When I make a new order, I usually ask Husband about any wishes he might have. We always have some breakfast tea which we buy a large amount of, and then a handful of others, be they flavoured things or other unflavoured ones or a mixture. This time Husband asked for ‘some sort of berries’. He has previously been known to be partial to berry flavours.

I chose this one because of the red currants. It’s kind of a Four Red Fruits kind of deal, except this one is only three. We have raspberry, strawberry and red currants. The info given by the shop calls it ‘juicy’ and I’m very inclined to agree. Like with the caramel one I wrote about the other day, this is pretty heavily flavoured. It’s very sweet and fruity and I feel like I’m getting primarily the red currant. Good luck trying to find a base tea in there.

It’s funny, a few years ago, this would have been a big mark against it for me. A few years ago I wanted the flavour to be there, but I wanted it to be subtle enough that I could still tell I was drinking tea. These days I tend to want more flavouring. I imagine it’s to do with my own changed attitude towards it in general. Back then was when I had shelves and shelves of different teas and a whole box of samples and swaps, and most of all this I never to rarely actually felt like drinking. These days we have a handful to choose from, and they’re all FAR more likely to be actually enjoyable. And if they aren’t, it’s still possible to maintain the drink it up rule before opening a new one.

…I lost my thread now. Oh well, it probably wasn’t important. This is a nice blend. I like it. It’s fruity. The end.

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