93 Tasting Notes

drank Tan Yang Kung Fu by Teacup
93 tasting notes

ARG. So tired that I deleted my first 5-8 sentences.
This note is gonna be short.

Dark orange liquid, “hairy” as in the good quality kind.
Taste sweet, with a … interesting sidenote. Can’t put a name on it.
All in all, it taste like syrup – without all the oversweet part. What do you call that.

Normaly I don’t enjoy clean blacks, but this…
I could sip it all day.

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I gave my private stash of this to one of my friends.
Mostly to keep the 1 kg tea law about taking tea into Greenland. Yeah there is a law.
If I take to much tea and get discovered – I get a ticket, the pay-you-stupid-criminal-kind, a warning and people thinking that I smuggle things across the border. And since I travel quite a bit, I don’t ever cross the 1 kg tea law. The security itself is quite tiring!

So, my friend got this.
but I love it, and I have to buy it sometime… It’s one of the better Kusmi-blend.
Green tea and mint. Fresh.


Two lbs of tea doesn’t seem that much… but I suppose when you’re traveling and buying tins it’s not enough. That’s less than 8 kusmi tins.

I agree this is one of Kusmi’s better blends. Then again from the few I’ve had they were pretty good.


If only the bar was at 2 kg!
That would be nearly reasonable =)

Yes, some of the kusmi teas are quite good.
If not, then at least pretty as decoration.


16 kusmi tins…. ummm at $20 USD a tin…. $320…. yeah I’d say that would be enough. I didn’t realize Kusmi had such a large selection of tea. At first I thought they only had a dozen or two dozen.


They have a lot of teas, also the clean ones like assam.
But I normaly buy my kusmi tea here in town… The spearmint just sell out quickly at the store.


Can’t find anywhere except Dean & Deluca in NYC to buy Kusmi. They don’t have a wide selection either =( Luckily they ship within the US =]

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drank Prince Vladimir by Kusmi Tea
93 tasting notes

The color of the tea is so dark orange that its almost brown.

It smells of fruit, citrus, vanilla, carmell, candy and spice like… pepper?
It taste sweet and spicey.
It had a weird aftertaste though – smookey and salty.
Weird because the smell indicate something else intirely.

…A very smooth tea. Does it ever get bitter?
Was a little suprised about the taste. I had a feeling that if I stripped this tea of all the aromas, I would end up with a tea that tasted like St. Petersburg. And if I stripped the tea from the blend itself, I would wind up with a chai tea and a bublegum.


When making this, a small amount of tea and short steeping time gives the best result.
That is – if you prefer a sweet tea. If you like all the smookey spicey part, be generous ;)

3 min, 0 sec

I think this tea just doesn’t get bitter…
I can say that their Detox doesn’t get bitter!! (I steeped it for about 12 hours)

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drank Raspberry Spark by Flavia
93 tasting notes

… I wish I could say something good about this tea, but I can’t
The color is deep raspberry red, with a thick dusted texture.

Taste sour.


Too bad, this sounds amazing!

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drank Japanese Green Tea by Flavia
93 tasting notes

Thought my former discription of this tea was too useless, so rewriting the note.

As a start, the color was a green, with much dust and texture.
It tasted very bitter/sour. Like the rasberry tea of the same brand.
It tasted as seaweed, like a green tea that has been oversteeped or mistreated.

I wonder if it’s because of the machine, and not the leaves, that this tea taste so vile.
Normaly I expect a green tea to be sweet with a hint of “seaweed” but this is just too much bitternes. And the rasberry (before mentioned) should also have been sweeter, in comparison to other tea of the same kind.

I don’t know if the Flaviamachine adjust to the different needs of teasorts, like tempreture, but I think not. It would explain why the Earl Grey and the Yasmin tea didn’t fail completely.
Black tea takes high temp. just fine, and white tea is very forgiving. Not so with the teas before mentioned.

I give it another try, cutting the bag open and try steeping it manualy when I get the chance. Untill then – it gets a very bad rating.

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Another fine inuit herbal tea!
Again, I am so happy and amused by the tea of Délice Boreal, that I find myself wondering where to start my description.

So, lets start at the name. “Ukiurtatuq” is the name of the teaplant.
This, in my dialect/language, has something to do with winter. Greenlandic and inutitut are somewhere as far and as close as Danish and Sweedish. If that wasn’t bad enough, our words can have various meaning after what context it is in. So, to not make any big blunder – I’ll just say that the name is something about winter ;)

And WINTER-ish it is.
The smell of cinnamon leads your thoughts back to christmas, of very sweet cakes from the bakery, and stormy nights. The tea itself is sweet and a little sharp in the back of the mouth. Not as sharp as labrador, but it is notable.

I love these teas (From delice) because its made of herbs and tea that grows in my town.
So it gets a good rating by me.

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drank Marcipan by Niederegger Lubec
93 tasting notes

I have a tea by the same company, only its a rooibos tea with almond.
It’s funny, the more tea I drink the less leaves I steep it on. Once (upon a time) I used to steep on a whole spoonfull tea, now its less than half of that amount. Maybe I am more sensitive?

The smell of this tea is deliciuos. It smells like a very sweet marzipan, yet taste like a bitter marzipan? Does it make sense to you? Hmm… I prefer the rooibos version of this, but I guess this is a fine backup to it. The color is brown/green, it’s sweet-bitter. Almost sour.

Bought some tea while I was away, so I am hoping to write about them soon – and in better detail as soon as I have the time <3

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drank Copacabana by A C Perch's
93 tasting notes

A tea with orange/brown color.
Sweet round taste. It smells of cake, of a warm summer night and cream.
I like this tea very much. You could say that this is my “usual” tea, one that I drink more than any other tea. It’s a humble tea, it dosn’t overflow you senses. I like it humble <3

Glad to be back on Steepster.
Looking forward to the year full of tea ;)

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drank dark kenya by Friis co.
93 tasting notes

I got this from a friend, and he LOVES it.
… But I am telling you, It is kind of hard to review this since it reminds me of assam.
Yet here I am, and there is the mug. Can’t run from a perfectly fine tea, can I?

The tea was crumpled, like assam. He ordered me to only dose with “a tip of a knife”… But oh well… I don’t follow rules that good. The color of this tea is red as strawberry.
It smells like , uhm, country? I know that I am supposed to use terms as “nutty”, “sour”, but this was the first thing that came to mind. It smells like the bushes and the dirt of our mountains after rain.

Huh, didn’t expect this at all! The taste is nothing like assam. It has a veggie note to it.
Like… carrot? Yes, that and salat. The more I taste, the more I think of salat. It’s okay to drink. Next time I use only the tip of the knife, as my friend told me to.

Yawn Goodmorning everyone.

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drank Harmonise by Pukka
93 tasting notes

Yes I am vain…
to the point that the reason I bougth my first tea was a beautifull teabox.
To the point I collect Kusmi tea, even though I am not so fond of their tea.

This is one of my vain buyings. Pukka – have you seen the boxes? I ADORE.
Anyway, It taste good enough. The tea is pink colored? Like the juice from melon.
It smell sweet and bitter. The taste is hard to descibe. I can taste the chamomile, but the taste is topped with a bitternes from the other ingredients. A very odd tea indeed, I can’t compare it with other teas.

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Many things can be said about me, but I rather not go into details… Other than the facts that: Yes, I am from Greenland (Yeah, it’s totaly awesome!) and I love my books, cats and tea.

I love all kinds of tea, but must confess a greater love towards the Da Hong Pao and a deep hatred for Ceylon and Pickwick. (Yes, I am aware that Ceylon is area). Sorry, It’s not them, it’s me.
Other than that I love the greens, the whites and the blacks (and all of the things in the middle) evenly.

Rating system – I love the smileyrate here on steepster, so I’ll just follow that. That’s 1 point for the worst tea in the history of man, and 100 point for some of the best tea… note that I usually rate high because I am a optimist and love all things tea.

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
~ C. S. Lewis


Nuuk, Greenland

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