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“Teas I drink in a day Friday 12/22/23” #1

MUG: David’s Tea light yellow base/lavender top 20 oz tumbler
STYLE: cold brew (leftover from the full pitcher yesterday at work)
DRANK: at work to start off my day.
NOTES (general of course because black tea especially plain is not my forte):
After I get through the workday (and I’ve been feeling down with general winter coughing/sneezing annoying ness since Monday) I have the first of two 3-day weekends coming with getting Christmas Day and New Year Day off. I figured why not do a “teas I drink in a day” Steepster/Instagram posts.

Although black tea is not my strong suit, I have to say 2023 I’ve have grown a slight appreciation of black tea in general and even EGs (! – this is not an EG, this is just a note of my tastes overall). I am not particularly sensitive or not to caffeine but been trying to integrate black teas into my mornings at work. I do have two or three gals from my group chat on IG who says they will help me out with offloading black teas, so perhaps will share this with them but this is only a 90 gram bag so wouldn’t be hard to just make some pitchers of this or even at home as I’ve been occasionally making some simple sauces/syrups for tea.

EDIT: Instagram post, pic 1 is mug & packaging and 6 is picture with teas 4&5, @teawithjann vlogmas playing, snacks from @dessertbydeb box that arrived that day, and one my kids (my kitten Sherbet, one of my two girls): https://www.instagram.com/tiffanydrinkstea/p/C1Mj4I1Odn7/?img_index=6

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January sipdown: 24 / giveaways (tea + 1 teaware): 13
February sipdown: 10 / giveaways: 2
TOTAL sipdown: 34 / giveaways: 15

January 35
Feb 53 (total so far: 88)
Mar 53 (total so far: 141)
Apr 47 (total so far: 188)
May 36 (total so far: 224)
June 34 (total so far: 258)
July 36 (total so far: 294)
August 26 (total so far: 320)
Sept: 31 (total so far: 351)
Oct: 30 (total so far: 381)
Nov: 28 (total so far 409)
Dec: 18 ((worst month ever. total for year: 427)

2024 total sipdowns: 34 / giveaways: 15 (average X a month. Overall goal for year: 600. Worst month X with X. Best month X with X.)
2023 total sipdowns: 427 (average 35.6 a month. overall goal for year: 600. Worst month December with 18. Best month Feb + Mar with 53.)
2022 total sipdowns: 602 (average 50.1 a month. overall goal for year 660. Worst month January with 34. Best month November with 70.)
2021 total sipdowns: 514 (average 42.8 a month. Worst month August with 31. Best month December with 55.)

Been a huge fan of tea since spring of 2016.

Likes: herbal (tisanes), green, oolong, white, fruit, lemon, lychee, yuzu, guava, bananas, peach, plum, nectarine, cherry, raspberry, blueberry, any berries really, dessert, sweet potato, spicy, smoky, earthy, roasted, chai, ginger, cardamom, lavender, rosemary, sage, nuts of any kind, need to keep adding to this.

Not a huge fan: rooibos/honeybush, black tea, puerh.

Dislikes: stevia, chamomile, rose, jasmine, perfume.

I post here and there on Instagram, need to start posting there more regularly.

I love to share/swap/take in homeless teas… if you have something (even if it’s just enough for one cup – for me one cup is a 16-20 oz size) to share / want to swap / etc. feel free to send me a message. I don’t have any allergies and love trying new things! :)

+Friday Tea Baby’s Blend 4? 8? oz bag
+Friday’s Tea Second Breakfast 4? 8? oz bag
+David’s Tea Sweet Tart 10 oz tinzilla (bought in store)
+Teavana Blackberry Mojito ?? OZ tinzilla
+Rishi Tea Quince Eucalyptus 250g bag


Columbus, Ohio, USA



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