Jasmine Blossom

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Green Tea
Green Tea, Jasmine Flowers
Floral, Jasmine, Vegetal
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From Stash Tea

100% Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine is, without a doubt, one of the world’s great teas. China produces seven quality grades of Jasmine tea. Our Jasmine Blossom blend has downy silver tips and most of the spent jasmine blossoms have been removed. It has an intoxicating aroma and a balanced and delicate flavor. This romantic tea may be enjoyed any time of the day but is especially pleasant in the evening.

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25 Tasting Notes

1353 tasting notes

A case of mistaken identities have placed a hand-delivered non-signed envelope of creepiness in my letterbox today. Print outs of someone else’s private email conversations of a personal nature. In place a VERY personal nature. It’s creepy enough that I’ll be saving envelope+contents for a while and see if anything else happens, because my immediate guess is that somewhere out there there is a betrayed wife thinking that I’m someone else. And she knows where I live. And she doesn’t know that I’m not Not-Me even though Not-Me has the same name as me.

Luckily I have also received a package from TeaEqualsBliss which is MUCH less creepy and in which I found among others this tea with which I will try to calm myself down again. I was stumped by the amount of choice available to me! Eventually I decided that since I needed some fairly quick nerve-settling a bag was the thing to go for this time. I picked this one by closing my eyes and choosing one at random.

I’m a bit wary of the brand. I’ve seen a lot of posts about this brand and most people seemed to find it somewhat mediocre.

It definitely smells jasmine-y while steeping and not synthetic. So that’s one point in favour. The flavour is a bit… brine-y and a bit flowery. It’s not like the jasmine green to end all jasmine greens. But it’s nice enough.

And was it capable to stop my imagination getting out of control RE post intro? To an extent yes, so that’s another point in favour.

Lainie Petersen

Ergh. Keep us updated!


oh dear, it might be best to contact the police, so its documented? I am sorry you had to deal with that :( I am glad you found a nice calming tea


The note with the contents didn’t sound threatening, but I don’t know if the sender is on Not-Me’s side or not. I’ve promised my cousin to contact the police if anything else happens, but I don’t think anything will. I do have a lively imagination though.


yikes! hopefully, nothing will come of this..and the sender got it out of their system. please keep alert and let the police know if anything further happens. plus, isn’t it illegal to put ANYTHING in someone’s mailbox other than by the postal service?


I don’t think so, not here anyway. I’ve never heard anything about it if it is. Lots of little businesses hand out flyers and take-away menus and such like that. We get stickers about not wanting advertising or those free/local papers and the official distributors have to accept that, but everybody else can do what they like.


Eek, that would rattle me, too. I would also turn to tea for comfort. Good choice, sorry it wasn’t fantastic.


Ooh, creepy ::shudder:: Be careful!


Oh, freaky! Ditto the being careful!


Glad you got the tea ok!!! Sorry to hear about the creepiness!


Please, please contact the police so that it is recorded. So if she decides to damage any of your property (or heaven forbid, you) or continues harassing you, the police have a record of what happened and can help track her down.




Angrboda, I must ditto JGWamsat on this one!

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2977 tasting notes

made matcha shortbread (5 Ingredient fix Earl Grey Shortbread recipe) using 1 Tbsp matcha and 1 Tbsp Jasmine Blossom Green tea


this was #250


Congratulations on your milestone :)

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1812 tasting notes

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652 tasting notes

Gets bitter fast, probably because the green tea base is not the best. But I want that jasmine hit, ooh baby, want it baaaaddd … can’t find a happy medium for steeping this one.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec

That is really hot for green tea. You should try it again at around 80 °C. If it’s still bitter, try steeping for only a minute or two at the most.

Michelle Butler Hallett

Oops, my bad on the temp. Thanks for that.

Michelle Butler Hallett

Must get me one of those adjustable kettles some day.


I just use an extra digital meat thermometer. An adjustable kettle would be even better of course. I have to get one of those sometime!

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45 tasting notes

I was tired yesterday. So tired, in fact, that I slept from 5pm yesterday until 6am this morning. I guess that’s the nice thing about Christmas break for college students like me. If I need to sleep for 13 hours, I can. I don’t normally do this. I usually sleep for no more than nine hours but I guess my body clock is just that messed up right now. I start school again this coming monday so hopefully I get it righted in the few days ahead of me.

So I woke up at 6am this morning and then I laid in bed for about 45 minutes listening to music on my wonderful KOSS PRO4AA headphones. They’re big, heavy, and churn out a beautiful sound. I need to get alone with these headphones and my music more often. In any case, after that I kind of stumbled downstairs in the darkness of a winter morning and flicked on the kitchen light. A flash of pain… and a bright turquoise box! Stash Jasmine Blossom tea. Good morning!! I didn’t even know my parents had this but it was on the counter and I wasn’t about to say no to this and yes to my mother’s Red Rose tea bags.

The dry leaf smells… well, like jasmine. And that’s about it. The first sip was… subtly swell, fragrant, the taste a little murky and dusty but not bad. As I progress through the cup there’s more and more of a slightly bitter aftertaste. Perhaps I’ve over steeped it. Oh well. I’m groggy.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec

After so many nights of 4, 5, 6 hours of sleep, the first thing I did on break was sleep for, I think it was 14 hours. Very few things in my life have ever felt so good as that first solid night of sleeping after depriving yourself of it.

Also must second your love of big headphones. I’ve been looking at those Beats headphones because I’ve heard some very good reviews, but I love my Bose.

And since this comment is already really long – too bad about the tea. Though I rarely trust my tea making abilities, especially with a new tea, after such a heavy night of sleeping.


The Beats headphones look really nice! I need to get some nice earbuds, too. As much as I love my big headphones I can’t walk around campus wearing them. It just doesn’t work.

As far as the tea-failing goes, it’s probably because I just don’t pay attention to tea bags unless they’re full leaf ones. I don’t expect great things from them unless they’re herbal and you usually don’t have to pay much attention to herbal tea, anyway.


Honestly, I just use the ones that come from Apple. They’re really not that bad. I had some Bose ones before my idiot roommate fritzed them in the hot tub. I was pretty pissed about that, but they weren’t much better than the Apple ones, really. I’ve been meaning to pick up some Shure ear buds [they’re really nice], but complacency and the fact that most of my money gets funneled into tea nowadays has put a huge hold on that.


My beloved is a college professor and at the end of the semester after he’s done all the grading, turned in his grades to the administration, and done the administration work the first thing he does is sleep 12-14 hours. (Then he gets a cold for a week.) So students aren’t the only ones on overdrive during the semesters.


@Carolyn Oh yeah! I can’t imagine being a professor at the end of the semester. Yikes… especially one without a TA.

@takgoti Those Shure one’s seem nice too… I have a pair of $40 Sony earbuds but after two and a half years they’re kind of falling apart. They were nice, though so maybe I’ll just get another pair of them.

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323 tasting notes

I got this in a lovely care package from a friend of mine today. And Lord knows I needed it. I haven’t actually had bagged tea in a long time, but I’m not about to not drink it just because it’s not loose. I’m not that much of a tea snob. I just wouldn’t buy it for myself (though I think I’ll keep the bags in my… bag… for work and stuff like that, when I can’t get up to my dorm).

It’s not a bad tea. It doesn’t quite have the depth of flavor that something like the Jasmine Dragon Pearls from Teavana has, but it’s decent. It’s definitely floral with hints of sweetness. I can’t say I’m going to give up my loose leaf for this, but I’ll certainly enjoy it while I can.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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123 tasting notes

I received this blend in teabags (Stash also sells it loose, I believe) and what can I say? It’s a pretty standard jasmine tea. Tastes like flowers.

It’s worth noting that I was able two great tasting steeps from the teabag, and a third mediocre one. I rarely seem able to get more than one decent tasting brew from a single bag, so three seemed pretty neat.

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35 tasting notes

I found this tea out of desperation. I lived in South Korea for a while, so amazing and affordable jasmine tea (amongst others) was always throwing itself at me. Since I moved back to the U.S. and rural South, this is unfortunately no longer the case.

There aren’t many places in my area to buy loose-leaf tea and bagged tea is hit-and-miss. I went to World Market and could not for the life of me find any jasmine without some other flavoring in it. I don’t like fruit flavorings in my tea, even if they are real, they often seem fake, or the sweetness drowns out the subtleties that I so enjoy. I finally gave up and told myself I would find an Asian market soon, though it would likely be at least an hour drive.

The same week I was shopping at Target and glanced over the teas there. It’s not a large selection, but hey, can’t hurt. I spotted this lovely teal-green box of jasmine, JUST jasmine, and threw the box in my cart without another thought.

I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor of this tea. Though it’s a bit different than what I am used to, it’s quite pleasant, especially for late-night reading. There is no bitterness to this tea, even when I accidentally over-steep it, which is often >.<

This tea was a rare find, for which I am very grateful.

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 45 sec

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6768 tasting notes

Thought I would revisit this one today…it’s been months! The scent of the Jasmine is overpowering and the tea seems bitter. I am thinking it’s going stale. It’s not dreadful…yet…but I think it’s turning…which is my fault because I let it sit too long…oh well.


No! Not stale tea! :( Stale tea is pretty awful overall. When it has just that flat, hot-water-bitter taste.

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2958 tasting notes

I can’t remember where I got this, but I wanted to drink something caffeinated yesterday and figured this counts as a sipdown.

The base is nice, lightly vegetal and gets bitter if brewed hot (I didn’t enjoy it as much hot but once it cooled I watered it down and that was much better). The jasmine is very strong and natural. There isn’t much here other than a tippy green tea and jasmine floral scent, but that’s exactly what you expect from a tea called jasmine blossom.

Flavors: Floral, Jasmine, Vegetal

5 min, 30 sec

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