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Omg, my friend and I were so disapointed when our local DT was completely sold out of this during the winter season because we were dying to try this tea. Well I bought some online during the weekend and recieved it today and was so excited to taste it. Wow what a disapointment… It tasted more like a cinnamon bun instead of a carmel apple (BTW I totally HATE cinnamon buns). So I had such high hopes for this tea that I bought 100g… I dont know what to do with it. I am very sad now ): This tea just isnt for me. If you are they type that loves cinnamon buns and sweet sweet apples then this is the tea for you. I cant wait to bring this to the store and return it for a nice big tin of something else…(:


Mmmm, I love cinnamon buns! Sorry this tea was a disappointment for you.

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drank Genmaicha by DAVIDsTEA
37 tasting notes

Mmmmmmmm. The best way to drink this one is with sushi. At one point I would buy sushi and a straight green tea whenever I went to work to motivate me during the seasonal times with stressful and rude customers. This tea is great! So nice and toasty. You can definately taste the grains in this one. It cheered me up during those stressful times

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Oh my gosh what a good tea this was. So I am a huge fan of green teas and this one really did please my palate! This one tasteed so nice and smooth, it tasted sort of spinach-y with a hint of the ocean to me. It definately goes down easily. I wish it wasnt so pricy though, but it is very rare and high quality… I will stick to getting it togo instead of buying the dry leaves (:

update Okay so I just brewed a cup of normal teabag grocery store green tea and I find that it has no flavour at all. After drinking loose leaf teas the grocery store teas just cant measure up…. i swear the bag has been in this cup for a half hour and it is has nooo flavour to it! I think I will stick to davids loose leaf green teas, tently is just not working out for me….

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Overall this tea is pretty good. I think the flavours of chocolate and rasberry goes really well in this mate. I’m not sure how energizing it is for me, I dont feel it, but as I had said before, caffeane does not have an effect on me. If this tea ends up having an affect on me maybe I will make it my moning tea, but if not than idk. This tea is okay but it doesnt really speak to me. Its just meh. I might repurchase if im in the mood for it, it does have a nice blendy flavour to it.

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Mmmmmm chai!!! Okay so yeah I didnt get this tea mostly because I love a guy named Jade * cough cough * nope thats not the main reason at all… (;
I find that with any sort of chai tea, the dry leaves smell so weird. And yes this tea has that weird dry leaf smell too, but I got it anyways because I loooooove chai and Jade
Anyways, once it brews it has such a pretty floral-like smell to it. And the leaves, do they ever expand! Mmm this tea has such a nice taste, sweet and spicy. Really nice flavour! After I drank half of the cup I put milk in the rest to see how it tastes, everyone reccomends it with milk! Yeah no, I had to pour the rest down the sink, sad, what a waste. I am just not a milk in the tea kind of person, I just dont enjoy it. Anyways, I will be drinking this tea straight for now on, and will probably stalk up, I only bought 50g of it. Blue oolong tin, here I come!

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drank Checkmate by DAVIDsTEA
37 tasting notes

The smell of the dry leaves is amazing!!! So sweet and coconut-y! And once the tea is brewed ohhh smells so good. I find that when drinking the tea, I taste more tea than flavour, which I do not mind. The after taste is very flavourful though. I do not taste or smell any chocolate, which I dont mind because chocolate teas are okay but not my absolute favourite. Overall this is a gooood tea, I am almost out of it and I am not sure if I should buy more or not…

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I dont care what people say, my taste buds love this tea. I think you should try it regardless of how people criticise any tea in fact, because we all have different taste buds. For example, I love this tea, but it gets many negative opinions; while the Jumpy Monkey tea has so many positve opinions but maybe you should see my comment on it…
Anyways, this tea has such a nice sweet hint to it, and the peach scent and flavour is amazing. I dont mind the yogurt bits, but I usually eat them before they get into the tea bag :x

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drank Jumpy Monkey by DAVIDsTEA
37 tasting notes

OH MY GOSH! So one day at work I needed a little (actually a HUGE) pick-me-up, because I was literally falling asleep at my register. So on my break I went across the street to the mall and decided to get this tea, i wasnt that pleased with the smell but I thought it would taste a bit better. Okay so no. So it kinda smelled like vomit mixed with fish food and dirt. I left it in the staff room and everyone asked what that terrible smell was… Never again. No offence to the people that actually enjoy it, it may just be me.

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I went to one of the biggest DT in my city today(Toronto) and I REALLY wanted to get Southern Belle iced… nope out of stalk and apparently discontinued-tears. They may still have some left at my local DT, I think I saw it the other day… ANYWAYS, this tea is second in line for my “iced” list, if you know what I mean. I find it funny how the worker suggested this one to me- honey, i know what i want (:- and the workers at my local DT know that well (They say Im their #1 customer). So yes… peach! Oh did I ever taste the peach! Very fruity and nice,sort of rememded my of Happy Kombucha. I do wish to try this one hot though, it feels like I wont get the real “tea experience” if I dont have it hot right? But I will most likely re-purchase this tea, maybe in a blue oolong tin? I would most definately drink this peach on the beach (;

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drank Pom Power by DAVIDsTEA
37 tasting notes

I really enjoy this tea! Fruity teas are not my forte but I wanted to get a nice one to ice because summer is just around the corner. The employee at DT brought this one for me to smell and I must say, the smell of this one is beatiful! Sort of like rasberries and strawberries, I orginially wanted Strawberry White but they were all out, but I am so glad I picked this one. I brewed it hot and it just tastes so lovely, so fruity and sweet, its a bit tart but I add a bit of agave nectar and oooh – perfect!

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My freinds call me a tea enthusiast and I am also known as “the girl who is obsessed with tea.” I like tea, especially matcha and rooibos.


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