52 Tasting Notes

drank Nina's Japon by Nina's Paris
52 tasting notes

My first genmaicha…I don’t know how I feel about it yet, so I’m not going to rate it just yet. I love the caramel and vanilla notes in this tea! I am not sure, however, if I care for the ricey aftertaste…

I am going to try again in a few days, and see how I feel about it then…

Thank you to cavocorax for the sample!

Roswell Strange

I think I sent you a plain Genmaicha so you should have something for comparison soon.


Cool cool cool :) I am loving discovering what I like and don’t like.


Oh, I wish I’d brought some of this to the office! I am craving toasty rice notes now! :P Hope you have better luck with it later, but if it’s not your thing it’s no biggie. :D

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I got my tea swap in the mail from cavocorax AND Carol Who!!! (I’ll go post it in the forums too…)

But I am so excited!!!

My husband bgrinham aka Brian will also be sampling all of the teas if you want to follow him as well!

Right now I have a cup of “Nina’s Paris” steeping and he has a cup of “Chocolate Monkey” in his cup!

Roswell Strange

Hooray for tea swaps! Hopefully the one from me is quick to follow.


I hope so too! We are looking forward to the matcha! I am putting the finishing touches on your package so I can get it in the mail on Wednesday!


I love it when you get multiple packages in all at once. Also I love that your husband is on Steepster too! Hi bginham!


Hello cavocorax :), I actually joined Steepster first and then introduced my wife to the site :)

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O_O Pancakes. Pancakes WITH syrup. In my tea cup. Mama like. Mama LOOOOOVE.

Wow. Wooooooooooow. I have had a really good run with some really lovely teas the past few days and this one does not disappoint!

At the front, this tastes like a normal Butiki black tea (completely awesome)…but the AFTERTASTE…oh heaven. The aftertaste that hits you two seconds later is a short burst of buttery pancake goodness that has me doing a happy dance at my desk and thinking about a resteep!

Highly recommend!

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Another great tea from Whispering Pines! This tea is the base for the Golden Orchid that I love so much, and while Golden Orchid is still the winner for me, North Winds is a close second.

The dark chocolate hits me first, but finishes with a lovely honey & chocolate aftertaste.

I am on my second steep, and it’s just as lovely as the first.

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Brendan! BRENDAN! YOU MUST MAKE THIS TEA ALWAYS! Please never discontinue it! This tea is AMAZEBALLS. It is currently out of stock, so I HOPE (beg) Brendan to restock it!

I am going to make a bold statement. I think this might be the best tea non-dessert tea I have ever tried. I will add the disclaimer that I am still a Noob to the world of loose tea (I have only been drinking loose tea for two months) but in my quest to find a good breakfast tea, this is definitely the winner. Hands down.

This would, for sure, be a tea i took with me to a desert island.

I am on my second steep and it is just as flavorful as the first. The tasting note from Whispering Pines suggests that you could get up to 8 resteeps out of this. I love it so much, I might just try it. If I do I will come back and edit my note.


So happy to see you discovering straight teas and their wonderfulness :)

Whispering Pines Tea Company

√ Back in stock
√ Never Discontinue Golden Orchid
√ Stop drinking my personal stock and save some for the people of Steepster



Yay for it being back in stock! I just placed an order! Yum.


This was on my list to try and now it’s even more on my list to try!

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I brewed this tea on Friday for an afternoon meeting that I knew would drag on and on…I steeped two cups for the meeting and steeped it a third time once I got back to my office.

I am not normally a fan of mint-flavored things, but my husband loves this one, so I took a sample to work to give it a shot. I’m glad I did! This tea is LOVELY.

1st steep – Heavy on the mint, light on the chocolate/expresso flavor. Not my favorite steep, just because the flavors were SO strong…but still highly enjoyable
2nd steep – Flavor party in my mouth! The mint calmed down and the chocolate/expresso flavor picked up to blend together for a lovely cup of mint-chocolate goodness. This was my favorite steep.
3rd steep- Just a slightly more subtle version of the 2nd steep. All the flavors were still joining the party, but the had relaxed somewhat.

I didn’t try for a fourth, just because I had reached my mint limit for the day, but I think I probably could have had a decent cup of tea if I had tried!

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This was one of my tea samples from Whispering Pines, so far my husband and I have loved every one of the samples we have tried, but I am sad to say, this one is just not for me. I am not going to assign a rating, because I feel like it is probably an amazing tea. It’s just not the tea for me.

Kudos to Whispering Pines for nailing the scent and taste though. It smells and tastes exactly like a campfire. If that sounds appealing to you then let me know and I would happy to send it along in a swap.


Are you not into the smoke? I can see some people not liking that.


I think that’s it. I seem to prefer fruity teas or dessert teas…I don’t think I would be a fan of smokey teas, regardless of how well they are made.

I loved their “October” blend, which had the cedar leaves, but without the smoke. So maybe that’s it.

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I am coming back to add to my original review of this tea. After my original note, I decided to go for a fourth and fifth steep based on the recommendation from Whispering Pines website, and am I ever glad I did!

Surprisingly little flavor was lost in the 4th and 5th steep! I thoroughly enjoyed them! I was slightly tempted to try for a 6th just to see if I could, but I wanted to leave the tea on a high note for the day.

Highly recommend!

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I rarely drink this one anymore since I love the later infusions so much…and I also love switching teas a lot! Haha :) I love to make this when I have guest over in the fall though…everyone gets tea and I feel like it was practically free! :D

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This tea is LOVELY. I have been drinking it all day, I am on my fourth steep, and I am still in love with it. Each steep has been slightly different, but highly enjoyable.

The first steep was very spicy…almost like hot apple cider, but the apple flavor was more pie-like, as opposed to fruity. This was my least-favorite steep…the remaining steeps were absolutely lovely.

Second and third steeps were my favorite. The flavors came together for a delicious cup of apple-smoothness. The “Pie” flavor was milder with each steep, which I enjoyed.

I look forward to enjoying this when the weather is cooler. This blend is currently out of stock, so I hope Whispering Pines restocks it in the fall.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

This will be back in stock by Autumn for sure :) Glad you liked it!


Great to hear! I look forward to it!

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This is my first tea from Whispering Pines. They nailed the name of this tea. It reminds you of everything lovely about the Fall. It’s weird to be drinking it in the Spring. Haha.

If you love cloves, this is your tea. The taste of the cloves is overpowering for the first few sips, but then it mellows quite nicely. I actually enjoyed this cup more and more as it cooled.

It’s almost like an apple cider, without the apples. Which sounds odd, but it works.

My husband had the second steep and he enjoyed it. This tea calls for 1tbsp per cup. So be careful when measuring.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Hmm, sad. I had a really hard time evenly splitting an ounce of this. Your half must have gotten more cloves :/

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I just started drinking loose tea this year…and by “drinking” I mean, “completely obsessed” with no hope or want of redemption.

One experience with some rooibos and an infuser to show me just how easy it was, and that was all she wrote.

The only tea I ever had before this year was bagged Earl Grey, that one bad experience was enough to put me off tea for life. Turns out, after some trial and error, I discovered I just don’t like bergamot.

All other tea is fair game. I am enjoying expanding my horizons, and I would love to do a swap if anyone is willing to give a newbie a shot! Check out my cupboard and let me know if you are interested in anything!

Tea Ratings:
100-90 – DRINK ALL THE TEA!!! Always in my cupboard. I would cry if discontinued.
80-89 – Very good tea. I probably stock this year round in small quantities.
70-79 – Good tea, but not a “WOW” tea
60-69 – I can appreciate that this is good tea…just not a tea I enjoy
59 or below – No thank you.

As far as life outside of tea goes…I am a fangirl at heart.

I love BBC Sherlock and all things Johnlock.

I also love Doctor Who. 3, 9 & 10 are my favorites…I have high hopes for 12. My favorite companions are River Song, Donna Noble and Mickey the Idiot.

I am an adult fan of Lego, as is my husband bgrinham. We collect Classic Space, Classic Star Wars, Harry Potter, Trains, and the Modular Buildings.

Feel free to say hello! I look forward to meeting people who share in my obsessions! Tea or otherwise!


Buffalo, NY

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