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I first had this tea brewed from a Teavana store, blended with Maharaja Chai Oolong. I was surprised that this unlikely combination was so good! I decided to order this one alone, and it is nice as well. It brews to a pretty pinkish shade. The almond and plum notes come through quite nicely. I was afraid that this would be to fruity for me, but it isn’t. The almond and plum balance out & compliment each other quite nicely. There is also a hint of spice. I like my tea on the sweet side, so I added sugar. Those who don’t need their tea as sweet would probably like it plain. This is one that I’ll probably buy again.

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This is my favorite tea so far. I discovered it after trying the blend in a Teavana store. I purchased the Samurai Chai Mate and this one seperately to mix myself. I discovered that I like this one better on its own. It smells very spicy, with a strong cinnamon smell. It brews to a nice color & tastes like it smells. Strong notes of cinnamon & cardamom, and the warmth of ginger. It is a strong cinnamon flavor, which can be offputting to some, but I like it. I like my chais on the strong side, and this delivers nicely. Adding some sugar rounds out the flavor.

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drank Azteca Fire by Teavana
7 tasting notes

This tea disappointed me. From the name and description, I was expecting a firey, chocolate concoction. Instead, I got weak chocolate water with no kick. I’ll try different things – steeping longer or mixing with other teas, but for now, this one gets a low rating from me. :(

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Heine Bros is a local coffee shop here, and they also carry a modest selection of teas. This one is a jasmine flavored green tea. I was looking for something similar to the cold jasmine tea that a local Chinese restaurant sells, and this is pretty close. The jasmine flavor comes through, nice and fruity – other than the fact that the underlying tea flavor is not as strong, my palatte can’t tell that it’s a green tea, but that’s probably just me. You do have to be careful when steeping though – the first time I steeped too long, with water that was probably too hot and it was very bitter. Afterwards, I steeped properly (no more than 1 minute with 175 degree water) and it was good. I sweeten with sugar, but if you aren’t partial to sweetened teas, it is probably good without (I just prefer sweet teas – I’m from the South :). All in all, a good tea that I would probably buy again.

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I initially wasn’t going to buy this tea, even though the sales person was pushing it. She must’ve thought that I needed some more convincing, because she made a to-go cup for me on the house. After tasting it, I did get 2 oz, because I liked it – I was quite surprised at how the pumpkin & clove comes through. I make it with sugar and a splash of cream & it is perfect for me. Yes, it does have a bit of oiliness, but that is toned down a little with the milk/cream. It helps to think of it not as a tea, but as a creamy drink, if that makes sense. I had grown tired of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte this year, and this is a good replacement…not as heavy, but with good fall flavor. It’s definately a “dessert” tea (if you can call it that – not much leaf to be seen) & I only drink 1 cup at a sitting, as opposed to other teas that I resteep & drink multiple cups.

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drank My Morning Mate by Teavana
7 tasting notes

I’m new to Steepster, so this will be my first note…hopefully, I’m doing this right. I find this mate to be very nice – although I wouldn’t consider it a replacement for coffee, it certainly has a place in my morning routine. I still like my coffee though, but I’ve found that since discovering loose leaf tea earlier this year when I stumbled into a Teavana store, that I’ve been drinking more tea & less coffee. Anyway, back to the review. The taste to me is a bit of a smooth caramel flavor. No bitterness at all. There are some chocolate notes too, but the caramel stands out more to me. I sweeten mine with either the German rock sugar (when I have some) or Sugar in the Raw, plus a tiny splash of heavy cream. It is a sweeter tea, which suits me fine. I steep it for between 5-6 minutes, with near boiling water.

I find that this resteeps just fine for me – I increase the steep time to 8 minutes. I’ve left it for as long as 10 minutes before without any bitter taste. If I recall correctly, mates can be steeped for long periods. Because it’s a “thistle” type tea, a little goes a long way for me, especially when I resteep, making this quite economical. All in all, it’s one of my “go to” teas.

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Welcome to Steester! you’re about to find out that the most wonderful forum on the net is right here! You’re doing fine, don’t worry there are no real tea snobs around here! This community is all about caring, sharing and learning, hope you’ll stick around :-)


Thanks for the welcome! :) So far, most of my tea experience has been limited to Teavana, but unless I have my mental armour up for the day, I don’t like going into their stores…from what I’ve read, you guys know why. I’m branching out locally, looking for other teas. We have some excellent local coffee shops that do their own roasting and also offer some teas. I’ve also disocvered some online vendors through this site that I may order from later. I do still like some Teavana teas, but I’m sticking mostly to mail order for my must haves from them. I’ll go into the store if I have to, but I must be ever vigilant to the sales tactics and overpours :) I do have to credit Teavana for introducing me to the world of tea beyond grocery store brands. I was out of town, shopping at a mall during my neice’s wedding, and of course the aroma of the tea and the sales people standing outside of the store drew me in. I was given the “wafting” experience of several teas, and even walked away with a cup of iced tea on the house. The sales guy at that store was good though. He suggested things that he thought I’d like, but didn’t try to immediately steer me to the cast iron tea sets. I walked out of there with several teas, but didn’t feel mentally accosted. Anyway, I’m rambling, which I tend to do sometimes, so please forgive me. I’m sure I can learn a lot about tea, how to prepare it, and where to get it from this site!

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I’m 39, married with 3 kids (2 girls, 1 boy). I’m a pharmacy tech by trade, but plan on going back to school for my nursing degree soon. I live in Louisville, KY (home of horses, tobacco & bourbon, LOL)


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