52 Tasting Notes


(If you haven’t seen the Hidden Valley Ranch skit from SNL with Melissa McCarthy…you should google it)

This was another sample from my prize pack with Butiki Tea. So far we are 2 for 2! This has a lovely lemon taste. The sweetness is light and not overwhelming. I’ve never actually had a macaroon, but this tastes like a lovely lemon pastry with light icing.

I don’t think I could do this one every day, but it will definitely get a place in the permanent rotation!


ooo… this is one of the samples I got with my recent order! I am even more excited to try it!

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drank Hello Sweetie by Butiki Teas
52 tasting notes

I brought this tea to work with me today to do some more experimenting. So far I have tried it with…

Less leaf – Love it this way. The package calls for 2 tsp per 8 oz. I steep using a 16oz. infuser, so this time I tried 3tsps instead of 4. I think I prefer it this way. The flavors come through a bit more.

Milk & Sugar – tried milk and sugar on the 2nd steep and I LOVED it. I think I might make that a permanent addition to this tea for me. The tea is already pretty creamy in taste by itself, but adding milk kicks it up that extra notch for me.

Multiple Steeps – I am on my third steep and it is still delicious. I am going to try a fourth before I call it quits with this one for the day.

I can’t recommend this tea enough.


Yay!!! I’m so glad you like it. I just got it recently as a part of my order but haven’t tried it yet. Ha! I like putting off pleasures, I guess :D

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drank Hello Sweetie by Butiki Teas
52 tasting notes

The Doctor: If you were in a hurry you could have killed me in the cornfield!
Melody: We’d only just met! I’m a psychopath. I’m not rude.

I love River Song, and I LOVE this tea! It lives up to the hype!

I have to admit, I didn’t get a ton of banana out of this, but the coconut and toffee notes were absolutely lovely. I am boiling water for my third steep as I type.

This might be my new go-to morning tea.


Ok that sounds delightful.

carol who

I just got some of this in a swap you! I am so excited about trying it. I love River Song!

carol who

Oh no Oh no I got this from DeliriumsFrogs!!!

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Smells delicious in the tin. Smells delicious while steeping. First sip was delicious.

Then the aftertaste comes marching in. It’s a hostile take-over folks. Currant leads the charge and the final blow is the medicinal taste that’s left when the dust settles. Ug.

I had such high hopes for this one based on the smell fresh out of the tin. Adding “currant” to the list of flavors I don’t care for.


I don’t care for currant teas, either. Twinings’s Blackcurrant Breeze even made me nauseous once. Just… :/

Roswell Strange

I really like Tea Desire’s Champagne Cassis tea, which is currant flavoured. I’ll pass some along to you to try out :) Maybe you’ll change your mind ;)

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This came as a free sample with my latest Stash order.

It tastes like drinking a slightly sweetened soft pretzel. I didn’t even think that was a thing. But my brain and tastebuds got together (after dropping acid apparently) and that is what they came up with.

Is there a fancy tea way of saying this tastes like dough?

I love the loose tea I order from Stash, but I have yet to be impressed with a bagged tea. At least it was free, so no harm done.

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drank White Tropics by Adagio Teas
52 tasting notes

On today’s episode of “Tea Problems…”

“White Tea…You are Drunk”

This is my first experience with white tea…first steep…ring the alarm. Houston we have a problem. First of all, it’s not WHITE y’all. AT. ALL. It straight-up looks like COFFEE. I SWEAR ON THE LEAF I ONLY STEEPED IT FOR 3 MINUTES!!!


In other news…tastes good. Nice hint of coconut. I added rock sugar so it’s pretty sweet…I dig it. Actually, that could be where the color is coming from…maaaaaaybe?

I’ll do a proper review after I figure out what/if I did something wrong…maybe I’ll try it with no sugar on the re-steep. Are you supposed to re-steep white? (Heads to Google)


That’s strange! And if it’s a good quality white you should be able to resteep it!

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drank Dewy Cherry by Adagio Teas
52 tasting notes

This tea is lovely. I am pretty picky about my herbal teas, I like the fruit to actually taste like the fruit I am drinking…silly me. Adagio’s herbals are generally pretty solid since they are basically dried fruit.

This cherry blend didn’t let me down. The cherry tastes natural and a bit on the tart side. I also tried it with a healthy dose of sugar the second time and it tasted a bit like cherry pie. Yum.

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drank Blueberry by Adagio Teas
52 tasting notes

The snozzeberries actually taste like snozzeberries!

Who ever heard of a snozzeberry?

We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams. Come along, come along.

ahem where am I?

This tea is HEAVENLY. The blueberry flavor in this tea tastes JUST like ripened blueberries. Leaning more to the sweet side as opposed to tart. It doesn’t taste artificial at all which is nice. It’s hard to find blueberry-flavored things that don’t taste artificial and cheap.

This is a hard and fast three-minute brew though. Otherwise it gets overly brassy. Second and third resteeps were also enjoyable. I added sugar to those so they tasted more like blueberry muffins…but still yummy.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Willy Wonka!!! :D


YES! :)

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drank Candy Apple by Adagio Teas
52 tasting notes

Cinnamon. This tea made me smile because it tastes heavily of cinnamon. And “cinnamon” reminds me of one of my all-time favorite Johnlock fics.

That’s about where the happy feelings with this tea begin and end unfortunately. I wasn’t actually hoping for cinnamon…I was hoping for more caramel and baked apples. Sadly the black tea overpowers the sweeter flavors and you get smokey cinnamon.

If smokey black tea with cinnamon undertones is your thing then by all means ask me for a sample…I will happily send it along.

Do anyone have any recommendations for a caramel/toffee apple tea?

Whispering Pines Tea Company

You’ve got an ounce of all-natural Apple Cinnamon Oolong coming your way! ;)


I am sooooo excited!!! Your prize pack is amazingly generous!

Whispering Pines Tea Company

:D I’m excited to see what you think of them!

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I had such high hopes for this tea. The description sounded so delicious.

“Sweet pineapple blends with bright cherry and cranberry notes and smooth vanilla.”


Ordered a sample, but apparently they failed to mention that one of the primary ingredients is cough syrup. The cherry flavor is over-powering in a completely horrible way. I was in a meeting while drinking it and my co-workers complained about the smell. Normally they love when I bring a tea to a meeting.

I tried a second steep and it was a bit milder, but overall I was extremely disappointed.


I’m sorta meh about Teavana. A lot of their blends are really light on actual tea, they’re expensive, and I’ve had bad experiences with ordering online. Some of them are ok, but I’ve found so many companies that I enjoy more.

Teavana and DavidsTEA are pretty great places to start experimenting with tea though. I started drinking through DAVIDs.


teavana is blech-y. i said so. believe me. i KNOW STUFF giggling mmmm i should probably behave around the new kid…that’s what cavo would tell me…or maybe not she like chaos.

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I just started drinking loose tea this year…and by “drinking” I mean, “completely obsessed” with no hope or want of redemption.

One experience with some rooibos and an infuser to show me just how easy it was, and that was all she wrote.

The only tea I ever had before this year was bagged Earl Grey, that one bad experience was enough to put me off tea for life. Turns out, after some trial and error, I discovered I just don’t like bergamot.

All other tea is fair game. I am enjoying expanding my horizons, and I would love to do a swap if anyone is willing to give a newbie a shot! Check out my cupboard and let me know if you are interested in anything!

Tea Ratings:
100-90 – DRINK ALL THE TEA!!! Always in my cupboard. I would cry if discontinued.
80-89 – Very good tea. I probably stock this year round in small quantities.
70-79 – Good tea, but not a “WOW” tea
60-69 – I can appreciate that this is good tea…just not a tea I enjoy
59 or below – No thank you.

As far as life outside of tea goes…I am a fangirl at heart.

I love BBC Sherlock and all things Johnlock.

I also love Doctor Who. 3, 9 & 10 are my favorites…I have high hopes for 12. My favorite companions are River Song, Donna Noble and Mickey the Idiot.

I am an adult fan of Lego, as is my husband bgrinham. We collect Classic Space, Classic Star Wars, Harry Potter, Trains, and the Modular Buildings.

Feel free to say hello! I look forward to meeting people who share in my obsessions! Tea or otherwise!


Buffalo, NY

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