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drank Relax by Pukka
93 tasting notes

Yellowish tea with sharp smell. Taste of liqourice…
sigh not the tea I was craving for, but it’s decent.

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drank Chai by Twinings
93 tasting notes

Not outstanding.
It smells good, but it’s not the best chai I tried.
Using it to soften my biscuits.


LOL – happy you found a purpose for a not so exciting chai.

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drank Green Tea with Jasmine by Flavia
93 tasting notes

Strange color, like a tea that can’t make up it’s mind about being white or green.
Smells like such tea should, taste like such tea should, and the aftertaste is great.
So… B+ or A.

I am going to drink this again. Surprised beyond words.

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Whahahaha…That is so funny!
My friend gave me some teabags of “Fine Inuit Herbal Tea”, and it’s so great to comment those since I am partly “inuit”. People think’s that Inuit is people from Nunavut, but it’s actually a group of people spred across Russia, Canada and Greenland. We share the same genes, the same myths and partly the same language. People also call us Eskimos, but we resent that. Inuit means “humans”.

The reason to my outbust of laughter was not the that, but the name of the tea. Not only is it “Labrador” but over that “mamaittuqutik” is written. In my languages, roughly translated, this means: “with-good-tasting”. (This kan be translated to “Aromatiset with”)

So when I took this tea out I read:
Aromatised With Good Tasting Labrador


…This tea does not contain dog. Labrador is a ingredient (Tea or herb).
Anyways. The colors orange, there small amount of “dust” in the cup (like your typicall tisanes) It smells minty and taste minty. A little too sharp, so the steepingtime should be short.

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drank Earl Grey by Kusmi Tea
93 tasting notes

Sigh I promised I would write a new note, when I had bought a new one.
Now I wish I hadn’t.

Turns out my tea isn’t old. It really taste like that! It’s such a letdown that I feel myself getting sadder and sadder for each sip. Did it really taste like that Sips Yes it did!

Let’s start at the color. Nice decent orange, Very Earl grey-ish.
There a wiff of bergamot, but there so little that I have to stick my nose into my cup. Already disappointed I take a sip … And it taste like Earl Grey. It’s not the taste I am disappointed at, it’s the lack thereof. This tea is so stingy about the bergamot, I can hardly taste it!

I tried to make the steeping time longer, but it dosn’t help.
I twirled the teabag around in the mug, it only left small leaves at the bottom.
I even tried to force some juice out of the leaves with a spoon!
But nothing helps.

I know some people who aren’t fond of bergamot or strong tasting teas, so this will be waiting for them in my cupboard. But I’ll have to find something better than this, to other people.

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drank Earl Grey by Kusmi Tea
93 tasting notes

Oh no I didn’t….But I did. I poured some of that widely hated, and widely loved, Earl Grey tea into my cup.

I always have some Earl Grey in my cupborad in case someone would ask for it. Today I felt like trying something “new”. And since I havn’t had Earl Grey for ages, I took this out.
Like many others, I don’t cherish Earl Grey as much as I should. I blame my mother, she forced this tea into me whenever I was sick. But this blend of tea is the reason that tea became so popular, so I can’t hate it. You have to be a little gratefull in life.

The smell isn’t impressive. Maybe the tea itself is too old?
Good thing noone ever asked for it then. I would hate to serve a bad tea.
Can’t comment this tea, sorry. I will return, when I have bought some new ;)

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Tired. Had to clean up the house in seconds, because of a unforseen visit from my boyfriends family. Grapping a teabag that my teafriend recommended. I don’t usually drink rooibos, but why not.

It’s orange, it smells heavently like almond, and it taste good.
I don’t usually add sugar, but this one almost begging for it. Here’s for doing thing I don’t usually do: Cheers!


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drank Dark Tresure tea by Nightingale
93 tasting notes

Angrboda has a tea, that she calls her celebrating tea.
I guess this is my celebrating tea. When I feel like spoiling myself, I take this out.
It’s just ubër.

Where to start? The color is beautifull.
It’s Red/Golden. A truly red tea, living up to the name “Big Red Rope”. Love the name, it gives it a very ancient feeling ;) The smell is hard to descibe. It somehow reminds me of coffee and yet not at all! I guess the closest thing to descibing the smell would be dirt/musk/salt/coffee/brown cake. Confussing? Indeed.

The taste is not less confusing.
I earlier reviewed a ceylon tea by perchs claiming it didn’t taste of anything. Well, it didn’t, it only taste like tea without any notes of anything else. Well, this tea is not flavoured (alike ceylon) but it’s a oolong. It taste like a black tea, but unlike ceylon it has a distictive note of something else. It’s sweet and sour like coffee? I don’t know if you tasted LU Bastogne, but it’s like that, only its salty/sour instead.

Never tried oversteeping this one. Love it <3

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drank Ceylon Deluxe BOP by A C Perch's
93 tasting notes

… I tend to forget that I don’t like these kind of teas.
It is as if my mind block for bad memories, to protect my naive love for “all teas”…

But I really, really, must admit that this tea does nothing to me.
Literally nothing. It dosn’t smell, it dosn’t taste and the color is kind of blah. I don’t think it’s this brand, that makes it bad.
Maybe it’s just my uncultivated tastebuds. Just call me savage.
It’s very easy to oversteep to me… After three tries, I feel myself giving this tea up.

Maybe I should try this again in two years?


Actually that’s a good idea. I’ve found my taste in tea (as well as other things like coffee and food) changes if I don’t have something for a while. I’ve found it changes both for the good and bad.


I understand you here. I don’t like Darjeeling teas. I don’t know why, but I simply don’t like them.

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drank Herbal Spiced Chai by Pukka
93 tasting notes
I am having one of those days. Those days that are so bad, that the sky should warn people with pouring down water.

But the sky was blue.

Slept over, had a bloodtest, the people I had to talk to was to some sort of course…
The worst thing was I was so tired and dissy because of the bloodtest and lack of sleep, so I ended up beeing lousy at my work too. Life sucks.

And then I went home to shop tea online, only to discover that the shipping fee is equal to the cost of 1 kg tea!? H*** no.

So I am drinking my last teabag of Herbal Spice.
Note to self: Buy Herbal Spice and other teas in Denmark and transport it home yourself!

Like this tea. Don’t really think of it a chai (No milky feeling).
It’s color is dirty yellow,… Or maybe it’s just the lightning in here. It’s Spicey.
Smells deliciuos.


I understand your shipping woes, even here in Canada a lot of companies charge more for shipping than the tea is actually worth (at one time Samovar charged $40 minimum just to ship across the bloody border!).

Angrboda (who actually is from Denmark) has the same problem. I guess the only solution is to search for the companies that have half-reasonable fees and stick with them. When I go to a company’s website the first thing I look at is if their rates are affordable – that way they can’t tempt me with their tea. :D


Thank you for your advice :)
It’s expensive to be a curious teadrinker whereever you are in this world – I guess ;)

The first thing I look after in a company’s website is : do they ship to Greenland. And now, it will be followed by: to what price…Complicated world…


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Many things can be said about me, but I rather not go into details… Other than the facts that: Yes, I am from Greenland (Yeah, it’s totaly awesome!) and I love my books, cats and tea.

I love all kinds of tea, but must confess a greater love towards the Da Hong Pao and a deep hatred for Ceylon and Pickwick. (Yes, I am aware that Ceylon is area). Sorry, It’s not them, it’s me.
Other than that I love the greens, the whites and the blacks (and all of the things in the middle) evenly.

Rating system – I love the smileyrate here on steepster, so I’ll just follow that. That’s 1 point for the worst tea in the history of man, and 100 point for some of the best tea… note that I usually rate high because I am a optimist and love all things tea.

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
~ C. S. Lewis


Nuuk, Greenland

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