493 Tasting Notes

Another Liu bao last night. very interesting.
the leaf material is really nice, long intact and not too much sticks.
same parameters as i have for sheng
5g/80ml yixing 212F
rinse/short steeps

this Liu bao is nice, smoky not overly. it has that cooling pine needle /minty flavor.
But… its not a midnight drink. I was starving and had to fix myself a breakfast. eggs, mini bagel and cheddar. i felt quite energized and packed few more never ending boxes ( moving to a new place next week)

To sum up: it is a better version of Lapsang Sauchong. it is smooth and smoke is not harsh. i bet it will only improve in a few years




Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 80 OZ / 2365 ML

good luck on your move!


Thanks ;)

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its my second try of this tea. i dont think i can give the proper review. still trying to figure out the notes.

First time ive tried i remember it being stone fruit sweet. last night it was a little different. very enjoyable but not as complex as the first time ive tried. could be many factors. with later steeps astringency built up but it was pleasant

still, it was very good. qi is mild. i felt relaxed.
no chest burning, face melting, eyes popping or lungs moving. very pleasant overall

4.5g/55ml yixing 212F
rinse i drank it
short steeps



Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 4 g 2 OZ / 55 ML

haha. i still have to try this “face melting” tea

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drank Dan Cong Red Tea by jing tea shop
493 tasting notes

Ahh last 3g . hoarded for too long. It was a time to let go.

made it in my 60ml shiboridashi i love for tiny tastings
Leaves are thin and long like spider legs and so aromatic even though i have it for a couple years already.
The aroma of the brew is intoxicating. its like fruit bomb. Ive got pineapple, lychee and cinnamon. Spice is quite nice complements the fruit notes and make it more complex and interesting
Im not a huge fan of Dancong. Most of the time its floral (not my fav) and finicky too. its hard to nail the right temp and length of steeps. and it will vary even if its the same tea.

This tea is the solution for me. being processed as hongcha/black tea it is not as sensitive as regular dancong. it takes higher temps and longer steeps quite well without getting astringent or bitter.

Time to restock!




200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec 3 g 2 OZ / 60 ML

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Ok people. my Liu Bao affair continues. I have Liu Bao almost every night.

I really like this one. it is non smoky. it tastes clean even though its young in Liu bao age. the color is lovely orange. it is sweet and spicy. nothing overpowering or off putting. very safe introduction to Liu bao i think. it is pretty complex and qi is noticeable.
Very nice night drink
i brew it as i would do sheng
5g/80ml yixing 212F
rinse/ very short steeps increasing to my liking



Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 80 ML

Is this the one with the powerful earthy humid taste?

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this is a generous sample I got from my teafriend – thanks so much

I’ve got a lot of shou. I love it. while drinking a lot of it i developed some preferences. im more picky than before, just clean taste is not enough.

i really liked this Brown Sugar. It is so rich, dark, bittersweet. The fermentation flavor was present in the first 2-3 steeps maybe ( i rinse my shou once only) and then faded away. it went thru many steeps. later steeps had some creaminess.
Very enjoyable cup. thank you teafriend for sharing. i should definitely get this brick with my next order




Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 7 g 3 OZ / 90 ML

Ahhh. I’ll make pics and send you on IG in DM my boxes of shou. Its embarrassing. Im moving next week, i havent realized i have that much. but this one i will get 100%. im a sucker for pretty wrappers too ;)


i’ll have to look in to this one. Where are you moving to? I can’t imagine trying to pack up all the puerh i know you have haha


4 blocks away. but still. the movers are coming next week. Im not worried about the tea but teaware i wont let them touch it. no no ;DD

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this is a sample i got from AllanK to compare to the same tea i got from Aliexpress seller couple years ago.
this tea also goes under different name of 2008 Menghai Dayi Song of Chi Tse


first couple steeps had the fermentation flavor that quickly gone.
The tea is rich, sweet and clean. i did enjoyed the same as i currently own. i havent noticed any difference, maybe only if i would do side by side. but i wasnt in the mood to drink a lot of shou today.
one thing i realized while its perfectly fine nice shou i didnt care much for it. it was …boring. My preference now is for large leaf shou. it lasts much longer and is generally more complex. Thats for today. My tastes keep changing.



Thank you so much AllanK for sharing ;)

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 7 g 2 OZ / 70 ML
Tea and Cheese Lover

I have the 2008 Menghai Dayi Song of Chi Tse from Berylleb. I only have steeped it up once. I liked the flavor in the tea, and for that reason I don’t personally find it boring, but I’m with you that it isn’t very complex. So, I was wondering if you could recommend any particular Shou(s)that is(are) complex? Extra points if its from a vendor where they don’t charge shipping and you can get in non cake quantities! (A great thing about Berylleb)


I will send you a message later with all my shou faves. I buy on ebay very rarely. there is no free ship actually, its included in price. plus i trust my dealers more than ebay sellers.

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This is the sample came thru AllanK – thanks so much for sharing!
i was very excited to try it. The leaf material is good, long twisted leaves. Dry they smell of Fujian teas, that unforgettable rye bread, caraway seed, touch of chocolate .

6g/80ml Yixing pot 205F
rinse/short steeps 3/5/5/7/7/10sec etc

The soup is thick yellow color and very aromatic.
the tea is complex, changing with every steep. I’d say its a cross of Jin Jan Mei and medium roasted Yancha. some mineral notes emerged. some florals but not strong.

Zero smoke or peat. Someone mentioned smoke, now im thinking, its so subtle, almost not detectable to me. And its spicyyyy. Some astringency. Slight, not unpleasant.

If you lower the temp you may avoid this and spicyness too i believe but i will stick with off boil. Long lingering aftertaste. Yum, very enjoyable,very interesting.

Im so glad i was able to try it. Thanks Allan ;)

And thank you YS for sourcing it





205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 3 OZ / 80 ML

So far this is the best tian jian I have tried.


Like hot pepper spicy?


Yes. It actually gave just the right kick. This tea isn’t boring ;)


Allan, It’s my only 2nd Tian Jian I’ve ever tried, thanks to you. I have to agree I like it way better


I’ll have to look into this….


i shall try this tea someday!

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I tried this today because of other people reporting it fishy and undrinkable.
For the record my mandarin pu came not thru Dark Matter group buy but thru W2T club or Black friday, i dont recall exactly. i just know i have it since November-December 2015.

Took 10g for 140ml Jian Shui pot. double rinse (i usually do once,but because of “fishy” reports i decided to rinse it twice)
212F and short steeps
This pu has fermentation flavor as any young shou does. i couldnt find anything fishy or off putting. around 3rd-4th steep it became spicy. i believe its mandarin peel. it wasnt unpleasant, peppery-cinnamon y spice. creamy, some minty cool notes,not strong. I think its Bulang shou but i might be wrong.

This tea is perfectly drinkable if you drink young shou.
my only guess it might be different batch.




Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 10 g 5 OZ / 140 ML

The batch could be it. I think it’s drinkable after the first few steeps (the aftertaste is still a bit off, though). I’m allowing to age a bit before I give it another go! Great review! I’m happy to hear a positive review :)


Thanks :D I had to share my positive experience


I really wish I could try this, but my research on the mandarin varietal suggested a no-go with calcium channel blocker pills I’m taking. :((

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next Liu bao from my Yunnan Sourcing order
This one is very young. i got 50g to try.
i didnt expect such a young Liu Bao tastes so good. i havent detected any fermentation flavor. it tastes very clean. somewhat chocolaty. dont know how betel nut tastes (Scott mentions it in a description) ive noticed some steel cut oatmeal creaminess ( i have weird associations ;)
i wish this tea be a touch thicker. maybe i will use more leaf next time. maybe thickness will come with age. that i dont know.
I have to mention this tea didnt have strong qi as 2002 “803” .
i feel like getting the whole box and store it away and see what happens.
Does anyone know what the best storage for liu bao? please let me know. id love to age some.

212F 6g/80ml yixing
1 rinse 3/5/7/10 sec



Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 3 OZ / 80 ML
Tea and Cheese Lover

Not weird at all. I get a plain oatmeal or unbaked dough flavor in a few of the ripes that I’ve tried, but not until the last few steeps when the majority of the other flavors are gone.


Normally it is stored in bamboo baskets. I’ve been doing an experiment using one of the balsa boxes from Joseph Wesley. Join me in giving that a try!


@Tea and Cheese Lover thanks for confirming im not alone with my oatmeal flavor;P
@CWarren thank you for the advice. if only i had space for storing neatly. but thats another topic ;)


@Cwyn interesting. do you mean that flip box he sends out with gift sets?

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i was bitten by Liu Bao bug so now i have to try every Liu Bao I see. Got a small order from Yunnan Sourcing of Liu bao last night.
I had to try it right away. normally i give some time to rest for cakes. but i thought since its loose and in ziplock and didnt travel for too long (only 10 days from China, super fast. actually out of 1o days it spent 3 days in SF mail jail ;((
Ok, the dry leaf is beautiful. long, some twisted. occasional sticks but not too many
2 rinses 6g/80ml yixing 212F
short steeps of 3/5/7 sec
i love humidly stored cakes. so i havent noticed anything off putting. this tea tastes clean to me. no fishiness or other stinkiness. it is dark rich, somewhat spicy. Also it has some quite powerful qi. i was teadrunk and it made me very warm. it was welcoming since we have a chilly weather.
I highly recommend pu lovers to check this Liu bao out



Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 3 OZ / 80 ML

Thanks. This one is clean. But maybe someone who hasn’t tried any humid stored teas won’t find it appealing. I’m going to get more with next purchase ;)


I find myself favoring Guanxii over most other Liu Bao I’ve tried. You mentioned betel nut, the Guanxii area teas have the most pronounced, in my opinion.

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I’ve stopped rating teas long time ago. Couldn’t be happier ;D

Puaddict flirting with Taiwanese teas at the moment





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