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Chroma finally blended a new batch and I was so happy that I bought 50g a few months ago. There is no difference between the two batches. Impressive.

I keep trying to think of a way to describe how this tea makes me feel but fall short of the accurate marketing-speak:

“Inspired by old apothecary blends- the kind you might find in a movie stumbling into a dimly-lit shop to find a blue-green glass bottle on the highest shelf behind a pile of books.”

The best I can conjure is a cool stream emerging from the dark mystery of a rainforest, carrying the rich, earthy and spicy scents of the flora and terra, flowing gently into a shallow and clear warm sea under a cloudy winter sky. Have you ever felt the confluence of those two energies? Similar to the way it feels when you swim through tepid waters and suddenly a warm current envelops you in a momentary womb, or a cold current provides a blood-moving shock to the senses. This tea captures both of those aquatic sensations within the spearmint and fennel undercurrent that interacts with the dominant grounding profile provided by the roasted oolong base, cacao and cinnamon. Marigold and chamomile assist in the transition between the the cooling and warming characteristics and add some visual fluff.

Following Chroma’s parameters of 5g to a mug (in my case, it’s 10oz), I get three fully flavored steeps. It’s a worthwhile commitment.


I felt the water…

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I felt the water…

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I most enjoy loose-leaf, unflavored teas and tisanes. Always on the lookout for teas from countries and regions not commonly known for tea production or those that are not well represented in the western market. I seek these teas to gain an understanding, however vague, of how this plant performs in different climates.

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