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Never thought I would see them try to make a sea salt caramel into a tea. Then again it seems like Teavana will try anything. Well from the very first smell I thought it would be a hit. Wafts of chocolate and cream first hit you when you open your tin. I honestly didn’t notice much of a smell as it was steeping and the wet smell is just.. there. Honestly, the flavor isn’t bad but the liquid is not fun to look at. Like hmm… what is all that floating in my cuppa?

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If ratings were based off of smell and taste this tea would lose most of its points. It smells, so weird. The liquid isn’t very pretty to look at either. As far flavor goes, it definitely lives up to it’s name with hints of coconut and spices and an interesting after taste with a ginger zip. But it’s not one I would go out of my way to buy. Surprisingly the rooibos isn’t as strong as I thought it would be. Just not my digg.

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I had high hopes for this tea. Probably much higher then I should have considering how much my friend paid for it. Granted price shouldn’t always determine whether it’s good or bad but quite honestly… this is bland. Can’t even taste the pineapple There isn’t even any grassy notes for the green tea. This is not a cup of tea its a cup of blah…


The taste of disappointment.

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This is a lovely tea. The blend of white green and green jasmine pearls along with the fruit makes a tropical treat in your mouth. While the dry leaf smell isn’t anything amazing, the steeped smell will linger in the air for quite awhile after. Fruity flavors of all three fruits are detectable along with some slight notes of the white and green teas.

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Apricot! This is a first! What a unique flavor for tea! The apricot and honey stand out the most as far as flavor goes. Unfortunately, I can’t taste the lavender near as much as what I was hoping. It’s a very nice blend for any time of the day.

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drank Muscat Oolong by Lupicia
650 tasting notes

After reading one of the previous reviews I had to try a grape after steeping the tea. Oh my word guys… its so good. I can never look at another grape the same. And the way it flavors this tea is so nice. It’s a very gentle flavoring unlike Queens Muscat. You won’t be hit with a bunch of muscat flavor but I like that because then you can fully enjoy the other elements like the slightly roasty flavors of this more oxidized oolong. Speaking of which the leaves are gorgeous. Look at those leaves!

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drank French No. 7 by Blue Hour Tea
650 tasting notes

Do not store this tea without proper storing equipment! Open the bag and you will literally be blasted with the essence of bergamot. A plastic bag will not cut it. Now that I’ve warned you would you like to know what it tastes like? If you like Earl Grey you need to try this blend. The first flavor sensation to hit your tongue is the bergamot with a subtle touch of the earthy black base. Then the lavender comes strolling along and it all flows down so nicely.

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May have over steeped it by 30 seconds but even with that amount I still find it lacks what an Earl Grey should be. Not enough bergamot flavor, granted this is a cream earl grey so the creamy notes should stand out more, and they do, but the overall flavor reminds me more of a matly flavor.

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Stay at home mom of two kids. I’ve been drinking tea for quite awhile but figured now that my studies don’t have to reside on my job I can study up on tea. There is so much to learn!

Lately my tastes have been leaning toward unflavored blacks like Big Red Robe and Amba Thieves. I have a special place in my heart for greens though; especially Genmaicha.

I am a tea consultant for Tea Queens and Steeped Tea but I’m not good at pushing sales or home parties… But I do love to talk tea so if you have questions I would love to talk tea!





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