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I got this when I was on a blueberry kick. I could have got the sample size, but I got a slightly bigger bag, though I’m super glad I did. It’s lovely with milk and/or sugar, and some scones. I think it would be good with a bit of vanilla.

Flavors: Blueberry, Earl Grey

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Honey Pear by Nelson's Tea
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Here’s Hoping Teabox – Round Seven- Tea #11
This tea actually does taste like pear, a nice rustic pear. I’m not sure what the bee pollen is for. The black tea was very light but let the pear take the stage. However, as the cup cooled, it tasted like chocolate for some reason? Very odd, as the black tea definitely wasn’t dark enough to taste like chocolate. So I don’t think I liked this one for whatever makes it taste like chocolate. Chocolate and pear are not a combination I aim for. Then there was a TON of bee pollen texture in the last sip, which was just…. oddd. But pee pollen is good for you unless you’re allergic? one serving left in the teabox!
Steep #1 // 1 1/2 teaspoons for a full mug// few minutes after boiling // 3 minute steep

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drank Honey Pear by Nelson's Tea
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i’m with VariaTEA on this one… uh bland murky water. No honey, no pear…just…no thanks.


Murky water.. ICK!! hope you have something yummy to wash the evil taste of that out of your mouth.


Glad I wasn’t the only one who got nothing though I’m sorry it was terrible

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drank Honey Pear by Nelson's Tea
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Honey. Pear. Both flavors I like and yet this tea just didn’t deliver. It lacked flavor despite being super murky. It was like pear water with no honey in sight and it left me feeling underwhelmed. Check out my full review here:

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Latte sipdown

This tea tastes like creamy cherry rooibos. Heavy on the rooibos and leaning towards the medicinal. It is a mellow tea so one that is tolerable though not particularly enjoyable.

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Good reviews. Bad reviews. They have it all and they just hit 5000 posts! Congrats to all the Sororitea Sisters – past, present and future! And did I mention the giveaway?

As for me, I have loved being apart of the sororitea, even if I haven’t always loved the teas so thank you for including me :)

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I’m chalking up this Really Root Beer from Nelson’s Tea in my ‘herbals I enjoy’ cabinet!

Full Review…

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So, in Ark there are bosses (because every game has them) specifically a giant spider, a massive gorilla, and a dragon that looks like Spyro on steroids. The dragon has a fun mechanic where you can tame it and basically become a server god for 20 minutes and then poof, it disintegrates. In single player the only thing I want a dragon for is…well…it is a giant fire breathing, flying, death machine…I just want one. However I was sad that they always go poof, but I think I found a way to keep it around, now if only I could figure out how to keep the Titanosaurs from vanishing thing will be great!

Today’s tea is from Nelson’s Tea, their Vanilla Almond Black Tea, a blend of Black Tea, Almonds, and Natural Flavorings for a flavor combo I am notoriously fond of. What can I say, if I am going to drink a black tea that is flavored, chances are it is going to be either vanilla or almond, extra points for being both! Something about the blend of flavors reminds me of almond shortbread…which happens to be a favorite cookie, so no real surprise why I seek this out. The aroma is sweet, starchy, and nutty with strong notes of almond shortbread cookies, seriously the resemblance is a bit uncanny! Liquid cookies incoming!

The one complaint I ever have with almond (nutty in general really) teas is it makes the liquid cloudy due to the oily nature of nuts, but seriously that complaint is so minor. For the brewed leaves, the aroma is malty and a sweet, more like a cup of black tea sitting next to freshly baked almond shortbread cookies rather than just straight up cookies. The liquid is sweet, blending vanilla, malt, and almond in a shortbread cookie dance inside my cup.

This is not one of those teas that reaches up and smacks you in the face with intensity or briskness, no this is a black tea that shows its lighter, sweeter side. This is good, if you are like me, and only want to add a tempering splash of cream to Masala Chai or Ostfriesen Tea. The start of the taste is sweet and malty with a burst of vanilla that segues into almond for the back half of the tasting. I found myself very glad that I drank this in the evening, as it seemed to fit as a late day tea more so than a morning one, but as someone who drinks all day and is resistant to caffeine I am bad at advising times to drink based on that, this was a taste based assumption. Plus this tea tastes like cookies, and that is always a win in my book.

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This heat is too much!! I need a vacation to the arctic so I can re-solidify. I loathe the heat and I have made that abundantly clear in the past, but what really gets me is when it is long stretches of it, so even at night it is still grossly warm. Now granted, I know I am a weenie of the highest caliber when it comes to dealing with heat (I have a condition) but on days like this I find myself wondering how people pre-AC dealt with it. I admire their strength immensely.

Since it is unpleasantly warm, that means it is time for more cold steeping adventures! Looking at Nelson’s Tea Glass Slipper Herbal Tea, a Rooibos, Vanilla, Almond, Cherry blend…it sounds kinda like pie. The aroma of the rooibos is pretty great, blending strong almond and vanilla with a gentle woodiness and a very faint hint of cherries. I am glad that the cherry is not overly strong, sometimes when it is too strong it can smell/taste of cough syrup, so a faint dried cherry note is welcome.

After a night of cold steeping, the aroma is rich and sweet! Almond really is the show stopper here, with an accompaniment of woody sweet rooibos and vanilla, and a touch of cherry. I find I have to be in the right mood for rooibos, definitely not a drink whenever thing, but with the few exceptions most herbals are like that for me. Conveniently I was in the right mood, and if I wasn’t before, the aroma would have convinced me since I have a weakness for almonds.

I have, in my many years of tea consumption, heard the complaint that rooibos is too woody and too dry…and well, it is very woody, but I like that…the dryness can be a problem. I have found that cold steeping is a good way to make the dryness go away, so for anyone who wants to drink it but dislikes that aspect, there is an option for you. The taste is great, strong almond and vanilla with a mellow woodiness from the rooibos, it is also quite sweet, as rooibos is. One of the things I love about rooibos is how naturally honey sweet it is, and this one is no exception. Sadly I did not really encounter any cherry notes, though in all honestly I was totally ok with that, I wanted the almond to be the dominant note and it was!

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This week is going to be grossly hot, making me rather cross (other than my usual animosity) because I am finally feeling better and I wanted to go to the zoo! Since it is too warm to do outside things, and I had a ton of restless energy, I decided to redo part of the room…again. Including hosting an archaeological dig under my bed, which was exciting! Mostly under there was storage boxes, but Espeon is notorious for dragging random things under the bed (and under my desk, but that is easier to fix) so in the far corner was this pile of straws, ribbons, tassels, cat toys, and an empty chewed on bag of cat treats I am pretty sure I threw away. It was so sad the look on her face as I remove her stash, but I am putting the bed on the floor, so she will need a new stash spot soon!

Today I am taking a look at an herbal blend from Nelson’s Tea, Really Root Beer, a blend of Sassafras bark, sarsaparilla root, birch bark, burdock root, dandelion root, licorice root, fennel seed, anise star pods, ginger root, and flavoring. Oh yeah, we have a blend with the beloved Sassafras, one of my favorite herbs and flavor notes, this pleases me. It is kinda funny, as a kid I hated root beer, loved the smell of it but hated the taste, now as an adult it is one of the few sodas I don’t find gross (along with cream soda, birch beer, and occasional Dr Pepper) and is the soda I order when I go out to eat, because you know unless it is an Indian restaurant or Dim sum I am not subjecting myself to the tea most restaurants sell. I am getting off on a tangent, this herbal blend is the focus, and you know, if you were to blindfold me and hold this under my nose I would tell you ‘why are you asking me to sniff root beer and not tea?’ Seriously it smells just like root beer, fizz included, it is a little uncanny! I love it, but wow, that is a pile of root beer.

I decided to cold-steep this one, it could very easily be steeped hot, but in all honestly warm soda is probably my least favorite thing, so even a tea that tastes like soda I don’t want warm. After steeping for a whopping nine hours the aroma of the ingredients and the liquid is still pretty much identical to root beer, however it is not as sweet, which I like, as I frequently wish soda was a tad less sweet.

Tasting this tea was peculiar, it had notes of root beer for sure, with a subtle sweetness. However it was not an exact match, there were also earthy notes of burdock, sweet licorice, and gentle fennel. It is a more earthy and less sweet root beer and man, was it immensely refreshing! I am tempted to get more, cold-steep it in soda water, and then add a bit of sugar syrup and cream to make an Italian cream soda style concoction. This is the first soda themed brew I have had that actually evokes soda, the others I have tried have been nightmarish, this was tasty and different, I could certainly tell it was evoking root beer!

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