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When drinking unflavored black teas I generally don’t go for a strait Assam, I usually prefer it in a blend. This tea is an exception.
It has a really nice smooth full flavor. It tastes like you would expect an Assam to taste, yet it has none of the bitterness/astringency often associated with Assams. There is a nice floral note that I find usually is overpowered in other Assams I’ve had. This also does a really nice re-steep. The flavor becomes lighter, sweeter, and more floral.
I don’t use milk/sugar in my tea, but this would handle those nicely. An overall good cuppa.


Agreed: this one is very un-Assam like! (unAssam-ing?)


:( come back to Steepster!

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drank Kumquat by Lupicia
35 tasting notes

Thanks to SFTGFOP for sending me a sample of this tea! I really do love citrus teas.
This tea has a wonderful citrus aroma that is pervasive throughout, yet never overwhelms the scent or flavor of the tea. The tea is light and mellow with little to no astringency. It really does have a distinct kumquat flavor which comes from the note of rind. There is no artificial or bitter lingering quality to this cup. It’s yum.

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drank Machu Peach-u by TeaSource
35 tasting notes

What a disappointment. White tea with peach, sounds delicious right?
My problems with this tea started in right off the bat. Yes there are nice large unfurled leaves, however there are even larger (2 inches+) sticks (plural) and other smaller twigs in this sample. I was willing to over look this because the leaves had a peachy, fresh, floral aroma. Once steeped the leaves took on a creamy quality.
The liquor tastes like fuzzy peaches – the candy- sans the sugar coating. That flavor was so dominant that I couldn’t get anything else from this tea. I genuinely don’t understand it. How can a tea that has REAL peach in it taste so artificial?

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This is a really good alternative to Earl Grey.
The dry leaves are overwhelmingly grapefruit, it smells like the zest of 100 grapefruits.
The steeped leaves are also very grapefruit-y. The liquor is a deep reddish-amber with a mellow citrus-y aroma. The grapefruit is at the forefront, but it does not overwhelm the flavor of the tea. There is a very nice secondary floral note, and the tea leaves a subtle citrus flavor behind. It isn’t the least bit astringent.

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Of the grocery store teabag teas, this is my “favorite”. I always drink it with milk. Its perfect for late at night when you want something milky-tea-flavored to drink/warm you up with out having to think about brewing it.
I owe this mug of tea to the guy outside who decided to hack through the snow/ice-bank surrounding his car at 2am.


Ooh—haven’t seen the decaf version, but I am always trolling for good black decaf teas. Must look at the store.


Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Sometimes it looks like the store doesn’t carry this tea in decaf, generally it means that they’ve shelved it behind the regular (caffeinated) version of the tea. Maybe your local grocery doesn’t do this, but it’s standard practice in my neighborhood.

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A delightful variation on Earl Grey.
The aroma of the bergamot is very strong, the vanilla somehow soften it and adds a warm flavor. Its yum.
I dont think the tea needs anything, but it would take sugar nicely.
A nice variation on a classic – I recommend it to anyone who enjoys vanilla/fruit combos.

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drank Dark Rose Tea by TeaSource
35 tasting notes

I didn’t get the aroma of rose at all – not in the dried leaves, brewed leaves, or the tea itself. This just tasted like a straight pu’erh tea. I got a floral note as I swallowed but no more than any other non-flavored tea.
I’m not really a fan of pu’erh. The smokey/horsey quality was less intense than in the other pu’erhs I’ve tried.
It’s just not my thing and it left my mouth very dry

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Another tea brought by a well meaning family member.
I dont care for chai, but I do love all the spices that go into chai, so I keep trying them.
My mom made an absolutely delicious pumpkin ring, I though that this would go well with it. Wrong.
It was just weird. I had to spill out my cup.
It didnt taste like pumpkin, it kind of smelled like carrots. It had a sweet sort of fertilizer smell and the fruity flavor had an over ripe quality – not a good thing.

I’ve said it before and I will probably say it again – I will leave the chai spices to baking and curries.


I’m with you. I just don’t ‘get’ chai.

Jenn E

Totally agree with you on this one! I actually normally like Chai and STILL didn’t like this tea! It tastes burnt to me… Yuck!

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I tried a few new teas yesterday thanks to my well meaning family. Unfortunately they dont know my taste in tea.

This tea was jammy – it felt like it should have been a hibiscus/zinger tea, but its not. Its black, I didnt feel that it worked.

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Synopsis of my long post: The tea gods love me. You must try this lightly sweet nutty wonderful tea. Full tasting notes come at the end of the post.

Back in 2010 I spend a semester at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and found this amazing tea shop Anteaques. There I had this wonderful chestnut tea. When I came back stateside I searched for a comparable tea. And searched, and searched, then searched some more. Some of the chestnut/nut teas were truly awful – undrinkable- others were ok. I admit I might have been overly hard on these nut teas, but I was on a mission.
Several months ago I was on a Ceylon fix – I’d just finished my last Ceylon – and I purchased some truly delicious teas from Single Origin Teas. Recently I decided to revist their site and that’s when the stars aligned and the tea gods smiled on me. Right there on the home page: Candied Chestnut tea.
I was all like “Be still my beating heart, you’ve been disappointed before”, but given the high quality of the teas I already purchased from Single Origin Teas I had to give it a try. When I smelled the leaves I knew I had found my chestnut tea at last. I swear this is the same tea. This tea makes me happy – the aroma, the taste, the warmth – Keats should have written an ode to this tea. The best part is that the tea lives up to my memory of it. I was starting to think that I had idealized this tea so much that should I drink it again I would be disappointed. Not so. It’s my tea “dream come true”.

Tasting note time:

As I’ve said before with Single Origin Teas what you see is what you get when it comes to the leaves. The dried leaves smell sweet. The first sent to hit your nose is sugary vanilla then comes the sent of chestnut with a barely there hint of fruit from the leaves.
Once brewed the predominant aroma is sweet chestnut with a touch of vanilla and the slightest fruity/floral hint.
Everything about this tea is light, but in a good way. The chestnut flavor is present throughout with a background note of vanilla. It’s sweetest when it’s in your mouth. As you swallow the phantom fruity/floral quality appears again. As the tea cools the fruity note becomes slightly more present.


yay for tea obsessions!

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