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The first few times I tried this one I can’t say I was a fan, however after returning to it, it seems to have mellowed out a bit.

Let me explain: I had tried this type of tea once before and it was delicately sweet with hints of citrus so I was expecting something similar. But when I took a sip of this one I was immediately hit with a salty smoke taste that brought to mind smoked meat (if anyone wants to make a bacon-inspired tea perhaps this would work well as a base…). Now, some people might like this flavor in a tea, but I’m not one of them.

This time however, after my sample had been open for several months, the salty smoke was much less prominent and now I see what everyone is saying about the light “miso” thing. While the tea is now much more palatable, it’s still not really my thing (though I do love miso soup!) but to each their own.

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Trying to finish this tea as I’ve had it for a while. Still tastes great!

I’ve now tried quite a few oolongs from Taiwan but most of them are a greener style. This tea, which I believe is usually called Bai Hao, is much more oxidized, approaching black tea. Lightly sweet honey and woodsy flavors combine without much of a musty quality. A nice honey taste lingers on the palate for a while after drinking. Some descriptions I have seen of this type of tea note a fruity taste, but to me it doesn’t have the fruity quality you might find in, say, a Dan Cong. I would also add that fans of Darjeeling teas might enjoy this one.

I’ve found it is nice and smooth if you use temperatures below those you would use for black tea as it can get bitter quickly.

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Received a 7g sample of this wonderful (but pricey) tea along with my order from Norbu. The tea has delicate bright green leaves and somewhat resembles Anji Bai Cha in appearance and taste. Subtle sugar snap pea is definitely there, along with a hint of cinnamon that makes me think of Dragonwell-style Laoshan green. There is also a slight nutty or buttery quality present.

Overall I really liked this tea – it shares flavors with other greens I enjoy – but at $14+ for one ounce, it’s not in my price range. Luckily Norbu seems to put things on sale from time to time so I will check back.

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Surprised someone else has reviewed this!

I got 2oz of this wonderful tea for $6(!). Can’t beat that for the quality. This tea is a lighter green oolong that is comparable to a premium spring tea I received from Ten Ren in 2011. Great if you enjoy less roasted/brigher green oolongs.

Ed Fladung

Yes! I am also surprised that someone else found the New Kam Man grocery store. The older man who waits on me down in the basement where the tea is is very nice and clearly loves it that I appreciate the teas.


yes, the old man does seem very nice. When I was there again recently (my third trip) looking for tea tins, he came over and gestured towards the bin of Jasmine, probably thinking that I might be confused and that was the one tea I might recognize. hehe. Next time I go, I will probably try a few more teas to get a better sense of their offerings.

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I found this weak tea-wise but strong spice-wise, so I usually add a plain black tea bag and I’m good to go. However, there are more interesting chais out there.


I should note that I have the bagged kind not the loose leaf – maybe there’s a difference in tea/spice ratio.

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Not as enthusiastic as the others here. I thought this was ok – then I got some Hojicha from Ma Cha Tea House in Madison. Way better! I think it has to do with the amount of roasting and my own personal preference, but this tea started to taste like cardboard compared to the other, which is greener but has the same roasted woody notes. Much more flavor, imo, than this Republic of Tea houjicha.

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