1113 Tasting Notes

drank Matcha Latte by Rakuten
1113 tasting notes

I was given two free samples from Rakuten when I went to their store. I was excited because the gyokuro buds are amazing. Sadly this matcha latte is a bit rough tasting. Not bad, just missing the pure vegetable taste and no cream. Decent, but not something I’d go out of my way to purchase.

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drank Gyokyuro Buds by Rakuten
1113 tasting notes

So I was given a private tour of downtown Tokyo today and my guide took me to a tea store. I told him that I already have 12 types of sencha so I’m set, but I looked anyways. My eyes drifted to the words Special Gyokuro Buds. I asked him to inquire what that meant. She told us that this specific tea was only the top of the tea plant from the shaded green tea. I asked if they had any because there was nothing there and she said yes and walked back to get some. Surprisingly, the tea was kept in a refrigerator. The cold package made me happy. I decided to open it up and try some when I got back so I’m drinking it right now. It is quite nice, I just don’t have a way to get my water to the right temperature so I might have had water that was too hot. Very green, very mild, and nice feels. I will review tis once again when I get back home and have a controlled way to really enjoy this tea.


I’m so excited that you’re in Tokyo! I can’t imagine how much there is to do over there.

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I should not of drank this during the weather I did… this is for sure a tea to drink when you’re cold…

This tea is beautiful, the snowflake ‘thingy’ and silver ball/s don’t disappear after a brewing which was nice. I just didn’t enjoy it because I was already warm- my fault. I will drink it again some other time. I have been rather impressed with the Japnese black tea blends thus far though :)

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drank Dragonwell by Min Shan En
1113 tasting notes

So I’m window shopping in Tokyo and come across a Chinese tea store… with the amount of sencha I have I decided to go for it. In that store I found the best smelling oolong I have ever held… and I’v had 70 something oolongs before. Anyways, I did what I normally do: I looked for the most expensive tea to see what it was. I looked at the sample, some tiny flat leaf with pink lines in it… what the heck is that? Tuns out it was Dragonwell that sat in a display case way too long. This store sold teas in 50g tins but the Dragonwell was only 30 and cost more then all the other teas. I was like “dangit, I have to”, so I bought it. I didn’t find out it was Dragonwell until I opened the package up that I bought. Quite a strong smell and I may have snapped the package open and split tea :/ but only may have…

This is a wonderful cup of tea. It’s sad because this company has nothing online about them which drives me crazy… I’m enjoying this slowly :)
The leaf hasn’t lost its fragrance since I brewed them 2 hours ago which has been enjoyable as well.



You bought that oolong, right?

Liquid Proust

I absolutely bought that oolong… I am keeping it unopened until I get back because teas I really like I devour. I had the Momo Surpreme Oolong by Lupcicia and drank an ounce within two weeks along with other teas. I’m quite upset that this company has no website though because I swear that oolong smell was superb.

Liquid Proust

(I also bought some other oolong that had no sample… I have no clue what is in that package so it’s a surprise for me which I rarely do for myself)

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drank Sencha with Matcha by Hishiwa
1113 tasting notes

Have you ever experienced a green tea that made your mouth feel dry but when it cools down it’s quite refreshing?
Well… that’s this tea, but it’s very odd because I would never associate anything with matcha to be more refreshing cold.
This tea looks ugly because matcha powder sucks the vibrant green out of any tea its powdered on. Once it cooled down I checked the leaf and saw what I had guessed from the taste. This is some mid grade stuff, it’s not bad and it’s not the best so it’s that kind of tea you just drink wen you don’t want to critique tea or even think about what you’re drinking.
I’m not sure why it taste refreshing cold but dry hot… should such a thing change the scoring or do I just look at the positives?

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Did I really just drink 12 ounces of this?

Well, I’m rather surprised I drank this as fast as I did. This tea has a unique taste (which I’m sure any champagne tea would). I’m not sure what to say about it… it’s a fantastic tea bag that smells too strong but brews a delicious cup- I’m just still not a big fan of black teas :/

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I brewed this weak (lower temperature) and really enjoyed it. Really smooth blood orange taste with a mild/medium taste of earl grey. I like it this way, it blends quite well. I’m not sure what kind of black tea it is that this Japanese company uses, but it brewed nicely with water at 190. I’ll try it with hotter water one morning to see if the earl grey comes out more (I doubt it would, but I also like it on the mild side)

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This is a better sheng than what I thought it would be. Once brewed the leaf looks fantastic and I actually found the taste to be less bitter than I have experienced shengs to taste like.

I drank all of what I had of this in one day because I just had a root canal and I wanted that tea drunk sensation and to hydrate myself a lot :)


Root canal overseas. You can cross that off your bucket list. ;)

Liquid Proust

I can! It is actually #129 right underneath breaking a bone during a flight




Sounds like good advise Liquid Proust, we will try that the next time we have toothaches or related ailments:)

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drank Healthy Peach Tea by Kirin
1113 tasting notes

Bought this at the local store near the house I’m staying at in Kiyose because I have a toothache.
Found no toothache medicine… yay…
Bought this because I’m not feeling well enough to brew tea or be 120 degrees at the moment.
This is refreshing, though I’ve used Listerine about five times in the last hours (aka I can’t taste it)
The good news: Cold isn’t hurting my tooth.
^That’s good right?


Check the infant section for teething stuff to deaden the pain.


So sorry! There are few things worse than feeling miserable away from home. Hope you get some rest & relief.


Ouch! Hope the pain passes.

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With no agenda or idea of what I was doing in Tokorozawa, I walked to the top of a tall building. Knowing that I can’t speak Japanese I know I can always walk anywhere and just say sorry and it’ll be okay because I’m a foreigner , however I did not expect the top floor to be a restaurant area. I walked around and was surprised to find a high end tea shop that only carried 6 teas. There were two oolongs, a few green teas, and then randomly a pu’erh. I decided to buy the pu’erh because it’s rarely seen here in Japan. I’m still confused about that tea shop… why it was there and why they only sold 6 teas. Whatever, it was an enjoyable trip


The foreigner pass! I remember that from living in Seoul. Never had to worry about getting lost, just put on my confused-Westerner face and someone would jump in to offer assistance/practice their English. And awesome public transportation. And cheap cabs. I miss it a lot!

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