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I think that this was the Sencha teabag that came in my Den’s Sampler for Novices. This was extremely powdery; I had forgotten what teabags were like because I’ve been spoiling myself with loose leaf! When I poured the water over the bag, it kind of foamed. Although I have no experience with Matcha except for the Matcha that Den’s added in their Genmaicha Extra Green, I’d have to say that I agree with everyone here who thinks that there is some Matcha in this bag. The tea was just simply too frothy to be regular Sencha.

Anyway, for the taste. The first thing that hit me was the mouth feel – it’s way creamier than I would have expected. It’s almost buttery. Perhaps that’s the Matcha that may or may not be in this. In spite of the really thick mouth feel, this tea manages to be very light. It has little to no after taste. I definitely think I’d purchase this again. Every tea that I try from the Den’s Sampler gets better and better. Actually, I think I like the bagged version of this better than the loose leaf! How strange…


This sounds tasty…I hope there’s a sample included in my starter pack.

I wonder if the frothing powder is powdered Sencha/particles of sencha? From what I understand, any sort of tea particle will froth the way matcha does, but it will obviously taste different.

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Many thanks to Ricky for sending me some of this extremely limited tea! I’ve been holding off reviewing this one for a while because I wanted to make sure I’d have ample time to give it my complete, undivided attention as it deserves. Unflavored blacks are my favorites, and from what I hear, this is quite good!

This is a very dark tea. One could easily mistake it for a cup of coffee if their nose wasn’t working right. It doesn’t smell anything like coffee, though. It smells sweet and smokey, almost like a BBQ but without the meaty-ness (I’m a vegetarian and I’ve never had BBQ’d anything, so my description might be a bit off – forgive me!).

The fist sip was very smokey and it had a slight honey taste to it. As I take other sips and hold them in my mouth longer, I can taste some caramel – wonderful, wonderful caramel. This is a very bold tea, no doubt about it. It’s not for the faint of heart. This could certainly stand up to some cream and sugar and I imagine it’d taste divine.

This was my first A&D tea, and it was quite yummy. Thanks again, Ricky!

P.S: Rawr.


Glad you liked it. A&D should scrape up some more labels and re-release this blend.

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drank Sweet Cranberry Black by Teavana
176 tasting notes

This tea makes for a pretty nice iced tea. I needed a lot of sweetener to take away most of the tartness, though, so I can’t imagine that I’d be drinking this every day. However, today it was sweet, just a little tart, and very refreshing. It really just tastes like cranberry juice and tea mixed together, because you can still taste the black tea under all that fruit. I can also taste something slightly floral in the aftertaste.

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drank Coconut Pouchong by Golden Moon Tea
176 tasting notes

My GM order came yesterday! It’s slightly cooler today, so it was still okay to make my tea hot. I really do love this; I have a feeling it will become one of my staple teas.

I love how the coconut is very creamy instead of tart. Today I tried it with some sweetener and it brought out some nectar-like notes in the oolong base. I love this tea!

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It’s been a while since I’ve treated myself to this. I had forgotten how much I like it. I think they key for this one is to steep it for only 4 minutes, as opposed to the 5 minutes that Adagio recommends.
This is a very calming tea, delighting all the senses. I bet it would taste good sweetened and iced.

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I have #9 and really enjoy it – a bunch of Jasmine Samples (including #12) should be arriving tomorrow! :D


I like it w/ an even shorter steeping time- 3min:)

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drank Strawberry by Adagio Teas
176 tasting notes

I’m enjoying this iced. This was my last of the sample, though, and I’m quite sad to see it go.


I have a sample of this and I still haven’t tried it…. I may have a go at it then…

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I definitely prefer this one iced rather than hot. I’m still disappointed with it though, because I can’t taste any blueberry (and I so love blueberries in tea). I can see the little blueberries in the dry leaves, but the acai and currants seem to be overpowering everything.

Anyway, this makes for a very sweet, refreshing iced tea.

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drank Sencha Fuka-midori by Den's Tea
176 tasting notes

I’m plowing my way through the Den’s Sampler. I’ve never had a Sencha before, and I’m still unsure whether or not I actually like green tea or not.

It smells like roasted and cooked vegetables. This is a medium bodied, lightly sweet tea. I’m not getting any of the bitterness that Den’s tea described. The aftertaste is very much like cooked vegetables. I think I like this best out of all the samples I’ve tried so far, but I’m still not in love with Japanese greens.

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drank Genmaicha Extra Green by Den's Tea
176 tasting notes

I was most excited to try this from my Den’s Tea sampler. This one was really pretty as it steeped.

I like this – it’s nutty and kind of sweet in addition to the obvious cooked vegetable taste. I’m really liking the sampler so far. I’d order this again! I’m also thinking that this would be good iced with some sweetener. Has anyone tried it iced? I need to start thinking about what tea would be good iced, because it’s really starting to get hot out. My days of drinking hot tea are numbered, I fear.


I’m drinking this tea now as I write and it is very good. However, I didn’t like the sencha that much.


I haven’t tried this particular genmaicha with matcha iced, but, the DoMatcha genmaicha with matcha iced is very good.

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I had this iced with dinner tonight. It could have used a little more sugar.


I really like this blend… I think I should try to find it (somewhere in my stash of tea), and brew some tonight!


If either of you want to trade a couple of cups of the raspberry danish for some Special Teas Rooibos Sweet Heart, let me know.


Kristin – I just PMed you an offer

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