I picked this up over the weekend from the Millerton shop. I had a tin of regular Paris, but I have no idea where it got to. I might have gifted it to a friend or sent it out in swaps. Anyway I picked the decaf version up because I’ve been getting migraines again and this time I know it’s not from the gluten (as I’ve cut it completely). My doc’s suggestion cut back and try a few decaf cups of tea.

Now I’m still allowed my regular tea…but not the 6-8 cups I was having a day. More like 2 cups…but all the decaf I want…fun. This is only a test, I repeat only a test…thankfully. So I picked this up, because I was determined to have GOOD decaf tea! I can tell you I really don’t notice a huge difference at all. The same fruity flavor, the same everything. So it’s easy to forget that it happens to be decaf.

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I am a tea lover, a wife, mom of one, and servant to three cats (all rescues). I love to read and write. I’m also a BIG fan of the following shows: BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Law and Order, Supernatural, Bones, and more – bless Netflix.

I started drinking and enjoying tea when I was 7 (sure it was bagged Lipton, but it got me started) with my grandmother. As I said it was Lipton with milk and sugar (and peanut butter and jelly on toast) and my love just grew from there. I was brought to loose leaf through a trip to Teavana. But my taste has expanded to many different types of tea since then. I review teas at the link provided, check it out!

You can also find me on twitter and instagram – @IllBeMother221b


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