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From the queue. There will be a posting break of a few days now. We are having family over, and as my room becomes their bedroom I will lose access to my computer for the duration.

Another one from the EU TTB, round 2. This is one that I’ve filched.

The aroma is strange. Not strange-strange, but strange in that it is so anonymous. I’m not really picking anything up other than ‘tea’. Perhaps a smidge of sweetness, vaguely caramel-y in nature, but that’s about it. It’s a fairly generic tea aroma.

Taste-wise it’s the same story. It’s fairly mild, and I’m not getting much out of it other than a generic tea flavour. Again perhaps with a twinge of vaguely caramel-y sweetness, but not so much as to be in any way defining. As it cools a bit, the caramel-y note becomes a little more forward, but still not in any sort of big way.

It’s a pleasant and inoffensive tea, but it’s not really a revalation in a cup.

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