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What can I say? It’s still my favorite and I just purchased another 8oz of it to refill my stash at home. Oh how I love thee!

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Yummmm! What a white tea should be :-)

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drank Joy by Tazo
132 tasting notes

Bleeeh! This is very astringent to me, slightly bitter, a bit woodsy and I can smell muddled grass. IMO this is just a bad combo of teas…black tea, oolong and green tea? Perhaps it had potential if the tea ratios were different? I even added some cream and sugar to help mask the taste of this and as it did help I still wasn’t able to drink a full cup.

Michelle Butler Hallett

Sorry to hear that. Have you got the full-leaf pyramids of those little fannings bags? I’ve found that Joy needs cooler water, needs to be treated like an oolong or green. Boiling water wrecks it. Dunno if that’s any help?

myspecialtea :)

i totally can relate! i did almost 5 little packets of sugar, cinnamon sugar, and a cup of milke just to douse it…blech!

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I love this iced tea! I can never seem to make a pitcher of iced tea to save my life!!! So I came across this tea and loved it’s flavor profile for an iced black tea right off the bat. To me it’s a lot more complex than most simple black tea profiles. I also like that it’s made with pure cane sugar instead of refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup like many do. They also make an unsweetened version as well.

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Yum, yum! One of my few “got to haves”!!! I had this last night before bed and it was very relaxing and light :-)

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drank Masala Chai by Zhi Tea
132 tasting notes

I tried this last night, and let me start off by saying I am not an avid black tea/chai drink…er-um aka “maker”. See, I love chai but I always buy it already prepared at a tea bar or coffee shop. I do this, because I am lazy to brew it on the stove and then strain it. Alright, so with that being said I made this in my brand new Stump teapot that I got from Zhi tea (very cute btw). Now, I made this for one 6oz cup…well since I never used this teapot before I didn’t know 6oz doesn’t even come up to the filter :-( so I guessed on how much extra tea leaves to put in there to make up the difference for the water so that it would actually cover the bottom of the filter. That cup was weak as water, but smelled good! So I tried again with the same tea leaves and added another tsp. and that one was a bit stronger but still weak, so I tossed it as well and decided to start over another day.

SO from the look for the loose leaf and the smell and what little taste I got, this seems like a good chai, but just a bad user error this go around.

But on another note I ordered from them Monday and got my order Thursday!!! That is by far the fastest shipping I have had so far so I was pleased with that ;-)

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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I had this iced last night and came to realize this is good in sips and not so much as a whole cup! Bummer! I made 16oz of this and sipped about 6-8oz of it and then I was just completely tired of cinnamon lol….I need to try this hot!

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drank Vanilla Chai by Bigelow
132 tasting notes

I had this yesterday at work after I had found in the break room. It’s pretty good, but almost too sweet of a vanilla? Perhaps I wont put as much sugar and see if that would mellow the sweetness out a bit? All in all this was pretty yummy!

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drank Lemonbushomile by 52teas
132 tasting notes

Tastes like a lemon drop in tea form! Too sweet for me, but I can definitley see someone who likes lemon candy LOVING this tea ;-)

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So I had this last night since I had just had Teavana’s Jasmine Pearls the night before (my taste buds and memory were still fresh)! I know I really should just do a side by side comparison, but I think I am just too lazy…or perhaps I simply don’t have the patience to do so? Eh, either way it hasn’t happened yet so this is the best I can do LOL. Now, the first time when I had this it had been a while since I made a cup of Teavana’s Jasmine Pearls and I think I may just been yearning for a strong jasmine flavor to it. Well, after last night I must say that this jasmine is a bit too perfumey for me and just didn’t have the same spunk and balance as Teavana’s Jasmine Pearls… it just did not compare! So for this reason and for the noticeable perfumey taste I will have to knock my rating down; I think the first time I tried them I was just in a jasmine pearl withdrawal and any pearl would have just knocked my socks off!

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I am a tea enthusiast who is always looking to try a new tea, but my all time favorite is jasmine pearls…or anything with jasmine in it really. I also am a sushi fanatic and simply can’t live without it. Outside of my fanatasy world of all things tea and sushi I am an executive assistant, mother of 2 and personal taxi/maid and chef service for my little family.

But back to the tea!

I love Jasmine Pearls, just about any White Tea and then we have Pu-erh coming in last as my top three.

However, I still enjoy a good Earl Grey tea, the more bergamot the better! I have a fond place in my heart for Matcha, especially iced Matcha Lattes. Flavored green teas are always fun, but I tend to stay away from the overly grassy tasting ones… they always remind me of a wheatgrass shot!

It takes a special black tea to really win me over, for me I find that they all taste too much alike or tend to be too bitter at times; I think I am more so bored with them.

Oolongs are fairly new to me and I am finding that these are really good and they will probably end up making it as one of my top contenders!

Pu-erh I have yet to try; I am very curious, but a bit scared to try it… something about being aged in a cave just frightens me a bit, but I would like to try one in the very near future :-) Update – I have tried a few pu-erhs and I can’t get enough of them! While they are definitely an acquired taste they are lovely! This has now taken over rooibos in my top 3 teas of choice!



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