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Out of all of the Epi Teas, this is the one I was most excited to try. I have never had lavender in a tea before and didn’t know what to expect.

When I brewed this it made more a of brownish color then a reddish black tea liquor. the leaves in the bags were bigger then I thought they would be. They filled up the entire bag! The smell of it was nice and balanced, since I thought the lavender might be over powering. The initial taste worried me, cause it had a soapy after taste. However, I think this was attributed to morning mouth. As it cooled a bit and tasted again I found that this tea bag made a wonderful cup. The bergamont flavor was there, but not over powering. The lavender wasn’t over powering either, and I think it added a nice creamy and slightly floral tasted to it. I think I should have brewed till around 4 minuets though, since it came out a bit bitter, but not overly.

I am really happy with this tea. I think when it comes out I will buy some more to have good bagged tea on hand.

Water: 14oz (I think)
Bags: 1
Method: Mug Brew
Sweetener: 1 1/2 TBL

Overall I would recommend this to a friend who likes Earl Grey and wants to try something different.

180 °F / 82 °C 5 min, 15 sec

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Got my samples today in the mail. It was night time so I decided to give this one a try. It has a nice odor of citrus and rooibos. I brewed it for 13 minuets and let it cool to around room temp.

It tasted more of rooibos then of the citrus, which was more of an after taste. I think though I might have used too big a cup to brew it in though. I will have to use a smaller cup for the next samples I try.

Overall it is not bad. It is more for a plain rooibos lover with the citrus adding a nice after taste.

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more

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drank Sakura Allure by Teavana
123 tasting notes

Drinking some tea before work. I do love this tea for the fact that I don’t have to add sugar, especially when have already had a few glasses. Got my Persimmon Tree samples and Epi Tea samples as well. I can’t wait to try them!!!

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 15 sec

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drank Butterbeer by 52teas
123 tasting notes

I impulse bought this when I saw a post saying that it was back. I don’t know what kind of packed Frank made with the postal service that allows my tea to get shipped to me so quick; cause after 3 days it was here.

When I opened the pouch it kind smelled like dried root-beer(which is now possible). I was glad that I didn’t smell a lot of licorice though. The first time I brewed this I was concerned. It just tasted like regular black tea. I decided to make another pot and combine the two and sweeten till taste. It seems that a higher water to leaf is best if you want to get the butter beer taste, and less of the tea leaves. Another thing is that more sweeter is better.

The flavor of this is awesome. It taste like if root-beer and cream soda had a baby. It definitely tastes better cooler then hotter. I don’t know how Frank puts these together. He must be some kind of wizard…

I went and took some to my co-workes as well, and they all loved it!


Water: Two 28oz batches combined
Amount: 2 tsp
Steep: 2:45 each
Sweetener: 4-5 big kitchen spoonfuls of light agave
Pot: Glass

Overall I would recommend this to someone who likes cream/rootbeer soda or who is a big Harry Potter fan

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 45 sec

Niw I need to buy this… How can I not buy a tea that is the baby of cream soda and rootbeer???


(X^D) I know, right?

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drank Sakura Allure by Teavana
123 tasting notes

Working on my dads amp website at the moment. I still have a good bit of teas to log about. Need to do them soon, since I am about to get more from swaps.

170 °F / 76 °C 2 min, 15 sec

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drank My Morning Mate by Teavana
123 tasting notes

Decided to give this one another try the other day. This time I used a little more tea and it was first brewed with hotter water. I also used some 3rd steep Copper Hogcha (Teavana) to add just a tad bit of black tea flavor under it.

I was more satisfied then I was when I first tried to brew it. The liquor looks like a lightly roasted coffee brew; and taste like it to. It had a much stronger coffee bean and hazelnut flavoring with a bit of cocoa and nutty undertones. I didn’t taste really any of the citrus though that is in it and wonder how much this differs from Mate’vana (Teavana).

I don’t hate it, by any means. As someone who also likes to drink coffee(medium roast with H&H)I found it to be kinda of like a wanna be. It is a tea that when it was younger always wished it was coffee and tried it’s best to become it, but will never be coffee. I can see though how this would be great for people who can’t drink coffee or don’t like the bitterness, but still want a coffee like flavor; and for that this tea is perfect.

Overall I would recommend this tea for someone who likes coffee flavor, but not the jitters or bitterness.

Water: 28 oz
Amount: 3 tsp
Base teas: 3rd steep Copper Hogcha
Steep: 3 minuets by it’s self and 3 minuets with the Hogcha.
Teapot: Glass

195 °F / 90 °C 6 min, 30 sec

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Story Time: Not much… Just been playing Minecraft again. I have not played this game in months!!! It has changed soooo much. It doesn’t even seem like the same game. Now to just get my sever for it back up…

Tea-Time: This is my first real loose black tea. I wanted to find a good strong black tea and decided to give this one a try. The brew of this smells really strong of dark chocolate and is a golden red. Since I heard this brews bitter easily I made sure to brew it under 3.

This is REALLY STRONG black tea. I had to use a little bit more sweetener then normal. Very malty with a sort of smokey finish, which makes it taste like drinking dark chocolate. I don’t taste much honeyness that some have said to have tasted. I put a little bit of Half & Half in it and it really tasted like dark chocolate; The maltyness kinda mellowed out.

The only downside is that besides the malty chocolate flavor, it is kinda flat and doesn’t go anywhere flavor wise. You can re-steep this a few times; though 3 is kinda pushing it, since it losses a lot of it’s chocolaty flavor and is more like a plain black tea.

I have been playing around with it and put in some star anise spice and it tasted good with it. I can’t wait to see how this does to make Thai Iced Tea…

Overall I would recommend this to someone who wants a strong chocolaty black tea…

Water: 28oz
Amount: 2 TBL
Sweetener: 1 TBL of light agave
Any Additives: 1 small anise star and sometimes H&H

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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drank Bananas Foster by 52teas
123 tasting notes

Story Time: Not a whole lot to say. Got my parts in for my record player today. I will be able to pick it up and use it by Tuesday. Still need to figure out what record to play on it first…

Tea Time:
I was surprised I got this so quick. I ordered this early this week and got it today; Which is nice, since i was wanting to try a different tea.

First of all, the smell of this is awesome. It really smells like banana fosters. Tried to sip it really warm, but it just tasted like lightly spiced black tea. But as it cooled the flavors started to appear. It had a nice flavor of cinnamon and brown sugar with an after taste of banana and rum. Didn’t taste as good at room temperature though. I kinda wish I had some banana chips to mix in so the banana flavor is stronger. I have heard that Monkey Fart tastes better cold, so I will have to try this iced down.

Later that evening…
OMG, this is awesome. I put this is the freezer for a little bit, and now it taste like I am drinking a banana fosters. The banana is more apparent and the rummy, cinnamony, caramel is in full flavor. I hope this becomes permanent!!!

P.S. I was listening to this the whole time I was writing this and feel like sharing… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qslAuezumIA&feature=g-vrec

P.S.2: I am going to see if I can get another steep out of this…

Edit: Yes you can get two steepings from it….. WIN!
Water: 28oz
Amount used: 1.3 TBL I think…
Serving size: 14oz
Sweetner: 1/2 TBL light agave

165 °F / 73 °C 3 min, 15 sec

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drank My Morning Mate by Teavana
123 tasting notes

Sigh, I had such high hopes for this tea. Especially since my Aztec Fire was a bust. It made a clearish brown liqoure and smelled nutty enough. But When I tasted it, all it tastes like to me was very watered down coffee. It was so dull I went and made my mom coffee instead.

Tasteing it again now that it has cooled a lot. I am tasteing a lot more of the flavors then before. It seems like though most of the flavors are in the after taste. Also some of the flavor might be because of the Hogcha black tea that I mixed in with it.

I am holding off my rating for now, cause I wonder if I used enough of it to brew….

*EDIT: I made another brew of this and found it to be more satisfactory. See later note.

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 45 sec

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After my disappointment with the Aztec Fire (Teavana) and do to it being night time, I decided to make this tea strait with no base and at a higher temperature. Still one of my favorite. When I got my 8oz today, there were much bigger full pieces of orange slices and pieces of stuff then there was in my 2oz order. I must say though that I taste more orange then before, and less hibiscus or floral notes. I will try to see how this does when used for sun tea…

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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I have been drinking and makeing tea for me and my mom for most of my life and have been starting to get into loose teas.

I like fruity, spicy, strong teas, Chai’s, Black, and Rooibos. I have recently been trying and getting into Oolongs…

Just love it and might keep as a staple
Really liked it, and makes a above average cup
Is good, but might not have a lot of complexity or wow factor. Is pretty average
It’s ok, but not great. Might need added ingredients or tweaking, and is below average.
Would only if nothing else was available. Would not recommend to someone.
Below 50
Bad tea is bad


Melbourne, FL



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