flavors I want a little more subdued but not this one! This is so velvety in my matcha latte this morning!

My daughter and I love gourmet cupcakes, we often go to several local and not too far away cupcake places to try new flavors. This reminds me so much of an amaretto cupcake we had not too long ago and I know that we will be trying to make our own using this matcha! I do feel that the flavors in here are strong enough to covey the flavor into a baked good! However come to think of it lol I can save myself the calories and just enjoy this tea this way, in a low fat latte because it truly tastes just like an amaretto cupcake!

Its so simple – just make your matcha, put ice in a glass, add low fat milk, almond milk, soy milk whatever you prefer, a dash of low fat vanilla creamer and BAM you have an amaretto cupcake in a glass! Nice and cool and refreshing and totally sin free yet you feel like your doing something naughty! LOVE IT!

I want to say that in a previous tasting note I had mentioned sifting your matcha powder which is important however the more experience I have with Red Leaf Tea matcha the more I realize you really don’t even need to strain this powder! I have tried the green and white and so far it really seems to just fall right though the sifter and trust me this sifter has very fine wiring on it! The only thing that remains in the sifter ever would be a few flavoring granules but I just dump those back into the bowl and add my water as they dissolve quickly. Now I am not saying I have tons of experience with matcha, but I will say I have three other matcha powders from different places in my possession and all of them required far more sifting and still seemed a bit lumpy when adding my water and whisking!

I also just want to say that my experience with Red Leaf Tea has been amazing! I can’t understand why more tea vendors are not doing what they are doing and they have truly cornered the market on not only amazingly flavored matcha but they strive to do everything they can for their customers, from excellent communication, to running sales and specials, to super fast shipping! I think the only thing they could possibly improve upon would be sending the matcha in a resealable pouch but hey that is a small thing when you consider all they do right! Honestly though I prefer my matcha stored in a tin, its just easier to scoop out and far less messy! Regardless of why other companies do not do what Red Leaf does its not like I feel I need to search elsewhere for other matcha. Red Leaf has everything I need and from what I understand they have more flavors to add to their line up! Can you imagine that!?! MORE flavors lol as a matter of fact THIS flavor was not even listed when I asked about mixing cherry with almond to get an amaretto flavor (no idea why I thought I should mix cherry and almond) I was told in no time at all that he could list the amaretto they had on the site and POOF there it was ready for me to order and enjoy within only a couple of days! WOW! So as you can see I am a huge fan girl of this tea vendor and as you all know – right now – until the end of this month – August 2012 – with a good review you can get extra credit toward their already amazing and generous free matcha program which I am linking here:
Yup FREE matcha! Sure you have to do a few things but it sure is not a lot considering what you get in return!
Here is the link on the forum here about the extra credit they are offering:

Just in case you are dying to order some of this right now here is the link again:

GET SOME! You won’t be sorry!




i send that ooooh…..


Argh! I shouldn’t have read this review! If be curious to try this and the almond matcha side by side.

Autumn Hearth

This one really tempts me, I could probably actually get my husband to drink this, in fact there was a bottle of DiSerona at beginning of our relationship ;)


Its really delicious! :)

Matcha Outlet

1. I’m checking on the nut allergy with my supplier.
2. I loved your review until the part when you want to encourage other stores to sell flavored matcha. Once in my like I think I may have a good idea to finally get the sales up and you want others to create competition for me?!
Bad Azzrian, bad!! :-)
I think I may need a list of reviewers BANNED for life(!) from trying my matcha. LOL

Matcha Outlet

For those that are new to matcha, can you give specific amounts of milk, water, matcha…. you use for the perfect latte?


That would be fantastic! I second Red Leaf’s comment :) (taps her foot impatiently waiting for her caramel matcha)


No no not encourage – more like shaking head in amazement that everyone else missed the boat! :) You have this corner marketed!

Matcha Outlet

Update: All the natural flavors added to our matcha are allergen- free :-)

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200 tasting notes

There are so many intriguing matcha flavors, but this flavor appealed to me because it’s a flavor I like, but is much harder to get. Back in the day I used to drink amaretto sours, but those can be pricey and full of sugar. Amaretto is good on its own, but it’s also expensive (and has alcohol). When I saw this amaretto flavored matcha, I wanted to try it to see how it compared. I got the Robust flavoring level, as always, and made this in my Matcha-Water bottle with ½ teaspoon for matcha and 16 oz. of water.

I have to say I am really impressed at this flavor. It does taste a LOT like an amaretto sour, except there’s no sugar and it’s not sickly sweet. I could add some sugar to this to sweeten it up, but I really don’t think it needs it. I don’t know if you’d necessarily be able to pick it out as amaretto, but knowing that’s what it tastes like I can definitely pick up the flavor.

I’ve also recently learned that amaretto is actually a combination of almonds and apricots. All the more reason it would make a nice fruity (but not overly sweet) drink.

If you love amaretto sours, or just amaretto, I would definitely recommend this. I wonder if anyone would be brave enough to mix this with some REAL amaretto.. LOL.

Get this matcha here:


Tastes good in hot chocolate!

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15155 tasting notes

I had this today, though i’m not sure i should have. For whatever reason this just wasn’t sitting with me today. The scent or something was just off as i was trying to drink this. That being said, this is pretty true to life in terms of the flavours/aromas. If you are a fan of amaretto, i would suggest trying this one. My flavouring was distinctive and i found that to be intense enough, but i don’t think that robust would be too much flavour either heh not rating it since i think it just wasn’t my thing this morning.

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358 tasting notes

Well, this is my first experience with real matcha, and I don’t quite know what to think. I’ve heard so many great things from matcha lovers that I just assumed I would love it. I forgot that matcha is made from green tea, which for starters is just not my favorite. (I know, I know, how could I not realize that!) After some quick reading on how to prepare matcha I finally sifted and whisked my little cup. It got foamy on top, which I think is a good thing. It was a lot more vegetal tasting than I was prepared for. I can taste the amaretto flavor and it’s good, it’s just also very thick in texture. I am enjoying it much better once it cools with a little sugar added. And the fiancee is actually kind of loving it, so that’s a good thing. I have another flavor of matcha that I am going to try. Maybe amaretto just isn’t my flavor? Or maybe matcha is just an acquired taste that I will learn to love? Anyways, thanks Mercuryhime for this sample!

-Dry blend is a powdery green matcha.
-Dry leaves smell lightly sweet and fruity. Tea liquor aroma is strongly fruity.
-Tea liquor is a thick dark green color with foam on top.
-Vegetal and sweet fruit flavor and finish. Heavy amaretto almond aftertaste.
-Best with milk and sweetener.
-Good tea. Thick vegetal flavor with a strong apricot and almond amaretto flavor.

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1629 tasting notes

Wow this is better than I thought it would be! I made a matcha latte. I heated milk and mixed this matcha with brown sugar. Mmm delicious! Sweet almonds with cream. This is the best dessert ever!

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894 tasting notes

Today’s latte. The amaretto flavour is accurate and quite strong – it has a bit of throat hit to it. The matcha definitely takes a back seat to the amaretto. Quite delicious.

I ordered this with Distinctive flavour strength, though I think if I were to order it again I would go with less flavouring, to get a better amaretto matcha balance.

Flavors: Almond, Sweet

1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

Wow, I feel like I freak. Here I like getting my RLT matchas in robust to truly taste them. But yeah, they really nailed the flavouring in this one.

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1268 tasting notes

Amazing. Oh is that tasty. It doesn’t need it but next time I’m going to try it with my amaretto honey. Used almond milk. 8oz milk and 1/2 tsbp matcha. This is my favorite thus far.


I love this one. It’s probably my favorite RLT matcha that I’ve had so far.

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1792 tasting notes

Sipdown! Thanks again to Sil, the super fantastical Sil, for passing some of this down to me! After an entire year, I finally took a deep breath and stopped hoarding this. Nothing like a wonderfully creamy matcha latte on St. Patrick’s Day.

I added some organic sugar and 2% milk to this and it seriously tasted and smelled like an almond cookie. Almond biscotti maybe? I’m going to have to try adding some actual Amaretto to my French Vanilla matcha to see how it would compare, but seriously, this is amazing and totally worth getting even if you already have matcha and Amaretto.




It’s also easier to drink amaretto matcha at work if there’s not actually booze in it. :D


says you.


I swear my boss has a homing beacon for booze.


hahaha thanks for the smile.

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