is this the same as Ahmad’s Strawberry Sensation? i think it’s just been renamed/repackaged.

i like Ahmad’s of London, they seem to offer such a nice variety of flavored teas, mainly fruit-flavored ones. i was craving strawberry in a black tea for some reason, probably because i never got to try Teavana’s Strawberry Slender Pu-erh & Weight-to-go (these names are atrocious!) both of which contain strawberry & the loose leaf just looks so darned good. also perhaps because i’m already oversteeped in gourmand, vanillary creme caramel dessert-type teas (not that i’ll ever forsake them) ;p so i am looking for a black with sweetness, but from that imparted by fruit this time.

i think this is perfect for what it is. the strawberry is dead on. nothing artificial about the strawberry flavor (unless of course any artificiality is masterfully concealed). it’s just delicious! from the aroma to the flavor, strawberry never leaves your side. it’s a pleasant companion and a most juicy additive to this delicate infusion. the black tea base is quite nice but does get a little bitter though, but maybe i’m at fault for oversteeping. (i went a little over 5 minutes and i think they recommend 4, tops.)

i’m sure a spot of milk (in my case- almond, soy, coconut or rice) will camouflage this & round out the flavor a bit more, and make—yes, you guessed it—-a nice, creamy strawberry muffin or strawberry shortcake parfait. i had to go there (dessert territory).

tangential: i googled Piccadilly trifle, because i love trifle and wondered if Piccadilly was a flavor. as it turns out, it’s a circus! anyway, there was a nice link to a Pinterest page in the search results titled ‘Pretty Parfaits for Tea’…. have a look-see! http://www.pinterest.com/jinab/pretty-parfaits-for-tea/

as for this tea, i’d recommend it. it’s freakin’ yummy!


I love this one. Bought couple weeks ago. Drank almost every night.

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I love this one. Bought couple weeks ago. Drank almost every night.

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love tea in every form- from bagged to loose leaf..commercial to niche. i am intrigued by it all & want to learn as much as i can through my 5 senses (tho with tea i’ll presumably be using 3)..am a very sensorial person. love music, perfume, poetry, graphic design, India, Malaysia, Moorish architecture, oh….and tea!

apparently i’m really out of the loop here since i appear to be among the only ones who have not yet tried Golden Moon, Butiki, 52teas, Mandala, Teavivre or Della Terra. i mean REALLY. i need to start lifting this rock up over my head y’all. from the looks of things, i’ve been reenacting Groundhog’s Day every hour on the hour with my uniformed choices. i seek to be anointed!

also, don’t take my numbers too literally; they can’t possibly speak to the actual quality of the tea, much less to the constancy of my own perceptions! what i may feel to be an 88 one day, could very well be a 91 the next, or even 100, depending on my taste buds, blood sugar levels, neuronal firings or planetary alignment ;)

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