576 Tasting Notes

drank Dragonwell by Adagio Teas
576 tasting notes

Eh. I’ve had better. I’ve had worse. This tastes too grassy, too flat for me. The reviewer who mentioned a sewage smell, YES, I get you! It does resemble sewage, lightly. I got a couple samples and planned on giving one to a friend, but I’m adding it to my tea swap collection. Maybe blended with something it would work. I ended up dumping it out and reaching for the Pancake Breakfast blend. Ahh.

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I bought this without realizing it has the dreaded red rooibos. But I tried it anyway – I live on the edge! :P This is basically just strawberries in a cup. Strawberries are my #1 fruit (we had a strawberry patch in CA and I ate them almost everyday). Finding a tea that doesn’t have that horrid artificial strawberry flavor is always a tough quest, but it ends here. I love that this is caffeine free too, so I can enjoy before bed. So far, no headache. (YAY!) Absolutely delish!

EDIT: there is a twinge of spice to the cup as well. I didn’t notice it because I was too busy gulping the cup! I noticed on the last sip. Must. Brew. More. :)


Yay! I ordered some of this on Friday.

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drank Spiced Orappangele by 52teas
576 tasting notes

I bought this tea on a whim – I was ordering from 52teas and needed an even number of bags purchased. But I’m glad I did. This is one mellow tea! It’s citrus-y and apple-y, with a touch of spice. I can’t say it tastes like a certain spice, just spicy. It smells as good as it tastes. It’s refreshing and bright, like sunshine after a rainy day. I also like the green tea base – which is grassy and crisp. All around a good tea.


OK… I gotta ask… you needed an even number of bags? You sound like me when I justify purchasing more tea than I need. Haha!


Yes, it’s totally OCD. I’m weird about numbers like that. And I can justify purchasing anything! :)


hehe! I am the opposite as I prefer odd numbers, but I don’t really think about that when I’m buying tea. Just for almost everything else. However, when it comes to Frank’s tea, I generally buy 2 at a time (except this last time, I don’t think I did), mostly because my oldest daughter now takes a cup of tea with her to school every morning, and her favorites are the coconut cheesecake and monkey fart.


hehe – I used to be all about the number 3. Until my now husband pointed out that celebrity deaths come in 3. That weirded me out… I do like 5, though. It’s an honorary even number for my OCD-ness. ha!

Southern Boy Teas

I’m CDO. It’s like OCD, but the letters are in alphabetical order, like they should be.


I’m weird with numbers, too. When we got married, it had to be on all evens… 8.10.04. :) Until my son decided to be born in August 2005… I just couldn’t hold him in!

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This is a weird one for me. I don’t care for how it smells; it reminds me of something that gives me a headache, so it’s kinda like the power-of-suggestion. But the taste. My GOD. It’s phenomenal! It redefines Chai. It brings other chais (minus my beloved Teavana blend) to a whole new level. I added just one Splenda packet…maybe this would be good with milk? I honestly don’t know. I bet it would be good with eggnog silk, though. Anyhoo, I was getting ready to snub this tea for its smell, but one sip and I’m hooked.


Oh thank Heavens. I caught some on the reblend and can hardly wait for it to arrive…I’ve never had 52Teas Masala Chai (or any other than apple vanilla white chai and gingerbread chais, which I love!) but I love most chai and am constantly expanding my collections.


You’ll like this one, for sure. :) I’m a real chai fiend too!


Personally, I think an unflavored chai that wouldn’t be good w/ milk shouldn’t be called chai lol.

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It’s rare I drink the same tea twice in a row (other than when I am resteeping leaves) but I required a second cup of this tea. Such a gem!


This sounded so good I went to their website only to find they are sold out. :(


You have to be really quick on the draw to get 52Teas sometimes. It’s great for them, but frustrating for the rest of us! Maybe Frank’ll do a reblend.


Yes, I often miss out. I was surprised, honestly, to get this one! :) I could send you a little sample if you’d like. Just PM me your addy and I’ll send it out tomorrow. :)


Hello Such a great review its so tough sometimes to keep up with all of the 52teas. Because I have a habit of buying the last minute. This tea sounds really great and yummy.

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YAY! I returned to work this morning to find my 52teas order awaiting my arrival. I tore into this tea first and I gotta say, this is a new favorite! I was careful about steeping time, after reading the other reviews. I steeped no more than 3 minutes (work be damned!). I taste maple syrup (the good kind, not the table syrup), butter and buttermilk pancakes! So unique, so Frank. This is SO good! I added one packet of Splenda, which enhanced the goodness of flavors, I think. I’m reminded of my Oma’s pancakes – without the calories. Wonderful, delicious, savory. I’m in heaven! This should be a permanent part of the 52teas collection!

3 min, 0 sec

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I’m an EG newbie, so I don’t feel right rating these just yet. This one from Metro Tea smelled delicious – citrusy and bright – but the taste! Lots of fruit loopy and manly. This next sentence will make me sound like a weirdo, I know, but the EG Cream smelled like a man – like cologne. And very much not in a good way. I don’t like heavy cologne on men; I call it “Pimp Diesel.” So while this one is tasty and hearty, it has a certain Pimp Diesel quality to it.

Maybe I oversteeped. Maybe I’m completely ignorant about EG. OK, actually I am. But I need to conquer this taste. Help me out, teasters!

Follow my EG adventures:

ColumbiaKate Maybe you are right about the cologne quality. The aroma of this tea makes so many sales. People love it and come back for more. Most women, on smelling it practically melt. I call it “catnip for women” at the shop. I never thought of it as a Men’s cologne, but I can imagine that if men would carry a sachet of this tea with them they could probably create a following.

You may not be ale to find an EG that you like. Did you try this one with milk?

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drank Chai Tea by Tea District
576 tasting notes

Honestly, each time I have this it gets spicier and better! I love this version of chai, with plenty of cinnamon, cardamom and spunk; no sip is plain. Please see other notes for my chronological joy for this bagged heaven!

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I’m a huge fan of jasmine teas – but I understand that floral teas aren’t for everybody! (Just like red rooibos isn’t for me.) I love the deep floral taste of this tea: jasmine with a touch of honeysuckle. Actually, you know the honeysuckle nectar that’s so much fun to pluck off? That’s the hint of flavor that is in this tea.

This is an essential for me, although if I drank it all the time I would get sick of it. I have to keep the variety going! With the exception of the phoenix pearls, this tea is the best jasmine I’ve tasted. Also, since it’s newer, it tastes fresher.

I just love the hint of honeysuckle nectar in the aftertaste. Reminds me of summer!


That sounds amazing! I’m also a huge fan of Jasmine tea, and I looove the smell/taste of honeysuckle. Definitely going on my list!


I only bought a sample so I don’t have enough to send you. But if you like jasmine & honeysuckle, this will be dreamy. :)

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Backlogging – had this before bed last night. I really enjoyed this cup, however I had to make a couple changes. I used two tea bags and left both of them in for the remainder of the cup. I enjoy drinking herbal teas at night while watching TV, and this is a great selection. I tasted chamomile (but mild), pepper- and spearmints, and a hint of licorice, mainly for a sweet tinge at the cup’s end. This is decent, not a bad purchase. But it’s not a tea I’ll go through quickly.

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Hello fellow tea fans!
I’ve been a tea enthusiast for years but just recently started brewing my own. I’ve created some blends, and enjoy researching about new teas. I combined my love of tea and writing to create a tea-devoted blog, Keen Tea Thyme. I have been writing for most of my life and am a former journalist with a degree in Communications and Social Psychology, and a minor in Writing. Journalism is in my blood, so that means I’m inquisitive by nature, will double-check sources and/or get a second opinion as needed, but also fair and balanced in my reviews. If my reviews seem more positive, energetic and have high ratings, it’s because I love tea. :)

If you are a tea company, I’d love to review some your tea! Free samples are always welcome so I can fully enjoy the freshest selections. I’m also open to tea swaps as I always have too many teas on hand to drink & would love to share with other tea enthusiasts! :)

My Simple Rating Scale (as of Feb. 2011)
>50: I’m NOT a fan. I could barely finish the cup, if I even did. I wouldn’t even recommend this to my worst enemy. Not worth my time nor yours.

51-65: Good aroma, good flavor. Just nothing pops to give the tea that special kick. Recommended to try; our tasting palates differ.

66-79: Yes, finally, tea – unique flavor profiles, great aroma & flavor. Recommended to try; our tasting palates differ.

80-99: These are cupboard essentials – delicious, aromatic and perfect everyday teas. Re-steepable (beyond at least one steeping). Highly recommended, fun for all ages.

100: These are my favorites, the ones I would take with me if stranded on a desert island. Beyond Highly Recommended.

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Happy Brewing! :)


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