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If Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon had a favorite tea this would be it. Beautiful and rich with intense rose aroma and flavor but subtle with wonderfully balancing woodsy tones. They are using an unsmoked Lapsang for this one. The finish is very nice. Slightly creamy with a dry woodsy flavor.

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Split pea soup. Holy. Brothy. Moley. So brothy. The mouthfeel is so filling. And asparagus tips. This would make a great base for soup. The dry leaf is covered in silvery hairs. So pretty. Soft. Looks like mainly buds and first leaves. With the second steep the pea soup has toned down a bit. You also find summer grasses nd a bit of astringency but only slightly.

Tea for Jenny.
This cup is dedicated to you Jenny. You were my babysitter. I hope I didn’t give you a hard time. We never interacted much beyond that and seeing you down the street. But you were a kind and gentle soul. May you rest well.


Sorry to hear. The loss of any friend is tough news.


So sorry for the loss of a kind and gentle soul from your life. It hurts.

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Evidence of trichomes on the inside of the package. With an interesting wine aroma. Like a Burgundy. With a very slight sweetness from a Visanto. Golden tips and curly tightly twisted leaves. The wet aroma is very nice. A mix of what was already mentioned but then it switches to heavily wooded notes. This is definitely a woodsy brew. Wood chest. Wood compost. Playground wood? Also creamy with a bit of astringency. Would go well with milk.


Spice & Tea Exchange is on the wish list for our next run to the Branson tourist area. I never paid much attention to their unflavored black options. I will now!


I actually wasn’t expecting much from this blend but it was very good

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If you like a woodsy brew you’ll love this tea. It is warming and earthy in all the woodsy lover aspects. The aroma reminds me of a cabin deep in the woods with dark wood paneling. Moss surrounding and a small fire outside ready to make stew. The flavor is so woodsy. Decaying wet wood in a pine forest. Slight resin and old pine chest.


Thank you for that little mini-vacation-in-review. I’m smelling it all and feeling the dampness in my dry bones!

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What an interesting tea. I’ve already learned that there are two types of Lapsang. Smoked and Unsmoked. This appears to be unsmoked. The aroma of the wet leaf shows hints of fruit here and there but mostly wood notes. Dark panels in an expensive house. Based on other people’s reviews I may have let this one sit too long. It was hiding. The twist chocolate-looking leaf is still gorgeous though. And the amber/rose gold color of the water is quite a site. But I am not finding all the fruit notes everyone else seems to be finding. Slight dark cherry and dark cherry wood. Maybe a hint of pomegranate but also resin and interestingly no astringency. Even though I’ve been steeping it for at least five minutes now. There’s also a bit of a milk texture and flavor to it.

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Had a bit left from the class cupping. Realized I haven’t been leaving reviews here. This is a good black tea. Would work well for milk or sugar. On its own it is mouth-filling. No astringency at the personal steeping level but you can find some by steeping it longer and hotter. It is slightly smoky, a bit brothy, and reminds me of decaying wood. Oh! and a bit of cream of wheat.

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drank Zeus by 12GODS
892 tasting notes

I bought this not realizing that it’s a tea made for a Nespresso machine. Oh well. I hate plastic waste but I’m excited to try this. Especially because I’m a bit hungover and something did not sit right with me that I ate yesterday. So here we are with a nice detox cup of tisane. The top part peels off easy and there is plenty in there to make a nice, strong infusion. It tastes quite good. Very herbaceous as one would expect. Chamomile and the Greek Mountain (Sideritis plant) are the strongest flavors.

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Stopped in the Tea’s Me Cafe when we were down in Indy for GenCon. Decided to do a tea place where I didn’t have to pay for parking. I know some (like my brother) love the city and city life but constantly paying for parking is annoying. Anyway. A great cafe. Especially a safe spot for the black community. I’m partial myself (okay a quarter but the history speaks for itself.) I looked in their sample bin and picked out a few teas including this one. It has a sumptuous aroma. Rich berries and slightly woody aroma. The wet aroma has a unique almost smoky aroma along with wet, composting forest wood. The flavor comes out to be quite a bit woodier than it does fruity. In the dry and wet leaf, I searched for the blueberries and cranberries but only found one blueberry and no cranberry. The base leaf has a briskness as you would expect from a Ceylon. But to be honest I would prefer to pair this with Red Berries as it doesn’t do well on its own.
(This one also pairs well with Red Berries which is also a new favorite of my daughters)

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drank Lapsang Souchong by teasenz
892 tasting notes

My original plan was to have an oolong but then I opened this up curious if I could use it for dinner tonight. But that is not like any Lapsang I’ve smelled before. In fact, it’s almost like they forgot to smoke it….. Actually the more I look at the picture of the tea leaves they have versus what is in the bag I am pretty sure I am drinking a Yunnan Gold.

Cameron B.

There is such a thing as an unsmoked lapsang, but it’s also possible they sent you the wrong tea ha ha. Although from the look of the website entry, the smokiness is meant to be very subtle?


That was my original thought as well, unsmoked Lapsang. But as I took a better look at the leaves and compared them with what is online I realized the golden tips were a hint that it was something different. But who knows maybe they also have golden tipped unsmoked Lapsang but its just different from whats pictured. At least its still a good cuppa =D

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Rou Gui Spring 2021
Oh, for heavens sakes. Why have I not yet reviewed this tea? I’ve definitely been drinking it and it is definitely amazing. Right from the moment you open the package you know you are in for a treat. Heck, even just reading the name of the tea excites me. It is a succulent scent. It will remind you of ripe fruits, muscatel, minerals, and a dry earthy sensation that reminds you of driftwood in the desert. The flavor will have you twisting in a soiree of nuances. Wet rocks, granite, slight floral notes, and meandering hints of fall leaves. The wet aroma is a circus. Buttered popcorn with slightly smoky notes.

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I am a tea nerd also a purist. I avoid decaf and flavored teas though I will try them every once in a while to understand their nuances. Ultimately, I prefer pure tea but I also do love a good blended tea (like chai), and scented tea (like Jasmine).

I’m a stay-at-home mom who loves gardening, exploring, and being with my family.

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