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I dont care what people say, I reeallllyyyy enjoy this tea. The smell of cinnamon is so nice strong, but when it steeps there is a bit of a strange smell to it. But the taste of cinnamon and orange are there, I dont know why people say they dont taste it; i guess we all have different taste buds. I enjoy it and will stay on my shelf for the time being, mostly because of the pu’erhs crazy health benefits, and of course the cinnamon heartyness <3

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drank Movie Night by DAVIDsTEA
37 tasting notes

In the mall whenever I walked by DAVIDsTEA the blueish teal colour always caught my eye. I have heard many good things about it so I finally decided to go in it and see what its all about. So Movie Night was the very first tea I have tried at DAVIDsTEA. I was so shocked by the fact that they actually put popcorn in tea – or even popcorn flavoured tea. That was about a year ago. So pretty much that tea got me hooked to DAVIDsTEA.

It actually tasted like popcorn, not salty but sweet and caramely. The apple is a nice touch. Wow Its been a while since I had it, I think I am going to buy some…. in a tin (:

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drank Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA
37 tasting notes

My besties and I went out for David’s after our last exam and we all decided to try this tea. Oh my goodness! The smell! So beautiful, and the taste even better! We all agreed that it tasted sort of Christmas-y. I dont exactly remember the taste because it was a while ago, but please, try this tea!

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Okay so tonight I am pretty much indulging in tea (had four cups of Matcha Matsu) and am now trying my Chocolate Orange. I dont know why but when I saw this on the website I like screamed, usually I hate chocolate with fruit but maybe the fact that this is a pu’erh changed the story. So I went into my local DT today and asked if I could smell this one. I asked her for 50g but as she was filling the pouch and taking some out cuz I guess it was over 50g I said “WAIT! I’LL TAKE 100g!” …as if I have anymore room on my shelf dedicated for DAVIDsTEA lol.
Okay so if you think the dry tea leaves smell orgasmic wait till you smell it as it is steeping… I seriously think I am going to cry because it smells so beautiful (tea geek much…?). And the taste is definately as good as the smell! David, you’ve done it again


This is one of my all time favorite tea’s! My daughter loves this one too! I’m so glad they brought it back…I just bought a bunch that should be here tomorrow from Canada to Colorado…can’t wait…!!!!!

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drank Chai Guarana by DAVIDsTEA
37 tasting notes

This is definately my go-to morning tea. To be honest, I dont really get that energy boost but I dont blame the tea; I literaly fell asleep right after drinking two large black coffees. Energy boosts and caffeen just dont affect me, never did.

Anyways, at first sniff of the dry leaves this tea smells totally disgusting!!!!!! BUT when you steep it the nasty smell goes away and tastes AMAZING, just like chai should. Its spicey but not too spicy, its a really good chai. I receomend it for all of you chai lovers out there, and maybe the energy boost will work on you hahaha (:

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drank Jesse's Tea by DAVIDsTEA
37 tasting notes

This is definately one of my favourite teas. I love coconut but am not that big fan of floral, but this tea has a really good balance too it. I am a bit iffy about rooibos teas because to me they tend to have a weird mintyish after taste, but I do not get that with this tea. This tea will always be found on my shelves; mostly used as a night tea because it is soothing and of course caffeen free. HIGHLY recomend you to try this tea, even my picky sister enjoys it ( and she hates everything!!!)

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drank Matcha Matsu by DAVIDsTEA
37 tasting notes

Okay so Ive always wanted to try matcha and maybe buy some so I can make some green tea frapps. I went down to my DT during my lunch break today and was quite nervous to buy this matcha because I have never tried it before and was scared that I wasnt going to prepare it right, mostly because I dont own any proper equiptment (whisk and measuring spoon). So I just made some (whisking with a whisk used for like pancakes and what not) and OMG it is amazing!!! It is actually GREEN, and does not taste strong straight (i always prefer my green teas straight) Now I am so excited and I think Im going to buy 100g more and maybe(most likely) a new colourful tea tin for it! (:

Invader Zim

You don’t really need the proper equipment. I got the matcha gift set from Teavana when they had their big sale after Christmas (originally $70 got it for $17). Plus my mother-in-law got me the bamboo tool kit that includes the scoop. Before that I used a regular, yet small, whisk and a bowl and it came out just fine. Not quite as frothy, but still just as tasty.

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My freinds call me a tea enthusiast and I am also known as “the girl who is obsessed with tea.” I like tea, especially matcha and rooibos.


Toronto, Ontario



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