227 Tasting Notes

drank Silver Needle by Adagio Teas
227 tasting notes

Weeee it’s my favorite tea day today. I’ll be drinking it all day long…
Kinda scared to even look how many loose leaf teabags i got left. (looks anyways) Sigh. Five left after this one…
Oh i sooo love this tea. It’s addicting.

190 °F / 87 °C 7 min, 0 sec

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drank Mint Green Tea by Twinings
227 tasting notes

Smell of this one is Spearmint chewing gum / mint flavored toothpaste. Kinda tastes like that chewing gum too. Well without sugar. If i added sugar would be almost same. U know the green one…
I don’t taste actually tea in it but i mean as a drink it suits me right now. No idea how to rate this…

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Mushy weather giving me a bit of a headache. I need something gentle…
I’m mixing it half half with plain oolong. Idk why. To spend this oolong faster i guess. And give it more flavor. And cuz I’m bored. I’ll try not to put ratings when i do mixes of different teas.

Result: its slightly less strong on citrus. Hence i can feel the actual tea now. And feels less refreshing. I mean its not so gentle or neutral. Oolong gives it a more herbal note. But citrus fruits are still strongest flavor. Is not bad. For an experiment…

Headache is also gone :D

EDIT Second steep – added even more oolong to it and let it get cold. Yummm

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 30 sec

Boo to the mushy weather! :( Hooray for the headache going away! :)


and hooray cuz its friday afternoon :D

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drank Green Tea & Lemon by Twinings
227 tasting notes

You know… actually… not bad at all…

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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Still don’t get it how 2 different white silver needle teas can be so totally different. Miiiiles away…
It was a lesson for me tho. Never order big amount of tea without trying it first. Even if it seams really affordable. And beware of eBay – it can surprise u in both good and bad way ;)

It is drinkable but i wouldnt buy this one again…

160 °F / 71 °C 6 min, 30 sec

aww , ouch on the ebay


at times ouch yes. still, im glad it’s out there…


i guess once you find one good seller, or at least a re-seller of known (to you) teas


Looks like it’s time to go visit the “what to do with bad tea or spent tea” Discussion. :( So sorry!


well i usually mix it up with something else what makes it better. in this case i like silver needle – oolong combo… the good side bout that purchase is that the tea came in a very pretty package. like a big idk carton somthing tube with chinese ornaments. i’ll take a photo sometime… so i’d pay atleast half of the price for that tin thing only….


I’m so glad that there’s a bright side to this :) I’ll look forward to seeing the pretty tin!

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drank Sweet Chai by Yogi Tea
227 tasting notes

I must say I’m almost never in the mood to drink this one or Sweet Chilly. No they arent that bad it’s just that they are really strong and weird. And i dont like licorice. I imagine i’d wanna drink them while eatind a rice meal or something like that. Right now im havin some plain butter cookies with it and it’s rather good together. I’d say this is a tea that goes way better with food. Gotta find some word for that kind of tea. Foodside tea? Nom and Drink Tea? idk…

Anyways i got less water so i steeped it bit shorter. It’s still very spiced and peppery. But with cookies it goes along well. Leaves my mouth hot and sweetish afterwards…
So its peppery from ginger, sweet from licorice and weirdly spicy from everything else. Interesting would be the right word…

Teabag message: Jedes Lächeln ist ein direkter Erfolg.
(goes to google translate)
Each smile is a direct success. (lol that sounds so German)

Btw i’m saving/collecting all these teabag messages ;)

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

Hmmm…I’ll have to contemplate the food-required tea name. I totally get what you’re sayin’ there.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the fact that you post the teabag message both with original and translated text. Are you going to do something “artsy-fartsy” with them? :)


i’m not quite artsy as you are. cant say about fartsy lol… for now i just put it all in a box and let it stack. we shall see some day…


LOL! I’ll keep my eye out for cool online projects that would use those tags. And I agree that we won’t get into “fartsy.” ;)

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Hereby i officially declare this rooibos as my ‘refreshing after work’ tea…

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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Well im obviously in the experimenting mood lately. I tend to mix stuff together. This time it was mostly black loose and just a bit of black Irish whiskey. Just slightly bitter and light on the irish whiskey flavors. Good black combo came out of it…

About that yunnan i had this morning. I’m on my 3rd steep now and it still tastes pretty much same – which was very good….

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

You’re a braver soul than I. Someday I’ll have enough nerve to really start experimenting with mixing (at least that’s what I keep telling myself) ;)


well its just cuz i’m practical most of the time.
situation when i mix is typically like this: i got one tea that that i love (hence wanna make it last longer) and one that is lets say just OK to me (hence don’t mind using it faster or trying to make it better). the better one usually takes over the combo, sometimes i even get better taste than the better one (sometimes its yummier milder)…
some days again i just feel silly and then go for example soak popcorn’s in white tea – that happens rare and is pretty much unexplainable ;)

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drank Earl Grey by Twinings
227 tasting notes

Start note: this post is mostly about another tea…

Earl Gray is my first cup this morning. Made it stronger in a small cup. I never tasted so much bergamot in it. Interesting. Suites me better these days than when i started drinking it…

However started the tasting note for another tea. I just borrowed a teaspoon from a colegue on work. Yunnan. My first. He bought it in a pharmacy. So idk how to even name it. Thats why its in this log. I’m really curious. This will be my first pure green tea. But i got plenty more coming my way.

Leaves are longer and look better than any of the blends i have in my current stash. Says on the bag its green yunnan even tho the leaves are quite darkish.

Mmmm i like the smell of the leaves i just took out of the tea. Promissing :D
Color is bright yellowish green. Smell reminds me of my favorite silver needle. Taste too. It has that what i call it nutty feel about it (kinda greasy like sunflower seeds). Tastes quite greasy and smooth. Yummy. Very good. I kinda really really like this. OMG im discovering pure green yummy teas. W00t!

I feel bad for this one cuz it doesnt have it’s place in my cupboard. I just might have to go buy a bag ;) Sigh…

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Teabag message: See the soul and divinity in everybody.
Right on :D

I really do love the smell of this one. Taste is not quite there. Its too watery for cocoa. Should be smoother and creamier…
I don’t mind having a cup of it here and there…

Oh and i wish Yogi Tea stopped putting licorice in their teas. It ruins everything for me…


I love Yogi Tea for these little messages!


me 3, that’s one of the best things about their teas. and that they are quite unique…

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born with a bit of a restless, curious and exploring spirit ;) love to travel and i do it a lot lately. enjoy good food and drinks. love trying out new stuff. just about to start exploring the world of teas and i’m really enthusiastic about it ;)

EDIT 4 months later:
still a n00b here but starting to get it ;) i try to buy loose tea but i got a lot of teabags too cuz it’s easier to find here. from not liking black tea ended up love it. green can be quite good too but waiting for more real ones to try. whites are sometimes awesome, sometimes not, rooibos and fruity blends are a good replacement for juices… and so on… still excited about every new tea… loving it more every day :D

since my favorite hobby is photography i take photos whenever something is interesting. including my tea making process…

Rating system (i’ll try to use it from now on):
0-20 sorry, can’t do it. ewwy
20-50 i’ll drink it if i have to, i f not no ty
50-70 its not bad, quite drinkable
70-85 i like it, might buy more
85-100 gimme more of this stuff


rijeka, croatia

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