Not a tea I would have picked out on my own but was seduced by its divine aroma. I ambient brewed it today blended with a mellow green tea, then poured over ice for a really delicious and refreshing iced tea. The taste reminded me of fresh baked blueberry pie. The blueberry flavoring is very well done here; light and totally natural tasting with a gentle coconut accent in the background. I’m usually not a fan of coconut flavoring and appreciated the fact they didn’t go overboard with the coconut.

Note that I have yet to try this straight or hot brewed since I find most flavored teas too overpowering on their own. All 3 of the teas I bought from Kusmi turned out to be winners. I really appreciate the subtle, true to life flavoring and after writing off flavored tea a while ago, it’s made me give them a second look.

Flavors: Blueberry, Coconut

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My Rating Criteria:

95 to 100: Top shelf stuff. Loved this tea and highly recommend it

90 to 94: Excellent. Enjoyed this tea and would likely repurchase

80 to 89: Good but not great. I liked it though it may be lacking in some aspects. I’ll finish it but probably won’t buy again

70 to 79: Average at best. Not terrible but wouldn’t willingly drink again

60 to 69: Sub-par. Low quality tea, barely palatable

59 and below: Bleh

Fell into tea many years ago and for a long time my experience was limited to Japanese greens and flavored Teavana teas. My tea epiphany happened when I discovered jade oolongs. That was my gateway drug to the world of high quality tea and teaware.

For the most part, I drink straight tea but do appreciate a good flavored tea on occasion. I love fresh green and floral flavors and as such, green tea and Taiwanese oolongs will always have a place in my cupboard. After avoiding black tea forever, Chinese blacks have started to grow on me. I’m less enthusiastic about puerh though. I also enjoy white tea and tisanes but reach for them less frequently.

Other non-tea interests include: cooking, reading, nature, philosophy, MMA, traveling when I can, and of course putzing around on the interwebs.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/melucky



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