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This is a really good, solid tea to always have in your cupboard :)
It’s a pretty standard english breakfast (therefore a score of ~80)and doesn’t taste any different from ones I’ve tried from Davids, or elsewhere for that matter. One thing that does tempt me to slide the score a bit upwards more so is their lovely packaging! I’m a sucker for good branding :)
The individual packets (I’ve the bagged ones) are so nice, and I always make sure to look at the tags, and this one is quite lovely as always.
These things all add to the experience, right?! :)

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drank Goji Pop by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

still enjoying it!!
it tastes kind of like sorbet ice cream more and more I drink it :)
definitely on my re-purchase list

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drank Merry Cranberry by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

This is really awful. Doesn’t taste of cranberries at all.
In fact, it’s a bit bitter and tastes like medicine.
I think it’s because they have way too many obscure spices in there instead of cranberries. I was expecting CRANBERRIES. Instead it’s the worst mix of both spicy and bitter.
I’m dumping it.

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

This is actually really decent!
I usually hate minty teas, but this one goes well together.
You can actually taste a bit of the sweetness from the candy canes
and it’s kind of like hot mint chocolate candy… In a good way.
I usually don’t like the blended teas from David’s but this one is definitely one I wouldn’t mind trying again – that’s saying something! :)

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I never tried this because they’re always more expensive than the Ito-en/kirkland green teas that are always beside it…
But one time they had a sale I decided to pick it up. What a mistake.

It’s not so good. It turns sour/bitter way too quickly even if I adjust the water temperature, tastes more smokey like cheap Chinese green teas that I don’t like too much…
Not very pleasant… I’m chugging it down so I can go back to my old green tea…

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pretty sure it’s all in my head – but I feel good when I drink this tea.
gingers and citruses always pick me up a bit I think.
Good stuff :)

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drank Birthday Cake by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

I am thoroughly impressed and pleased :)
I added a bit of double double coffee mate my second time,
and it has replaced my dessert.
Of course I want to dunk my chocolate fudge covered cookies in it… but this will do for the next couple weeks while I’m trying to get back to my original weight.

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drank Jasmine Tea by Fujian Tea
41 tasting notes

Oh; this is like the most nostalgic tea ever
lol – I think I grew up drinking this tea, as asian as our home is :)
I can say I don’t really enjoy Chinese teas – they tend to be really … smoky (?) for me but this Jasmine tea is the one I compare all the rest to.

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drank Green Ginger by Tazo
41 tasting notes

It’s strange. I can surely taste the ginger and the pear…
but together it tastes like tap water.
It’s not bad if I drink it mindlessly while I’m studying or writing, but
if I actually try to have a ‘tea-moment’ (hahah) then it starts to taste like soap.
tap water soap and swimming pool water. oh nos

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MILK oolong.
I have a sample of this tea from the connoisseur package, and I think this is my first time trying straight oolong.
And it’s just making me realize all over again how wonderful straight, conservative teas are. Blends have never really thrilled me, but straight teas seem to hold all the magic.
There’s so much tradition behind it, and I feel as though I can relate to people thousands of years back who were sipping their tea, thinking wise thoughts, enjoying life in a cup. :)

Any tea that leads to thinking like this deserves high praise.
If it weren’t for the steep prices (ahaahah; did not mean to use a pun) I would definitely get 100g of this right away!!

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