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Burnt Sugar, Caramel, Smoke, Brown Sugar, Ash, Campfire, Leather, Scotch, Honey, Vanilla
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205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec 3 g 11 oz / 325 ml

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From August Uncommon Tea

Strong black tea with bourbon and burnt sugar notes

This tea has the ostentatious warmth of a Southern drawl. It’s got robust body and character to match. In the first sip, the chewiness of burnt sugar mingles with the dark, rich flavor of buttery buckwheat hotcakes and finally, a latent chicory note. A drop of milk adds a whisper of bourbon. This is a fantastic morning tea to rival an English breakfast. Its potent charm ambles all the livelong day.

Recommended for coffee lovers and whisky drinkers.

INGREDIENTS: black tea, taiwanese lapsang souchong black tea, barley malt, flavoring


TASTES LIKE: burnt sugar, buckwheat, chicory, bourbon
FEELS LIKE: the forward familiarity of the south


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22 Tasting Notes

630 tasting notes

After taking a few years to sip down a giant stash, I am finally buying some new teas! Teaching means no time for loose leaf most days except in the evenings, so it has taken quite awhile. I have been taking extra time to brew this in my to-go cup in the mornings, though. The burnt sugar aspect really shines with a little milk and a smidge of sweetener, and it is divine. On it’s own, it edges on a bit tangy.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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695 tasting notes

I’ve never had bourbon, so I’m not sure if this blend tastes like it or not! What I taste is caramel and a hint of smoke, which doesn’t sound like it should work, but it does. A delicious and high quality dessert tea. August Uncommon keeps impressing me!

Flavors: Burnt Sugar, Caramel, Smoke

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

I just bought a tin of this because I love it!

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1209 tasting notes

I can’t get the hang of this tea. If I steep it for 2 minutes it is weak and if I steep it for 3 it seems a bit bitter. It reminds me a lot of MF’s Wedding Imperial, which was also a tricky tea to get a good cup out of and required a lot of trial and error. Maybe I should look up my notes on that tea for the next cup of this. I’m struggling to get a good cup out of several August Uncommon teas. I have followed the steeping instructions, but come out with a cup less than what I was hoping for and not what the scent of the tea teased of. I feel like the times and temps are too high, but haven’t sorted out what they should be for each tea. I don’t want tea to be so much work! LOL!

I smell deep rich caramel in this. The sip starts out neutral, then the caramel creeps in, then the bitterness mid way and through the last of the sip. It fades on the finish and the caramel notes come back on the finish. Adding cream dulls the flavors, but also mutes the bitter. I have a lot more to work out with this tea.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I had the same issue with some of the August Uncommon teas I got too. I used twice the leaf they suggested for most teas, but wasn’t as impressed with the results as I would have liked.

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812 tasting notes

Had this again yesterday. Still delicious. Still getting me through Black Friday weekend.

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5363 tasting notes

Sipdown (150)

So my awesome tea twin, Roswell Strange, sent me a package with tea and song pairings. I was so excited when I received it a few days back but only now got a chance to sit down and actually listen to a song and appreciate the moment.

This company and band are both new to me so I was really intrigued about what my tea twin had in store for me. However, apparently there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to tea and song pairings. I put the song on and immediately thought I had to drink the whole tea in the 5 minutes. Of course, when I started drinking, it was too hot. I decided to let it cool and then in my usual fashion, started doing a thousand other things and then realized the song finished and two other songs had played. So, I went back to the song, made sure the tea was an appropriate temperature, and tried again.

The second time around, things went much better. I did have to resist starting my note while I drank, which is what I normally do, and instead focused on the music and tea. I let the two consume me. My goal going into this was to try and determine why Ros picked this song for this tea and with this particular pairing, it did not take long. The two are so smooth. There is a sweetness to them that is peaking through and yet there is a smokeyness floating above it all. In the song, this came through as the low almost whisperlike singing that is comforting yet also just a bit haunting, especially when layered atop the soft, mellow music.

As I drank, I couldn’t help but think this is what I think scotch would taste like. Now, I have never drank scotch (so don’t get mad at me if you drink this and it tastes nothing like scotch whatsoever) but a lot of people close to me love it. My brother-in-law recently got into it because he said it tastes like burnt caramel. One of my best friends drink it because she likes the smokiness. Both elements are present in this tea, all floating on a smooth black base, hence the comparison.

I could see both this tea and song being enjoyed on a sort of quiet, drizzly night. Just relaxing and enjoying the calm.

Thank you Roswell Strange for the tea and music suggestion. I enjoyed both quite a bit and the experience was a lot of fun. I look forward to drinking the others and seeing how they work with the music.

Song pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5soixb2U6xM

Flavors: Ash, Burnt Sugar, Campfire, Caramel, Leather, Scotch, Smoke

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 45 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML
Roswell Strange

I’m so glad you enjoyed both the song and the music! I think it’s going to be really fun reading your thoughts. You kind of nailed it, by the way – I definitely think the calm pacing of the song and smooth sound perfectly match the smooth black base; and the smoke notes remind a lot of how this singer’s voice kind of creeps in/hangs in the air a little bit. It’s very haunting, in a beautiful way.


Lol I was really into this pair. And after this song, Ariana Grande’s Side to Side came on and I was like this definitely does not match. Then I ended replaying the song again because it just complimented the tea so much.

Thank you again for taking the time to do this for me. I honestly am super excited about it. Alas between placement and my sister’s wedding in two weeks moments to just focus and take it all in are few and far between but today it was nice to just take that second for myself.

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400 tasting notes

This is a sample from apieceofquiche. Thank you again for allowing me to give this a try.

Western Style in an Adagio Ingenuitea. 3 minutes. 12 g/16 oz water.

“Smoked Bourbon Vanilla.”

Unsweetened: Every sip seems to introduce a new flavor. However, I taste that smoky bourbon flavor. There seems to be a slight burnt sugar note, maybe a little caramel or honey in the aftertaste. The dry leaf definitely gave off this tomato soup with BBQ sauce smell, but it’s proving to be more enjoyable than expected.

Sweetened: With a little sugar added, I’m getting Tomato Soup Cake. Perhaps this would pair well with sweets, like butterscotch, caramel candies, or cake.

It’d be a good afternoon tea for guests. However, teas like this are often considered to be winter teas for me. I’m mostly a “light” tea kind of guy in the summer; that, or overly fruity, if I drink anything with added flavors. I like it. Definitely has that Bourbon Street Vanilla vibe to it.

Flavors: Honey, Smoke, Vanilla


Glad you liked it. :)


Yeah, it was pretty good. Thank you again :)

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308 tasting notes

Wowzers. Or more appropriately…HOLY SMOKES!

It’s certainly a unique blend. The scent reminds me of aged bourbon while curled up beside a roaring fire. It’s smokey yet sweet. It’s got nice depth and complexity, but it’s a bit too smokey for me to enjoy. Truthfully, I felt like I was drinking barbecue sauce (sans tomato). Does that make sense? I actually started coughing when I removed the cover of my infuser. #lightweight

I’m happy I gave it a try, but I’ll be re-homing what’s left of it. If anyone (in the US) is interested in sampling this, please let me know. Happy to pass it along to someone that enjoys smoky teas. :)

Flavors: Burnt Sugar, Smoke


So like a Bloody Mary?


Hm, I’ve never had a Bloody Mary because the thought of drinking tomato juice makes me cringe. It’s like what I imagine a bourbon-y BBQ sauce would taste like if there wasn’t tomato sauce or ketchup added to it – smoky, slightly sweet, and a bit boozy. Like liquid smoke and a jaded sugar cube went to a dive bar on a cold night and exchanged a few boozy kisses. LOL


Woah, that’s quite the picture! Ha-ha. I dislike Bloody Mary, but I’ve tried one a while back. However, this sounds quite unique, and seems like it could be great with a cookout (skip the ketchup with the burger, just make a cup of this instead).


Hahaha! Yeah, I’ve heard of people cooking with lapsang souchong, so I imagine a tea like this would pair quite well with grilled foods. Or you could use it as part of the liquid base for a ketchup/BBQ sauce or a marinade. Or steeped in alcohol for a savory cocktail.


I might have to fire up the grill! Or try to make a cocktail sauce with this….Ha-ha.

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10390 tasting notes

This is a queued tasting note.

There are still a couple teas from August Uncommon that I’ve yet to really tap into, so I took advantage of Easter to break out one of the ones I’ve yet to try, despite not really finding this to fit the “mood” of the day.

I’d forgotten that this one has smoked black tea in the base until I cracked open the sample bag. Then, I instantly remembered! Mmm, smoky black teas!

Steeped up, this tastes smoky at first! Like camping at the family cabin. However, the gentle smoke notes aren’t over powering, and really compliment the other flavours instead of crowding or overwhelming them. The rest of the flavor is a nice, smooth bourbon note accented with the flavour of something nice and roasty, like barley or buckwheat. There’s a pleasant sweetness that reminds me heavily of molasses or brown sugar. When I’m sipping on the cuppa, I feel like I should be on my balcony at midnight, surrounded by the light chirping of crickets and reflecting heavily on the past. In a way, while this tea is rich and indulgent, it reads to be as the appropriate choice for brooding.

But regardless, this is the noms.

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1792 tasting notes

Hats off to August Uncommon for really capturing the essence of bourbon in a tea. It was also smart to pair it with a smoky base since for me, personally, bourbon is quite smoky in itself. Anyone who knows me on here knows that I am most definitely not a fan of smoky notes in tea. Hell, I’m not even a fan of bourbon or scotch with any hint of smoke. It’s just not for me.

For that reason, I’m going to abstain from rating this. I can see bourbon or smoky tea lovers falling for this.


And I love this with bourbon…… but to each their own. :))

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73 tasting notes

This tea smells incredible. I opened the pouch and was met with what I can only describe as ‘fall’. I could pick up smoke, bourbon, and something sweet. If August Uncommon ever decides to make a candle out of this exact scent, I’ll buy it right away.

When I steeped this tea the first time, it came out bitter. I reduced my water temp from 212 ºF to 195ºF and steeped for three minutes instead of five, and that ended up being the sweet spot for me. Speaking of sweet, another reviewer below mentioned the idea of adding maple syrup as a sweetener. What a great idea! I added about a teaspoon (real maple syrup, mind you, not that nasty fake stuff). This tea is so heavenly. I could pick up those sweet, smoky (almost burnt) notes, that call to mind roasting marshmallows over a bonfire on a cool, clear autumn night. I’m still in awe of the fact that August Uncommon has managed to capture that image so perfectly with this tea. Finally, something that’s quintessentially fall – without any pumpkin spice flavor involved ;)

Interested? Here’s $10 off your order! http://go.referralcandy.com/share/FKRVB4M

Flavors: Caramel, Smoke

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 g 8 OZ / 236 ML
White Antlers

I just ordered samples of this and the chocolate tea, thanks to Daylon R Thomas’s posting a coupon. Now I am truly looking forward to my August package. That video on their website really appeals to me. Thanks for your reviews.


I’m happy that my words are helping build your excitement! This company is truly great and has made a lasting customer out of me :) I’ll be looking out for your reviews!


I snuck this one in the order I placed during their sale. I’m going to have to try it tomorrow after reading this review.


That was a great decision, cookies! I can’t wait to see what you think of it. Which others did you order?

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