738 Tasting Notes

drank 2017 Sloppy Jimbo by white2tea
738 tasting notes

Beautiful rose gold liquid color. Fishy dry aroma. First steepings at 20 seconds reveals fish and earth. Mainly fish. I love fish. But not in my tea. Started a transcription and forgot about it for 3 minutes. Dark amber now. No fish but very earthy. Like licking a lacquered bed stand, in a forest, when it’s raining. Each session brings out interesting earthy notes. The mouthfeel is thick. Almost syrupy.

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drank Iron Arhat by white2tea
738 tasting notes

Had a bit of anxiety going into this one. The leaf looks amazing but the scent is chocolatey. Me thinks it was next to something it shouldn’t have been. Though the initial aroma did have a slight scent of chocolate as well it quickly switched to mineral notes, renewing my hope. This is definitely a deeply roasted oolong. I can almost taste charcoal it was roasted over. You can tell that whoever roasted this tea is a master. The minerality bursts forth like a child licking a wet rock.

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drank Lemon Bright Eyes by Amoda Tea
738 tasting notes

I have no idea what three of the ingredients are. This makes for an educational cup of tea, but also for too much going on in my mouth at once. Gynostemma is a vine kind of used like ginseng. But not with it’s taste or after taste. Eyebright powder? Huh, apparently it " contains several beneficial plant compounds". Horsetail. Very interesting. " It was used traditionally to stop bleeding, heal ulcers and wounds, and treat tuberculosis and kidney problems." Guess I got in all my good stuff tonight. My palate still doesn’t like it though.

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Busting out the aroma cup set for this session. The only steeping guidelines on the bag are for western-style but I prefer my oolongs gong fu style. Experimenting with tea gives you a better sense of what parameters the tea is best suited to. It’s harder to do that with western style unless you have a cupping set made for tasting. The inital smell is full of lilacs and orchids. While the wet leaf is reminiscent of a rainforest after a light rain with slight butter. My first steeping wasn’t long enough. Only did about 30 seconds, which usually is enough to decipher something but the hot tea didn’t give me much. Ah, now that is has cooled it begins to shine. Vegetal and little butter slight mineral in the aftertaste. The second steep is better and ripe with heavy orchid aroma from the aroma cup.

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Gah, so much disappointment. I know very well the aroma of pikake. Plumeria. The aroma of Aloha. I miss it so much. I was hoping that somehow they had scented the tea with pikake. But no. The pineapple flavor… is not much of pineapple flavor. It’s not bad. It’s drinkable. The website does not exist.

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drank Happy Camper by Aera Tea
738 tasting notes

Ah, campsite. This embodies the earthiness of a pu er leaf while still holding to the slightly brisk features of a black leaf. IT is reminiscent of mahogany and damp wood. Rinsed once and then steeped with 140 F water. The wet leaf smell like wet twigs. Which I enjoy.

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The initial smell was good. Filled with deep earthy notes. The wet leaf smells so heavy! Slight black licorice along with heavy rain notes. The storm approaches! Tastes of compost filled with decaying leaves and twigs and clean dirt. (Apparently, I had a penchant for dirt when I was younger so my palate must know it well). It is smooth on the palate with a unique sweet earthy aftertaste.

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When you wake up in the morning what drink do you reach for? Many reach for coffee but coffee will give you a big slump when it wears off. Tea doesn’t do that. This morning I’m starting out with an unassuming Ceylon BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe).
It has the qualities of a good Ceylon tea but to be honest it doesn’t beat what I tasted at teakruthi. Still. It is nice to drink something that can be tasted over eggs and toast. Without fear of missing the finer notes.

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Looks like green tea. But is too sweet for green tea. Oh, apples. That makes sense. Tastes like an iced green tea with an apple sliced in. Perfect for a hot summer day. I like it warm and the apple came out just a bit sweeter than it is when it’s cold but something about cold tart apple and crisp green tea on a hot day sounds nice. We are also in the middle of a cold snap. I don’t mind above 30 but when it gets below and the air that I breathe hurts my face…

Cameron B.

I agree that this one seems like it would be delicious cold brewed or iced. I’ll have to try that sometime!

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Tea is a way of life. The more you drink tea, the more you learn about tea. I’m mostly a purist but also a bit of a tea adventurist. If there is a new tea or brand to be discovered I will try it out. I love every type save for dark teas which I just can’t seem to take a fancy to. The only ones I usually refuse to try are green tea and citrus mixes. Just nope.

I’m a stay at home mom who loves gardening, exploring, and being with my family.





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